OOPS, There Goes My Shirt

Disclaimer: I do NOT own anything published in relation to Twilight. This is a non-profit fan fiction. I'm just enjoying myself.

Summary: It's finally their senior year! Bella and Alice attend Trinity's All-Girl Conservatory. When the girls get invited to the biggest party of the year at St. John's Christian Academy for Boys the girls are psyched. But what happens when Bella gets a little out of hand with a dazzling angel? ALL HUMAN! Same pairings. Drinking, partying, pregnancy, and a lot more are included.

Authors Note: This is my third Twilight story, so let me know what you think I need to do to improve!

Physics was the worst class in the history of man. It may have been slightly better if the 'crow' wasn't my teacher. But I highly doubt it. I had no idea what the Law of Motion was and I probably never would. I don't care about any of this! This class isn't necessary for me to graduate. I can fail it and still get into pretty much any college because I was set. But Ms. DeAngelis was persistent on making my life a living hell. So, with a heavy sigh I put my head in my hands and stared at the clock, waiting for it to chime two in the afternoon.

"Cheer up Bells, it's Friday," Alice cooed in my ear. I'd almost forgotten she was there because I was sulking so much. "Besides, I have amazing news!"

"Really?" I asked hopefully.

"So, you know how my brother goes to St. John's?" She was sitting on her hands. This meant the news really was that good, because she was afraid she may knock something over. It was a normal thing for her to do when she's hyper.

"Your gorgeous beyond belief brother," I felt myself tipping over in my seat while I thought about him. Her twin brother, Edward, had these beautiful topaz eyes that made my toes curl when I looked at them in pictures. His coppery colored haired was as if he'd just finished having sex, and it was such an appealing look for him. Edward had pale skin, just like Alice, and his facial features were very defined. I wished with all my heart he was involved in whatever we were doing that weekend.

Alice made a face at me, "he is not gorgeous."

"Alice, any girl would drop their pants in a heartbeat for him. He is the ultimate," I sighed as I pictured him with me.

"Whatever! Well, he called me after last period to tell me about this party. It's tonight at 10, we just have to sneak out and back in. Or we could stay there over night, if we tell Principal Perkins that we're going to visit your sick grandmother. That way, we can leave at like five and get ready at Rose's place. She's coming too."

"I get to finally meet Edward?" I didn't even care about this party; I just wanted to see her brother in person.

"Yes!" We both squealed, earning us a death glare from the crow. We didn't even care. Both of us were so excited it didn't matter if she gave us detention for the next two weeks. "So, I'll handle Perkins and you will go pack our bags. Sounds good?"

"Sounds perfect. I can hardly wait!"

And I really couldn't wait. As soon as the bell rang, Alice and I zoomed out of class before the crow had any idea of what was going on. We parted ways in the A-wing and ran off to get our part of the deal done. I ran out of the building as fast as my clumsy legs would allow and right towards the senior building. When I finally reached the room me and Alice shared on the second floor, I let out a huge breathe and made my way in. It looked like Alice had been to her room since she heard the news, because there was a pile of clean outfits laid out on her bed. Without any delay I tossed her clothes, make-up, and hair products into one of her Louis Vutton suitcases. As I looked at my own wardrobe, I realized I didn't have any clothes for partying. Usually I didn't care, but today I wanted to impress Edward. So, I thought it best to take a few of Alice's clothes and pack them in my suitcase to chose from later.

Thirty minutes after I finished packing, Alice burst into the room with a huge smile on her face. "We're set. Everything ready?"

"Yeah, I stole some of your clothes cause I have nothing to wear to the party," I admitted.

"That's fine, let's get out of here before Perkins gets a clue."

"I swear, you've rubbed off on me in a bad way," Alice smiled at me, "and it's the best!"

When we got to the party, it was already fully in swing. The boys had bribed their RN to let them throw the party. There were girls wearing bikini's carrying trays of Jell-O shots, vodka shorts, and tequila shots. Five tables had been set up for a beer-pong completion. Two bars were set up so people could purchase mixed drinks, while a freezer was beside each bar full with Corona, Miller Lite, and every flavor of Smirnoff Ice. A DJ was blasting all kinds of rap, techno, and dance music. The guys were all dressed in bathing suits and board shorts, while most of the girls wore bikinis. The only girls who seemed out of the loop for the dress code were me, Alice, and Rose.

I was fine with what I wore though, because I already felt slutty enough. Alice had dressed me up in the shortest white skirt in existence, with a pink tube top that ended before my belly button. Rose had forced me into a pair of her highest heels did my hair and make-up. I felt like a clown, but they said Edward liked girls who looked like this. So, I was a victim to their dress-up game.

When we walked in, plenty of guys stopped dancing with the girls they were with and made their way over to us. Rose seemed to enjoy this attention, but I was starting to regret my attire, even if it was for Edward. He was nowhere in sight and I was beginning to wonder if Alice lied to me to get me to come. Alice saw my reaction towards the attention and pulled me off towards the freezer.

"You need to loosen up Bells," she said while handing me a shot I didn't even see she had. I stared at it for a long moment. I rarely ever drank, so I didn't know what a straight shot would do to me. "You'll feel more at ease. Don't worry about anything, I'll be watching out for you."

I took the shot and downed it, making a face as the liquid burned my throat. When in Rome, I thought. Too bad, Alice stopped watching out for me after her fifth shot of tequila.

And because the alcohol did make me feel better, I kept drinking. Every time a girl passed by with a tray of shots, I took one of each and drank them. The guys manning the bars knew me by name only two hours after I got there because I'd been there so many times. Everything started getting blurry when I saw him. He was chatting with a few of his guy friends, all of them wearing matching Corona board shorts. He had two lays hung around his neck and a coconut in his left hand. My feet weren't cooperating with my brain because in minutes, I was at his side giggling while he spoke. He looked at me at first, confused as to how I suddenly got there, and then he starred at me with some kind of look I'd never received before. It almost looked like he…wanted me.

Emmet and Jasper had been telling me a story when I felt a presence at my side. When I finally looked down, I saw her standing there. She was dressed like a whore, but that's not what was appealing about her. No, her face was what captivated me. She was so beautiful, in an unconventional way, and it wasn't because of the make-up she wore. I was shocked because I'd never seen anyone like her before and I wanted her. I stuck my free hand out to her, "Hi, I'm Edward."

She giggled, probably because she'd had too much to drink. "I'm Bel...Belllleell…Bella!"

No, she'd definitely had too much to drink. I took the beer bottle from her and drank it myself. "I think you've had enough."

"She seems just right to party," Jasper cut in, advancing on her. I stepped in between them and glowered at him. He raised his hands in defeat and backed away.

"Care to dance?" She smiled at me before looping out arms and dragging me off to the dance floor. We danced for God only knows how long. I could tell by the way she moved that this was the first time she was getting out of control. She never danced like this before but I didn't mind. She was grinding against me in ways no girl had ever done before. Every drink she grabbed, I took from her and drank myself. Eventually, I felt like I was losing control.

It may have been when we were up against the hallway wall, right outside my room, making out when things started to fade out. I remember fumbling with my key, then busting into my room with her. We were both laughing loudly, slurring our words. She hiccupped a lot which made us laugh harder. She ripped her clothes off in a flurry and was naked on my bed in seconds. I followed suit and was on top, moving against her. After that, everything else was black.

I'm gonna throw up! I sat up and felt my stomach churning. My neck ached from sleeping on Rose's couch and I twisted it to see if I could crack it. No such luck. I got up, holding my hand over my mouth and ran to the bathroom. Too bad, where I ran wound up being the closet and it was then I noticed I wasn't in Rose's house. After puking my brains out into an empty shoebox, I looked around to see where exactly I was. It was just a room…with a bed with someone sleeping in it. There were band posters hung up and a computer against the far left wall. Clothes littered the floor, so it was safe to assume I was in some guy's room. Just, what guy?

Slowly but surely I tiptoed back to the bed I must have vacated. As I did so, I racked through my brain to figure out what guys I had been flirting with the night before. There was that huge guy, with big old biceps and curly blond hair. I remember talking to some lanky, ginger boy with a cute smile. After him, I remember the big group of guys coming on to me. What if I partook in a…gang bang? I shuddered at the thought. Well, I was never going to know if I didn't push back that blanket and find out. With slight trepidation, I threw the covers back and was greeted with a pale, naked ass. I put the covers back in shock and moved back across the room, too scared to find out who it was.

My head was pounding and all I could wonder now was where the fuck is Alice. She promised to watch over me and obviously she didn't! I slept with some…guy. I've never even gone to second base, let alone had drunken sex before! I was so ashamed of myself. Did we use protection? Would I ever remember any of it? The most important question was WHY?! Why me? Why did I have to be so dumb? This was my first time and I wanted to treasure that. I didn't even know who it was with! God, what if it was that ginger kid? He was nice, but we would have horrible looking babies. They'd be the ugliest things alive. I felt like crying.

Just as I started to wallow in my own misery, a sound came from the bed. It seemed like my partner was feeling last night's actions as well. He shot up, his face green and pale, and ran right past me into the actual bathroom. Now, I felt dumb because I puked in the closet, which was right next to the bathroom. He'd be pissed about that. I sat there waiting to get an actual look as his face, instead of a half-glimpse. After a few minutes of puking, then washing his face, he stepped back into his room and I turned away with a blush. He was still naked. But I knew who this was.

Covering my body, I coughed lightly to get his attention. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw me sitting there fully naked. He looked at himself and saw he was naked too. He yelped before covering his own body with his hands. "Uhm, hi?"

"Hi," I replied, embarrassed.

"You…you're naked." Great, he's Captain Obvious!

"So are you."

"Yea," he moved to his bed and grabbed his sheets and covered his body. He seemed a little more confident now. I sure didn't reciprocate the feeling. "I don't mean to be rude, but who are you?"

It looked like I was going to have to piece together the night for him. "I'm Isabella Swan, you sister's best friend. You invited us to the big party. Looks like we both had wayyyy too much to drink. I guess we got really close."

"If you're Alice's best friend, how come I've never met you?"

"I go by Bella," he nodded, obviously having heard the name, "and you're never home when I'm there. She usually comes to my house though; I live closer to the city."

We sat in silence for a few minutes. When I remembered I was naked, I got up to look for my clothes. Well, really Alice and Rose's clothing. But, I wasn't really being careful last night, clearly, and the clothes were ripped and torn. I grunted when I looked at the broken zipper on the skirt and the tear on the tube top. Edward noticed my anguish and rushed to his dresser. He threw me a pair of his jeans and an old tee shirt. I smiled weakly at him, unable to speak. I dressed in silence and stood by his door, not knowing what to do next.

"I guess I should go, see you around," I said pathetically. Here I was, with the guy I'd been dying to meet and well, do this with, and I had no idea what to say. I was leaving without so much as an explanation of my crazy antics and how I'm not really like that. I was just leaving it like that. He'd probably forget me the minute I left and I was just going to accept that. I'm such a dismal person.

He opened his mouth, ready to speak but nothing came out. I guess there really isn't much to say to your one night stand. The words burned my brain but I knew I'd have to get used to them, because that's all I was going to be to Edward Cullen. I turned his doorknob and left before I could embarrass myself further. I imagine he lied back down and pretended it was all just a nightmare. With as little dignity I had left, I marched through the halls with my head held high, past all the snickering guys and walked the five mile distance to Rose's place.

Rose was waiting for me when I got there. I could only assume she'd remained sober last night, so she'd have an idea of what I did. By the look on her face, it wasn't anything good.

"How crazy was I," I silently hoped she'd say I was a normal drunk.

"You danced on a few tables. After your third encore, I lost track of you. So, did you…do it?" She was looking at me with wide eyes while she took in my appearance. I was wearing high heels, jeans too big for me, and a stained white tee. I was definitely taking the Walk of Shame.

"I didn't," I lied quickly, "I did spend the night with a few other girls in some guy's room. He let me borrow these because what you guys had me in would get me arrested."

"It wasn't that trampy," she protested. I did a little victory dance inside, she believed me! Rose led me into the kitchen, where Alice sat nursing a cup of coffee. Her face was paler than ever and she had huge bags under her eyes. She was suffering from the same hang-over I was.

"You could see my ass," I pointed out. "Everyone there thought I looked too much like a hooker, so they dressed me in this. I just want to shower for the next three hours and sleep all weekend long."

"Well, you can't," Rose said with a giggle, "we're going out with the boys tonight!"

"What boys? Since when did we have boys," I looked to Alice but she just shrugged.

"Emmett, Jasper, and," she paused for dramatic effect, "Edward, your favorite person ever!"

I felt faint. There was no way in hell I was facing him, not after what we had done. I was too chicken to go near him, ever again. I was ready to never visit the Cullen house again if it meant I could avoid him. Like I knew she would, Alice saw my discomfort. She gave me a look, asking what was wrong without speaking. I shook my head, letting her know I wasn't ready to talk. She pleaded with me, but I was too stubborn to give in. I couldn't admit to this. I wasn't that kind of person! I didn't get drunk and sleep with guys. I didn't get drunk. I most certainly never slept with guys. No, I was a good girl. Where had I gone wrong?

"I'm not going," I said firmly. Rose and Alice both gave me different looks. Alice only looked more concerned, while Rose looked put off. "I am sick as a dog, I can't go out. Maybe another time, not tonight. I'm going to bed; wake me when you're normal Rose. Stop being so perky."

I didn't bother staying around to get yelled at. I left them to ponder while I tucked myself into the bed in Rose's guest room. As I lay there, staring at her pink walls, I vowed to never speak of last night. I would forget it ever happened and start anew. I'd by no means party again. I'd stay as far away from Edward Cullen as humanly possible. I was taking this to the grave.


"You've gotten fat," Alice said while she tried to zip me into one of her dresses.

I glared at her, clearly disgruntled. I was not fat; I just had put on a few pounds. It wasn't even noticeable. I'd say it was possibly five pounds. "That is the rudest thing you've ever said to me."

"I don't really mean it Bells. It's just, you always fit in my clothes and now you don't. We're gonna have to go shopping now since you can't wear this." She helped me out of the dress before tossing it into the pile of clothes on her bed. "You can't graduate in jeans and a tee-shirt."

"I'd prefer sweats," I admitted. Lately everything did feel a little tight but I was sure I was just gaining weight naturally; I couldn't always remain naturally thin. Sooner or later my body was going to get tired of a fast metabolism and just slow things down.

"Come on Bella, we have two days left before we are OUT of this hell hole and headed for college," Alice was jumping on her bed, forgetting her previous statement of my weight. I wasn't going to forget it that easily.

"Do you really think I'm fat," I asked sheepishly.

"Turn and look at me," I turned, "move your arms Bella," so I did. She starred at me for a long while, motioning for me to move left than right. "Have you missed a period?"

I gawked at her for a minute or two. Sure, we talked about everything but we haven't discussed the idea of either of us being pregnant, though she almost was last year. How did I respond to that. Alice knew me inside and out, so if I lied, she'd know. But if I told her that I hadn't gotten it since March, she'd freak out 

on me for not telling her. What point was there in denying it though? Alice was always there for me, if I admitted to the truth, she'd probably help me out.

"I've missed a few," I said softly. Alice's jaw dropped and I suddenly regret telling her. Maybe she would have believed me if I lied. Too late now…

"When did you last get it?"

"March," I mumbled. My face was probably crimson now and so was hers. She was mad at me.

"MARCH? BELLA, ITS JUNE!" We sat there in silence for a few minutes. I refused to speak while Alice sat and fumed. This was obviously more important than I imagined. "Are you a virgin?"

Her words seeped to my core. Of course I am, I wanted to shout at her but I couldn't. How do you tell your best friend that you had sex with her brother and have been lying about it for three months? You don't, you keep that stuff to yourself forever. That kind of stuff gets locked away for no one to ever hear. Too bad my luck sucks and I wind up having to tell her. I might as well just get it over with.


"Oh God!"

She was off the bed in seconds, rushing around the room. She threw me a shirt and then grabbed my wrist and we tore out of the building. As everything flew by me, as it suddenly dawned on me. I was pregnant. I was going to have a baby, out of wedlock. I had gone against every intention I had with my life. There goes college. There goes my parents love and respect. Every virtue I'd ever grown was now flushed down the toilet. I certainly couldn't get an abortion that was out of the question. So what could I do? How does one cope with this?

We were at Rose's house, like I expected. I couldn't focus on anything. Alice screamed at me before telling Rose the story. Then Rose yelled at me, throwing a pregnancy test in my direction. I didn't know what to do. They picked me up and pushed me towards the bathroom. I starred at the thing for a long moment before finally deciding to face the consequences. I peed on the little stick and set it on the counter. Alice barged in, demanding to see it and Rose followed her. We waited for a few minutes and then suddenly a bright pink smiley face was staring back at us. I was…pregnant.

"Who's the father," Rose and Alice asked at once. I couldn't, I wouldn't…I had to tell them.

"Edward Cullen," I said in the faintest of voices. They didn't hear me.

"Who," Rose barked.

"Edward Cullen," I said just a smidge louder. Alice frowned at me, her eyes burning holes through me.


"EDWARD CULLEN!!" I finally screamed, at them and myself. I said the words I'd been praying I would never need to say. As they stared at me with their eyes wide in horror, I cried my heart out. I never 

meant for any of this. How was I going to tell him? Would he believe me or call me a whore? Would he want to be a part of the baby's life; a part of mine?

"Oh my god," we all said in unison. Really, what was there to do?

"I'm going to be an aunt," Alice said, truly horror stricken.

"Does he know," Rose asked, bringing me back to reality. "If he doesn't, you have to tell him."

"I'll call him and tell him to get his ass over here pronto," Alice already had dialed before I said could form words."Edward? You need to get to Rose's place now. You've got a lot of explaining to do."

And then we waited.