All their lives, they were supposed to love other people. For him, he was supposed to love his teammate, the one with bubblegum pink hair. For her, she was supposed to love his other teammate, the one with raven black hair. They were supposed to stay as friends, each following after the other's best friend. But what wasn't supposed to happen, is what led to her, sleeping with her head resting on his chest. Her platinum blonde hair cast in an array behind her, as his arms wrapped around her smaller frame.

A content smile played over the whiskered cheeks of his sun kissed skin. His golden hair splayed over the pillow beneath his head. Small, simple, gold rings adorned third finger of both of their left hands. His was plain, save for one small engraving. Her name, etched carefully, and eloquently into the smooth yellow metal, "Ino." Hers bore a tiny, but pure, diamond, princess cut, and it also bore a singular, small engraving. His name, etched with just as much care, and eloquence, "Naruto."

The soft, fluffy sheets and comforter wrapped them safely inside their dreams. Dreams that, before, had been filled with other people, but now, those dreams were filed only with each other and their future together.