Hiya everyone! Sorry for the super long waited chapter...sadly this isn't it. Now before you all start yelling at me to continue I accidently got hooked on Naruto for awhile...then Danny Phantom...and now How to Train Your Dragon -.-' Do not ask me why I love the 3rd one cuz all I will say is IT'S AN EPIC MOVIE THAT YOU ALL SHOULD WATCH! I'm kinda busy now too and I probably will be even busier during school, 5hr Soccer practices the 2nd week of August(I'm dead serious) and I'm getting a truck I have to fix up if I want it. Also there's something wrong with me that I keep having to go to the doctor's repeatedly to figure out what the fuck is going on. So even though I'll be really busy I'll see what I can do with finishing this story ;)

Sorry for the super longness and wondering of where the hell I went. As for my other story I'll finish them, promise ^^