Wolf pup

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The small white haired lad made his way up the steep hill towards the village. He lived just outside of his hometown in a tiny hut, alone. Nothing was abnormal about him but his shock of pure, white hair, that hung in messy clumps around his face. He walked this path everyday up to the small village in search of work.

The villagers didn't like him, they called him cursed and would only accept him to work if they absolutely had to, but that didn't stop the boy from smiling at them softly and asking them for a job to do.

The boy walked quietly into a store that often gave him work. The old man who owned it had always been kind to him, he and the boy's father had been friends.

"Ah Allen! Good to see you again! How are you this morning?" the old man asked quietly in an aged voice.

"I'm fine sir. Do you have any work for me today?" the boy, Allen asked with a bright smile.

"No, I'm sorry boy, nothing today. I heard that Cross needed help with his apple orchard today. They're a tad short handed." the old man smiled gently.

"Thank you sir! I'll go see if they need me!" the boy smiled brightly again and hurried out of the store and down the winding lane that served as the villages main road.

"There he is…"

"The cursed boy…"

"Everyone around him gets hurt…"

"Like Mana… poor man… took in an orphan and look what happened…"

The towns people whispered. They always whispered. Allen didn't understand why he was hated, but he understood that people didn't like things that were different from them. His white hair had always scared them. It was different. He had the startling shock of hair for as long as he remembered and people had always wondered, but his father had taught him to hold his head high, not be afraid of people even thought they disliked him for something he couldn't control. Allen had accepted that he would never be liked, but he didn't really mind. He liked who he was and he didn't have a bad life so he lived on.

Allen found himself in front of the grand manor of the richest man in town, Cross. The man had given Allen work before, and aside from the rather stingy wages was civil towards the young boy, or he was at least, the one and only time he had come into contact with the younger boy. Allen knocked on the door and was answered by a man with a rather pinched nose.

"What are you doing here, cursed brat?" he spat out and Allen sighed sadly.

"I heard that you guys needed some help picking apples, and I was wondering…"

the butler slammed the door in Allen's face and the boy sighed.

"Ah well, it was worth a shot." he mumbled to himself as he wandered back through town slightly dejectedly, asking street vendors and shop owners if they needed help with anything they'd be willing to pay him for. By the time night had claimed the day, Allen still hadn't found any work. It wasn't unusual for him to go without work for a few days at a time so Allen decided to head home and call it a night.

"Hey freak!" a boy called out and Allen ignored him. He was used to the local kids trying to provoke him into a fight, so they would have an excuse to beat him senseless, they had been doing it for as long as the 15 year old boy could remember. Allen had a cool head in the face of the increasingly spiteful insults and continued on his way down the well packed path.

"Hey white haired freak! I'm talking to you! Cursed freak! Pay attention to superior humans!" the boy called again and Allen clenched his fists in anger as he continued walking away from them.

As he made his way ouy of the village, the hurtful voices fading into the night, allen smiled sadly to himself as he gazed upon the inky night sky, stars twinkling brightly against the stark blackness. It would be the full moon in two days. The full moon had always been Allen's favourite time too look up at the night sky, the large white orb hanging in the sky, always inconstant and changing, but always beautiful and there as it made its way across the inky sky. He hear a wolf cry far off in the distance and Allen snapped out of his musings at the sound. Another howl, much to close for comfort sounded and sent Allen hurrying back towards his hut. The one thing about living the woods that Allen disliked was worrying about animals. Allen knew if he came face to face with a wolf, to leave it be, if he didn't threaten it, it wouldn't hurt him but he was still frightened of them. Mana had taught him that and he wasnt about to forget his late father's teachings.

A sudden rustle in the bushes caused Allen to freeze. Turning his head slowly he saw two luminous green eyes staring at him through the bushes. Slowly from the darkness of the foliage a deep maroon coloured wolf padded out and regarded the white haired boy. Allen gulped silently and kept his eyes on the formidable creature. He slowly sat down, trying to look as harmless as possible.

The bright green eyes seemed to light up with amusement as it made its way over to Allen, who stiffened but made no move to run or attack, and that seemed to interest the wolf. The richly coloured beast came within arms reach of the white haired boy seemed to wait for something. Allen swallowed again and looked curiously at the animal that seemed too intelligent, even for its kind.

"W-why hello there Mr. Wolf... er... can I help you with something? Oh look! Over there! A tasty looking deer! Way over there! I-I-I-I d-dont taste very good... I'm just skin and bones! I would only be empty calories!!" Allen was aware that he was babbling, and to a wolf no less, but the eyes were intelligent beyond any animal and Allen prayed that it would just leave him alone.

The wolf yawned before moving even closer to the pale boy, sniffing him tentatively. Allen made no sound of fear and waited patiently for the wolf to leave. The startlingly green eyes met his and Allen blink in surprise. For just a moment it had seemed he was meeting they eyes of an amused human.

The wolf suddenly licked Allen's face affectionately before backing off, moving back towards the direction he had come. Another wolf howled and the red wolf stopped, listening before answering in a long deep howl that sent shivers down Allen's spine and vanishing into the night.

"Whoa…" Allen whispered and stood shakily, brushing himself off. Looking around nervously he made his way deeper into the woods until he came to his shabby weathered old hut. It had been built many years ago by a man none of the villagers remembered and had been abandoned when he died. Allen had been put there just after Mana died because no one had wanted him. The hut had been full of dust and was empty, it had obviously been uncared for, for quite some time. Allen smiled at the old hut and gingerly opened the door, mindful of the partially broken hinge. He slipped into the dark one room building and shut the door soundlessly behind him.

Laying on the old rickety bed with a sigh Allen smiled up at the ceiling. There was a small hole just above his head, and he left it uncovered on nice nights so he could look up at the stars and the moon.

"Mana, I know things aren't great for me, but I'm content. I'll keep living for you father…" Allen smiled sleepily to himself at the memories of his foster father before drifting off into a relaxed sleep.


Allen woke the next morning too see that there were dark angry clouds beginning to form in the sky. He sighed and climbed out of the sleep warmed bed. He pulled out a section of water-proofed animal hide that he used to cover the hole in his roof during the rain and tacked it over the said hole with some wooden pegs before making his way into town, eating an apple from a near by tree. The day was much like the day before, but the kindly old man whom everyone just called sir, had a few hours of work for the young boy to do.

Allen was saving his money, he wanted to go into a larger city, find himself a steady job, and then continue saving up so he could buy a patch of land and start a little farm. he had always liked caring for animals, and was always glad when one of the local farmers let him near their barnyard animals.

After working for the old man Allen mad his way around town, asking farmers, store owners and street vendors what he could do for some money. Once again, he was completely shut out. It wasn't uncommon by any means but Allen was always saddened by people's fears of him. He wouldn't hurt a fly! Well, unless it was trying to get at his dinner, but that was a different story. He was just about to call it a day when Allen over heard a conversation.

"A lot of people have been going missing lately…" a stout middle aged woman said in a conspiring tone to the man next to her.

"Yes, I wonder what's been going on? I mean 10 people don't just vanish in a month with no warning." her companion agreed.

"Excuse me?" Allen interjected, ignoring the glares from the two people, "There have been people going missing lately? I haven't heard about it…" he trailed off, the woman sneered at him but she seemed to want to gossip.

"Well of course not cursed brat. A bunch of people have just up and vanished the past few weeks. More than there should be you know? I wouldn't be surprised if you had something to do with it." she snarled and Allen winced at the venom in her tone.

"You know, I didn't choose to have white hair. It doesn't mean I'm cursed. I'm just different." he told her calmly with a sad look on his face, before walking away with his head held high. The woman gawked at the calm answer and Allen smiled softly at the equally surprised man before walking away. The sun was beginning to set and Allen decided to call it a day and head home. He had made a little bit of money today, and he was glad to have something to put in the small box that held his meagre savings.

Night started to settle over the quiet village and Allen smiled softly as he walked down the winding path towards the end of town. Lost in thought he failed to even hear the village boys calling after him that night.

He was half way home when something suddenly struck him in the head. The white haired teen stumbled forward with a cry of surprise and felt the back of his head, only to have his hand come away red.

"What the hell?" he asked in surprise before turning to see several of the village boys and men standing there.

"What… what's going on?" Allen asked, his voice slightly higher in fear.

"Its your fault cursed brat. Its your damn curse!" one of the men growled and started to advance menacingly, "So we're going to kill you, then no one will get hurt any more." Allen's eyes widened and he turned to run deeper into the forest. He bolted through the trees and bushes while being chased by the angry throng of villagers.

"Get back here runt!"

"We'll kill you!"

"Its your fault! You've brought your curse down on all of us!"

they yelled after Allen and he felt tears of sadness prick at the back of his eyes as their angry shouts echoed in his ears. Why did they always blame him in times of fear? He was different but he was still human. Allen sobbed to himself, tears running down his face as he was chased through the dark woods. An unseen tree root sent the boy sprawling to the hard ground with a cry of pain. He prayed that they wouldn't find him, but his white hair glowed in the moonlight, and made him and easy target. As the large group of angry men encircled him Allen cursed his white hair for the first time in his life.

"Well boy, its time to end your miserable existence. don't worry, we're being merciful, living like you do must only cause you pain."

"N-no! you have no right to say that!" Allen sobbed frantically "I'm happy with my life! I have dreams!" a ripple of sadistic laughter went through the group as the closed in on the white haired boy.

"P-please!" Allen begged as the first blow struck him in the ribs, and then he fell silent. He felt every blow, every strike, every moment of cold and sadistic laughter that was dealt to him. After a few moments he went numb and didn't feel the pain. He could still see the men thrashing him, but it was like watching a fuzzy recording that was happening to someone else. He could still hear them but their voices were distorted, like he was hearing them through water. He vaguely registered the rain that began to fall around him, drenching the world as the sky seemed to weep for the slight boy's pain.

In the pained haze he found himself in, Allen's self preservation instict kicked in and he began to flail wildly, limbs striking his attackers before a well placed blow to the head left Allen limp, his already fuzzy vision blurring more.

Time had seemed to slow down, but eventually they thought him dead, or beaten close enough to death that he would soon perish and left the barely conscious boy for the night to claim. After a time Allen became aware of the pain that was everywhere. Groaning slightly he looked up at the too large moon, tears of pain sliding slowly down his cheeks.

So its going to end like this huh? he thought bitterly. There was a soft rustling in the bushes and Allen tilted his head slightly, wondering if maybe they had come back to finish the job. He was greeted by the sight of a deep red coloured wolf, who seemed to stare at him in shock for a moment before walking over and sniffing his wounds lightly.


A wolf.

First the villagers beat me to a pulp, then it starts to rain and now I'm going to get mauled by wolves. You must really hate me for some reason God. Allen thought in an uncharacteristicly bitter tone as he watched the wolf. His vision started to fade as the oddly coloured animal surveyed him. Allen slowly fell towards unconsciousness, eyes never leaving the red wolf in front of him. The wolf seemed to sigh, and as Allen's world fell into the dark he felt powerful jaws clamp around his upper left arm. He winced before he fell into complete oblivion.


Sunlight pricked the back of his eye lids and Allen scrunched his face in discomfort. He sighed and flipped over, wondering if he would get work today before he realised that there were voices near by talking.

"You shouldn't have changed him Lavi! Its not your place to choose." an angry voice snarled out.

"He was going to die! Those damn villagers beat the poor kid to a pulp and he was this close to death! If I hadn't changed him he would have died!!" another equal angry voice shot back and Allen wondered sleepily what they were talking about.

"Alright guys, clam down… yes Lavi was wrong to change him without talking to us first, but Kanda, can you really blame him?" a gentle female voice reasoned with the two and both sides sighed angrily. Allen wondered what was going on when the events from last night washed back into his mind and he sat up in surprise.

"I'm alive!?" he gasped out before losing his balance on the unfamiliar bed and tumbling in a very ungraceful manner to the cold stone floor.

"Owww!" he moaned before sitting up and rubbing his now sore forehead. Someone snickered and Allen glared up, ready to give the person who was laughing a piece of his mind. But the angry words stopped in his throat as he found him self staring into a familiar green eye. Allen couldn't quite place it, but the amused light that sparkled in the emerald depths seemed familiar. A red haired man was crouched in front of Allen, grinning a wide, lopsided grin at the confused boy. His right eye covered in a thick black eye patch.

"Hey there sleeping beauty, finally awake huh?" he asked, grinning wider as the younger boy huffed.

Allen pouted and sat back, sizing the red head up, "Who are you? Where am I? how am I alive? There was that wolf… I was beaten up so bad, and it bit me…" Allen trail off as he hurriedly lifted up his shirt and examined his mid section, finding not even a bruise he pulled the tattered shirt completely off and looked at his upper left arm. There was a nasty scar, teeth marks visible and around them, the skin had turned an angry red, and taken the form of a snarling wolf, teeth bared.

"What the hell?" Allen poked the scar and winced as it stung slightly.

"Sorry about that. It was the only way to save your life." Allen looked up at the redhead who was smiling sheepishly while rubbing the back of his head.

"What are you talking about?" Allen looked around and noticed and sneering Japanese man and a softly smiling Chinese girl, "Who are you people?"

"Well, I guess we have some explaining to do…" the girl trailed off uncomfortably tugging unconsciously at her long black hair, "I'm Lenalee, this is Kanda, and the grinning redhead over there is Lavi."

"Nice to meet you…?" Allen smiled, confused and waited for more of an explanation.

"Kanda, you've done this more than I have, would you…?" the girl trailed off at looked at the older male with something akin to puppy eyes. The Japanese man, Kanda, sighed dramatically and rolled his eyes.

"Whatever. Ok whelp, listen closely. I'm only going to say this once got it?" he growled out and Allen nodded, "Ok then. We are werewolves as the humans call us,"

"We prefer homo lupines though!" Lavi interrupted cheerfully and received a growl from Kanda before he continued.

"We've been living in this area for about a week now. We moved in because there is a group of vampires living on the outskirts of town. Have you heard of all the disappearances that have been going on lately?" Allen nodded slowly, digesting the information, "Well that's been them. Vampires and werewolves have been warring for as long as both side can remember. We've come to this area to exterminate them, that's our job. There are more werewolves than just us, we're a pretty small pack actually, there are only the three of us, or at least there was only the three of us." Kanda glared directly at Lavi who grinned sheepishly.

"What do you mean was? There's more now?" Allen asked looking around, confused. Kanda sighed in frustration before glaring at Allen again.

"Yeah whelp there are more. You." Allen blink in surprise at Kanda's growled response.

"What?!" he asked.

"Well see, after you got beaten up, I found you and I felt bad you know? So I kinda… changed you into one of us… to save your life…" Allen turned away from the Japanese man to stare at the redhead.

"You… saved me? How?" Allen asked, and Lavi grinned at his confusion.

"I bit you." he announced proudly.

"You bit me?" Allen asked incredulously, "When? The only thing that bit me was that wolf…" Allen trailed off before he stared at Lavi's hair, then his eye and everything clicked into place.

"That was YOU?!" Lavi chuckled at Allen who was decidedly flustered, "B-b-but that's impossible! I mean… that was a wolf and your human… or… unless… you're a…" Allen paled even more, which was a feat, considering his already almost white complexion.

"Is this all making sense… uhmm, what was your name?" Lenalee asked gently, trying to prevent the boy from hyperventilating.

"I guess…" Allen looked up at the gentle face and he tried to smile, "This is… a lot to take in… I mean… I'm… a werewolf now?" he glanced around the room, Lenalee smiled sympathetically, Lavi nodded with an excited grin and Kanda snorted, "Well… my name is Allen…, Allen Walker." Allen nodded to himself and smiled up at his new friends.

"Well, now that that's out of the way, we have a few more things to explain to you Allen!" Lenalee smiled and Allen looked up, interested.

"Well... Alright..." he smiled, clightly confused but hunkered down and listened attentitivly. Lavi grinned, finding the kids interest amusing.

"Well, for one thing, we aren't immortal, we as a species just age a hell of a lot slower than normal humans, from what I can tell, about 10 human years is one year for us. Silver doesn't really bug us, unless its on an open wound, then it stings like hell, but it isn't fatal, even a silver bullet isn't fatal if its taken out quick enough. We can faze in between wolf and human form at will, day or night, but on the night of the full moon we have to faze into wolf form for the night. Oh and you're not technically a werewolf yet." Lavi smiled as Allen tilted his head in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you're not considered a werewolf until you faze for the first time, and you cant until the full moon. After the first time you're fine though. But it hurts like hell. Seriously, I thought I was dying the first time." Allen paled slightly and shifted uncomfortably.

"Oh…" he fidgeted and Lenalee sighed.

"Lavi, you're scaring the poor boy. It does hurt the first time, but don't worry you'll be fine." Lenalee comforted the boy.

"Oi, you didn't explain the ranking system rabbit." Kanda growled out at Lavi.

"Rabbit?" Allen looked other at the older boy in confusion.

"Oh yeah, I forgot!" Lavi grinned, "Well ok Allen, do you know anything about wolves?"

"Not really, just not to run away when you see one, stay still, don't look threatening. Then it should get bored and go away." Allen recited what Mana had drilled into his skull years ago. Lavi and Lenalee burst out laughing and Kanda snorted.

"S-sorry, its just r-really funny!" Lavi gasped out between giggles.

"What's so funny about it?" Allen huffed.

"Well, if a wolf wanted to attack you it would, it wouldn't care if you were moving or threatening…" Lenalee collapsed back into giggles and Kanda snorted again. Allen pouted and Lavi got a hold of himself.

"Right, well.. Anyway, there is a ranking system with wolves… the alpha male being the top, then the alpha males mate, then the beta male, that's the alpha males right hand man, then the beta's mate. Then it's the omega wolf. The lowest member, until another member of the pack comes along, then he's the omega and the old omega is on equal ground with the beta, sort of. Kinda the left hand man kind of thing. Then it's the wolf pups, they technically don't have a rank, because they're still pups. Yuu Chan is the alpha male, Lenalee is his mate, I'm the beta, so guess what that makes you?" Lavi grinned widely.

"Don't call by my given name!" Kanda growled.

"Oh crap, I'm the omega aren't I?" Allen asked and Lavi laughed again.

"I doubt it whelp. you're just a pup yet." Kanda sneered at the younger boy who glared back.

"My name is Allen. I'm not a whelp and I don't appreciate you calling me one." Allen glared, much to Lenalee and Lavi's shock.

"Ah, so the whelp has some backbone eh?" Kanda sneered and Allen stood, so he wasn't at a disadvantage.

"Its Allen, Yuu Chan, or is that too hard for you to remember?" Allen growled back, Lenalee's eyes widened and Lavi gaped at the younger boy.

"Do you want to die?" Kanda asked dangerously. Allen opened his mouth to answer only to have Lavi stuff his hand into his mouth.

"Allen, don't take kinda lightly." he warned and Allen glared before nodding slightly.

"Well, I guess all there is to do now is wait." Lenalee sighed in relief and Kanda nodded.

"Yup!" Lavi grinned "Tonight we introduce my new little brother into the pack!" Lavi sang happily and Allen stared at him.

"Say what?" he raised a sceptical eyebrow and Lenalee chuckled.

"Well, Lavi is the one who 'changed' you, so he has the right to claim you as a brother. but you arent related in anyway."

"Oh…" Allen shifted uncomfortably at the thought of someone having any 'claim' over him.

"Hey Allen, how old are you?" Lavi asked suddenly, surprising Allen out of his thoughts.

"Oh me? I'm 15, how about you?"

"45." Allen froze for a second.

"Say what?"

"I'm 45 years old. Kanda turned me when I was 15, and its been 30 years since then. My birthday is in a few months, then I'll be 46." Lavi said proudly and Allen felt his jaw hang in disbelief.

"I'm 29, Kanda turned me when I was 16 and that was 13 years ago." Lenalee smiled softly.

"Then how old is Kanda…?" Allen turned to stare at the said man who scoffed.

"I'm 90 years old. Turned when I was ten." Allen felt the already hanging jaw hit the floor.

"You're 90 years old!? But none of you look like you're over 20!" Allen practically screeched.

"Yes, I'm 90. now shut your damn mouth." Kanda growled and Allen's jaw snapped shut.

"Are there any other questions you have Allen?" Lenalee asked kindly and Allen smiled gratefully at her.

"Yeah, you said something about, uhmm vampires before, right?" the cheery attitude in the room instantly died.

"Yeah. Blood sucking jerks. They suck the blood of humans and live off it. Its not natural. We at least live off animals, like we should. Werewolf and vampire kind have been fighting for all of recorded history, and ours dates back much further than the human history does." Lavi said bitterly.

"They slaughter humans for sport half the time. If they only took what they needed it wouldn't be so bad, but they just kill and kill and kill. Its sick." Lenalee looked away upset.

"Its our job to kill them and protect the humans, they don't have anyway to protect them selves from the vampires. So its up to us to stop them." Kanda finished with a finality.

"Well, can they go out in sunlight?" Allen asked, worried for the villagers. Lavi looked at him in surprise before he smiled softly at the boy who still cared about the village that had tried to kill him.

"Yeah, but they're sensitive to the light, they prefer the night, they can eat garlic by the way, and wooden steaks don't do shit." Lavi grinned.

"Holy water is actually quite effective, but bothersome to carry around." Lenalee interjected.

"Yeah, but they usually travel in small groups of two or three. There is a large family of them pulling the strings, the Noah family. They're pretty well know, even by the humans."

"Yeah, I've heard of them they own a big company right? The millennium exporting incorporated or something like that." Allen confirmed, "They're vampires?"

"The Earl is the head, the elder vampire. If we can kill him we've won the war." Lavi nodded and the room fell into silence for a moment as Allen thought things over.

"So this man, the earl, he sends out vampires to kill?" Allen asked after a time.

"Yes, to make more vampires and expand his army. To kill all of the werewolves, so he can exterminate the humans for the most part. Keep enough alive and slaughter them like cattle, he wants to rule the world." Lenalee said sadly.

"I want to help fight him." Allen said quietly and the others turned to look at him in surprise, the hatred in his soft voice surprising them. Most new werewolves didn't want to get involved in the war.

"Really?" Lavi asked.

"If he's making people suffer, killing their loved ones, trying to gain control over people and use them for his benefit! Thats not right! Someone should stop it, and i want to do my part to help!" Allen looked at them with determined eyes and not even Kanda doubted his words.

"Well, then it's a good thing you're a werewolf now eh? You wont get slaughtered by the vampires huh?" Lavi grinned and ruffled Allen's snowy hair.

"Oi! don't say something so goofy when I'm being serious jerk!" Allen snapped and Lavi laughed, pulled the younger boy into a headlock, while mercilessly noogie-ing him. Lenalee chuckled and turned to her mate who was watching them with a bored look.

"Just like brothers already huh Yuu?" she whispered and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Who cares about the rabbit and the whelp?" Kanda grunted

"Well I know for a fact you do silly." Lenalee smiled up at Kanda who blushed slightly.

"Whatever." Kanda looked away and Lenalee smiled softly again. Allen managed to push Lavi off him and preparing to attack back when he froze eyes widening.

"Allen?" Lavi asked before Allen collapsed with a hoarse cry, "Allen!" Lavi and Lenalee rushed over to the white haired boy who curled into a pained balled.

"What the… heck… is happening?" he gasped out painfully.

"Kanda, what time is it?" Lenalee asked, turning to her mate, who glanced casually out the window.

"After dark, I'd say around 9, 9:30." he shrugged an Lenalee sent him a dirty look.

"That means he's fazing for the first time!" Lavi pulled Allen into his arms and rocked him slightly, remembering just how bad his first time had been.

"It hurts…" Allen mumbled, no longer completely coherent, "It hurts Mana… make it stop…" he was begging quietly as Lavi stroked the soft white hair, soothing the younger boy.

"Whose Mana Allen?" Lavi asked, trying to keep the boy's mind focused on something other than the tremendous pain of his body structure changing.

"My… father." Allen gasped out.

"Yeah? And what would he be doing right now?" Lenalee asked, help Lavi.

"He's dead." Allen whispered as a lone tear slipped down his face, "The man with sharp teeth killed him." he said childishly and even Kanda's attention was directed to the small prone boy.

"Sharp teeth?" Lavi asked cautiously.

"Yeah… oh god this hurts!" Allen pulled himself into a tighter ball and whimpered in pain, "I thought you were joking when you said it hurt like hell, ow damn it!" Allen cursed lightly and panted.

"Why would I say it if it wasn't true?" Lavi asked.

"To scare me, I mean- AHHHGH!" Allen screamed wordlessly as another wave of pain hit him. Lenalee moved his still blood matted hair out of his face and Lavi rocked the younger boy slightly.

"Its alright Allen, it will be over soon." Lavi told him soothingly and Allen nodded, before blackness claimed him and he sunk into a painless sleep.

-chapter end-

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