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Edge sat alone at his table. Currently, he and four other Superstars were doing a fan signing.

Edge's table was in between the tables of Randy Orton and CM Punk. CM Punk had a decent sized line. He gained more fans after beating Edge for the World Heavyweight Title by cashing in his Money in the Bank opportunity.

Edge really didn't have a problem with putting Punk over like that. It just depressed him that the fans hated him that much. Edge shrugged to himself as he decided that he was merely doing his job by making people hate him. Besides, Edge knew that the shiny title belt looked better with his hair than it did with the dark mane of CM Punk.

Randy Orton had a few fans at his table, mainly a flock of horny teenage girls. Edge overheard one of them ask Orton if they could touch his thighs, and Edge chuckled to himself.

Of course, John Cena had the longest line, as predicted. His line seemed to go on for days.

Chris Jericho had a slightly smaller line than Cena did, and he wasn't even signing autographs. Rather, he was having full conversations with the fans, cracking jokes and taking the occasional picture.

And Edge sat alone.

Edge looked up and saw a little boy with his mother standing about twenty feet away from his table. The little boy was staring at Edge. Edge politely smiled at the child, hoping that showing his true personality would draw some sort of fan base near his table.

Mission failed.

Instead, the little boy burst into tears. He clung onto his mother and they joined CM Punk's line.

Edge frowned and dejectedly looked down at his table, staring at the wooden surface.

Fifteen minutes later, Edge felt a presence at his table. Without looking up, Edge sighed and said, "Hello." He was expecting it to be one of his many haters who had come from Cena's table to insult him.

"Are you going emo on me, Edge?"

Edge looked up when he heard a female voice. "No, I'm not going emo," he smiled.

"Good, because SmackDown has enough pussbags now, and the best thing doesn't need to go soft, either."

"Wait…You like me?"

The girl looked down at her shirt. It was Edge's latest shirt. "Um, yeah, you could say that."

"But you're not over there?" Edge asked, pointing to Cena's line.

"Ew," the girl said. "I'd catch something just by standing near his fans."

"Oh, come on, he's not that bad."

The girl just shook her head.

"What's your name?" Edge asked.

"Kaitlyn. I'd ask you the same thing, but I don't think that's necessary right about now."

"I guess."

"Yuckie! That man likes an old lady!" a young child from CM Punk's line squealed, pointing at Edge.

Edge sighed.

"Whoa! I will not stand for your Vickie bashing!" Kaitlyn yelled back, glaring at the child.

The child cowered behind his father's leg. The father just glanced at Kaitlyn and smiled.

"You didn't have to do that," Edge said, picking up one of the pictures from the large stack next to him and signing it with a sharpie.

"Why not? I do it everyday."

"Hm, so I have a fan after all," Edge mused. "Hey, that hockey team sucks," he added, seeing Kaitlyn's Pittsburgh Penguins bag. Edge was a clear supporter of the New Jersey Devils, and he was upset that his hockey team did not make the Stanley Cup playoffs that year.

"You suck."

"Then maybe I should take this picture back."

"It looks like you have plenty there. I think you can spare one for your only fan here."