"The truth is…

Authors Note- Hi everyone! I am back after a long hiatus… I will continue my Island of the Damned fic, but right now I am insanely obsessed with Iron Man. ( A big thank you to those who took the time to read IotD.) This story is just a random little thought bubble that wouldn't leave me alone until I put it down on paper.

I am hoping I captured the Pepper/Tony banter and wit…

I am kind of excited for this story and I hope you guys are too.

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"The truth is….I am iron man."

Virginia "Pepper" Potts' sighed and turned away from the circus that had just erupted. Why did she expect any different? This was the Anthony Starks, and of course, even now that he had, well, now that he had seemingly changed, why did she expect him to follow the rules, just this one time?

Was it really so much to ask of him?

And to think she had considered…

She pushed the thought away with a shake of her head and a big deep breath. She pulled on her blazer, buttoned it up, pushed all the disarrayed papers into her suitcase and with a quickness that came with years of practicing, pulled her loose hair into a bun with a pencil. She knew Tony's admission was most certainly going to guarantee months and months of media frenzy, and now was as good a time as any to start making phone calls, getting in touch with PR and simply….

"Pepper, we need to leave now," came Tony's voice from behind her. He grabbed her elbow and began dragging her toward the door. Behind her she heard all the reporters calling out his name, the questions being thrown into the air. Tony continued to drag her down the hallway to and near the double doors that led to the black limo waiting for them outside.

"Of course Mr. Stark, I imagine that your little stunt back there warranted that much," she said without even attempting to hide the snarkiness in her voice. Tony smiled slowly, that crooked grin that let him get away with far too much.

"Now, now Pepper. No need for sarcasm at this moment, "he said. "However, I do feel the need for food. Confessing to the whole world that you're some kind of superhero kinda makes you hungry. What say you we head over to Burger King and have ourselves a bite?"

Pepper turned to him just as he was going to push open the door and head into the street. Her mouth dropped open a little bit, and she cocked her head to the side, staring at him as if he were an alien. She truly wondered what in the world was wrong with him sometimes, but then again, she had been wondering and accepting it since the day she accepted the position as his personal assistant.

"Do you not realize what you have just done?" she finally blurted. Tony pretended to pout and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Oh Miss. Potts," he replied, now breaking out into a grin. "Did you really and honestly think I would just follow the cards? Seriously, I mean, let's think about this. It's me, Tony. Don't think a couple of months away and a kick ass suit changes things THAT MUCH." He then opened the door and thanks to intense security was able to drag himself and Pepper into the back of the limo without getting touched by the hordes of fans and reporters.

"Burger king," Tony said once he settled in the backseat. Happy nodded and off they went.

Pepper said nothing and simply sat as far away from him as she could. A million thoughts were running through her head as she drafted email after email on her blackberry. This whole situation had gotten so out of control, just with those simple seven words. She sighed.

She knew what really bothered her.

It annoyed the crap out of her to admit it to herself.

Tony had admitted to the world who he was.

Every Tom, Dick, and Harry knew that he was indeed Iron Man.

She bit her lip as she thought of what it truly meant and what it implied.

She just might lose him again….

Tony loosened up his tie and ran his hand through his hair. He turned to Pepper and grinned. She was sitting there, legs prim and pressed tightly together. She was looking at her blackberry, fiddling away with the buttons. Her lips were pressed tightly together in a straight little line. She had a small crease that appeared right between her eyebrows whenever she was concentrating. She was sitting far away from him and he knew it was because of the press conference.

It was funny though. She was sitting there furious and all he could think of was how she smelled faintly of vanilla and something else that he couldn't quite put his finger on, the way her jaw stood out so strongly against the smooth lines of her neck, or how long her legs seemed, especially with those killer ankle strapped stilettos she had on. He thought of the way she tenderly covered his bruises with concealer, how she frowned at him when he was wrong, and the way her eyes had looked when he stepped off that plane for the first time after being taken captive.

He sighed and focused on her again, apparently too hard this time.

"Mr. Stark, do you mind not ogling me while I am attempting, and I am stressing the word attempting, to fix the most likely billions of days worth of damage you have caused," she scolded without even looking up.

He smirked again. He loved how she could mouth off to him.

In fact, he had realized that he really loved everything about her.

"Miss. Potts, I made a decision. As my pa, you should really support my decisions," he finally responded. "I mean, I don't just go around making random decisions without knowing exactly what I am doing. I know what I am doing, most of the time anyway. And I have another decision that I would like to make right now." Pepper finally looked up, her eyes registering blank.

"Is that so Mr. Stark?" she said, folding her hands in her laps.

"Yes Pepper," he said. He had now scooted next to her so that his thigh was brushing against hers. She looked down at where their legs were now making contact. He chuckled. No one told her to wear those tight little pencil skirts. "I have made a very important decision and I am going to share it with you."

Pepper sighed. "I am quivering with anticipation."

Tony leaned in closer, bringing his hand up to her neck slowly, so slowly she barely noticed.

"Mr. Stark that's more than enough," she half croaked, her voice hiding somewhere in her throat.

"Pepper," he said with a small slap to her folded hands. "I haven't even told you what I decided and you're already disapproving?" She said nothing, only closed her eyes as he let his hand stay lightly on top of hers, just hovering with the softest touch. He was staring at her face, at all the angles and the small freckles he wanted to kiss and count. His hand crept from her neck to where her hair pulled away from it and with one swift motion he pulled the pencil that was holding her bun up right out.

She opened her eyes in alarm and tried to pull her hair back, but he grabbed her hands and set them back down on her lap.

"I made the decision that I like your hair down," he finally said and tossed the pencil into the other seat. She frowned at him. She had no idea how gorgeous she looked sitting there, her lips so red against her pale skin, her strawberry blonde hair falling in loose waves around her shoulders as she stared at him in disbelief.

"Mr. Stark-" she began but he quickly cut her off just as Happy pulled them into the drive thru.

"Another decision Pepper," he said rolling down the window. "No more Mr. Stark. Only Tony. And will you be having the king size or not?"