Not What They Seem

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That's what was echoing through the hall I walked down with my books tightly clutched to my chest. The whispers were almost too much to bear, their confusion fueled my anger. I really don't know why either. I shouldn't be so miffed by whispers but I was. And God! The rumors! If there's one thing to really hate about High School is the rumors.

Especially when the gossiping popular girls find out about a recently broken up couple.

"I can't believe she went behind his back like that."

"I know!"

The group of gossiping 9th graders quieted suddenly as I walked by. The group was made up of girls of course, girls crazy over my ex. I knew they were glaring at me, even if I didn't look at them. They thought that I didn't hear their stupid conversation about me and as soon as they thought I was out of earshot they started up again.

"I knew that she was no good for him." One snot nosed girl dared to say. I glanced over my shoulder and confirmed my suspicion, it was a popular. Two more girls nodded in agreement.

I gritted my teeth trying to suppress my infamous temper everyone knew about...

"She's a slut."

"And a whore."

...except for freshman...

I whipped around and made my way towards the girls who had the nerve to say such things about me. At least the older girls had some class and kept those thoughts to themselves or somewhere they knew I definitely wouldn't overhear their conversation. Things were gonna get ugly and I didn't care if I got detention for 2 weeks, suspended, or expelled. It would be worth putting a cork on these kinds of rumors.

They never saw me coming.

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