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This is a sequel and from time to time it might help if you'd read 'Defiant' first.

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And now let's start with

Still Defiant


They've been betrayed. The worst way. It must have been one of their own since nobody else knew where they intended to go. It's been a big set up, mercs were already waiting for them, they were spread across the whole town and a bunch of them was following them; it was kind of a big hunting party. Just due to Riddick's instincts they were able to avoid getting captured at the meeting point and to get ahead of them but it seemed as if they were running out of luck.

One of the houses in front of them had collapsed and there was no way they could cross the debris, the only way left was an abandoned warehouse. They had barricaded the door but they got it straight that that wouldn't slow the mercs down a lot. Just a minute to regain breath and to look for another option.

There was no other door in the building, the high in the walls situated windows just on the side from where the mercs were coming. The roof was not an option until it got much darker; a part of it was collapsed and would give them a perfect route to the remaining roof but it was flat and they would be visible the whole way across it. The warehouse was stripped of all its contents, no cover for a fight. One of the windows was broken and the wind had blown a mountain of leafs and garbage inside that was now rotting in a corner, spreading a tang of decay and death.

They had found a merc hiding behind the door, waiting for them. He had tried to be smarter than the others and had hid in there, hit or miss. It had done him no good; Riddick had ghosted him the second they'd entered the warehouse. Hope had closed her eyes when she heard the muffled cry of the man. She still wasn't used to the easiness Riddick could kill when needed. She had done it herself but it cost her quite an effort.

Riddick had closed up to Hope, his shiv already clean and back in his belt. "Seems like we've got a little problem here, babe." Hope just smiled trustfully at him. She knew if anybody was able to find a loophole it would be Riddick. She trusted him blindly to get them out of that disaster.

Riddick however wasn't that confident that both of them would make it out of that warehouse. The mercs outnumbered them and with the stun rifles they had much more range than they had with their shivs. Though the dead merc had given him an idea how to at least safe Hope; he just had to convince her to follow his plan but knew she would fight him tooth and nails. And she reacted exactly the way he had suspected.

Hope had her hands fisted at her hips and glared at him. "NO! I won't hide in here while you sacrifice yourself for me. It is my fault we are in this situation and I won't let you risk your neck for me. And he even doesn't look like me a bit."

Riddick took her arms. "That's not necessary. It's dusky outside and I'll be fast; with your jacket and the cap he'll look similar enough and his trousers nearly look like yours; as long as I'm careful they won't see the difference. All they'll see for a split second is me carrying an injured you. The point is that they think we both have made it out of here. I use him as protection against the stun rifles and dump him as soon as I'm out of sight. Wait until the coast is clear and then go to the ship and get it ready. We'll meet there. They don't have a new picture of you and don't know what you look like now. They won't recognize you as long as you are not with me. And it is not your fault that we are in that situation. First of all I have agreed to look for Taylor, second I led the way into that building and third if who ever it was hadn't betrayed us we wouldn't be in that situation at all."

Hope reluctantly shook her head. "No way. I stay with you until you say it fair into my face that I endanger you when I come with you. Tell me that you lied to me and that I can't keep up with you."

Riddick knew he was on thin ice now. It still was her constant fear that she would endanger him by not being able to follow although she was more than good enough by now and he had told her so. He weighed his options carefully and decided to come out with the truth.

"I never lied to you and I won't start now. But this time the chance that they'll get us is higher than usual. I have a really bad feeling this time. You have to trust me in this."

Hope just glared at him. "I know what you are trying to do. I'll come with you, basta."

Riddick had a hard time to not knock sense into that stubborn woman of his. They had no time for discussions. She would do what he told her to do that or another way. But for both of their sakes he had to try it a last time.

"Why does it hurt you so much to let me keep you safe? You have no clue what slam will do to you. And you are of more value for me when you stay free if they capture me. Just plug in your computer and do your cyber thing and I'm free in next to nothing."

But Hope was too afraid to stay behind and maybe lose him. She knew that he wasn't half as optimistic as he wanted her to make believe and she would rather die fighting the mercs shoulder to shoulder with him than live with the knowledge that he died because of her. She framed his face with her hands and pulled him down to her to kiss him. "Then we'll have to be really fast and really good." She deepened the kiss, let her tongue slip into his mouth and her hands sneak under his shirt.

Riddick never could resist when she did that. Normally it was him who couldn't keep his hands off her and it turned him on when she took the lead. Even in that situation. He pressed her against him as hard as he could without actually hurting her and kissed her for all he was worth. He laid all his feelings for her in that kiss knowing that it possibly would be the last time he'd kiss her. He felt her melting in his arms and nearly was having remorse about what he had to do now.

Hope swayed a little bit and he had to steady her when he finally released her. "Babe, I …." he still couldn't bring himself to say it. He just could hope that she knew it without him saying it. "Let's go."

Hope knew that something in that picture was off but was too dizzy from that kiss to be able to put her finger on it. She just wondered why he turned around to look at her; after all he had to know she was following closely. And what about that sad expression on his face? She never saw the blow coming that knocked her out cold.

Riddick knew she would be pissed as hell when she regained consciousness but he'd rather live with her wrath than her captured or dead. She had forced him to do it and someday she'll understand that he had to save her even against her own will. He took off her jacket and the cap and buried her underneath the mountain of leafs and garbage.

The jacket was way too small for the merc and so he just wrapped it around him before dragging him to the roof. A last look back assured him that there was no evidence left that one of them might not have left the building.

He paused for a moment to get seen by the mercs that were following them and then started to sprint across the roof. He knew he wouldn't make it far and hurried to find a place where he could dump the merc without audience. He found a perfect place in an airshaft behind a chimney, half full of garbage. The merc sank in and nobody would ever find him.

It didn't take long for him to reach the end of the block. They were already waiting for him; five mercs, stun riffles aimed at him. He got hit in the chest with 3 darts from the stun riffles and lost coordination of his limbs. He started to fall down the roof but a triumphant smile played at the corner of his mouth. He had saved her … they'll never get her.