Wolf pup 4

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Allen; -Sigh- its okay Nella, you're only human

Nella; no! It's not okay! I'm a terrible human being!

Lavi; uhmm... okay?


Lavi; ah! Sorry! –Cowers-

Nella; forgiven! –Smiles-

Allen; ... are you bi-polar?

Nella; probably, good thing I don't own D. Grey man eh?

Allen and Lavi; yes that is a very good thing

Nella; -Pouts-


Well, because of a pole posted in my profile, it would seem that you, the readers, want this to be a yaoi! :D so I shall make it a yaoi! I thought that writing only yaoi would be too hard to do all the time, but not writing yaoi is hard when they're right there... so perfect and waiting to be paired up...



RECAP! "Guys, cool it." Lenalee smacked Kanda on the head. "We know he has good vision, geez I was just trying to see just how good, it's a huge asset to have to people with sharpened senses in the pack! You don't need to start arguing over it!" Kanda rubbed the back of his head tenderly as he glared at Lenalee, who glared right back. The alpha male sighed and muttered something about 'murdering annoying whelps' but otherwise dropped the subject.


"HA! I told you it was a town!" Allen said triumphantly as the cart pulled onto the main strip of the bustling town.

"Che." Of course, Kanda wouldn't even dignify that with a response. Allen sighed as they all hopped over the edge of the cart, thanking the farmer before he headed on his way. Or well, at least Allen, Lavi and Lenalee thanked him. Kanda grunted in what could have been taken as a thank you.

"You're so rude sometimes!" Lenalee scolded and Kanda rolled his eyes.

"That's because I don't care." Allen sighed as they bickered like an old married couple.

"Are they always like this?" he asked looking up at the redheaded werewolf who was watching Kanda and Lenalee with an amused look on his face.

"Pretty much. Lenalee scolds; Yuu rolls his eyes and acts like he doesn't care. It's the natural order of things for us." He chuckled.

"Shut the fuck up rabbit!" Kanda snapped, turning from his mate to glare at Lavi.

"Hey now, don't get mad at me! Just stating the facts!"

"Well no one fucking wants you to state the facts dumb ass!"

"So you admit what I said is true?" Lavi grinned and Kanda blinked for a moment before growling and punching Lavi in the head.

"Shut your damn trap baka Usagi!" Allen sighed and smiled at Lenalee who rolled her eyes.

"Guys...." Allen started only to be cut off by Lavi's loud whine.

"Yuu Chan!! That hurt!"

"I don't give a damn!"

"Guys-," Allen was incredibly hungry at this point and really wanted to let the others on to that wonderful fact but they weren't too keen on listening to him.

"You're so mean!"

"I know I am! I like being that way idiot!"

"B-but Yuu...." Allen sighed, walking away from the others as Lavi and Kanda bickered in search of food.

"Don't fucking call me that!"

"But Yuu- hey, where's Allen?" Lavi blinked looking around for the familiar white hair.

"Who cares?" Kanda was still pissed, "If the sprout wants to run off on his own, I don't care." Lenalee promptly hit him.

"Kanda! He's our responsibility! We need to find him! We can't just leave a pup alone to wander around! What if there are vampires? They could sniff him out and attack him!"

"Once again, who cares?" Lenalee glowered at her mate threateningly.

"Yuu..." in that one syllable Kanda froze with slightly widened eyes and Lavi paused from his frantic scanning for the area to stare at Lenalee in all of her threatening glory.

"Find Allen. Now." Kanda turned to glare at his mate, but nodded and stalked off angrily, swearing at people who happened to bump into him as he raged.

"You know Lenalee; sometimes you are down right terrifying." Lavi grinned, "I like it."

"Whatever, we need to go find Allen!" Lenalee said, grabbing Lavi's hand and dragging him down the street. The redhead sighed; Lenalee was in 'mother hen' mode. There was no stopping her.


Allen smirked over the cards as the men around him cringed at the evil glitter in his eyes.

"Call. Royal straight flush." He said triumphantly, trying to hold back the slightly sadistic smirk that graced his lips anyway. What he did not expect was someone to suddenly grab his hair and lift him up.

"OW! What the hell?! Put me down!" Allen struggled, before he was whipped around, coming face to face with an extremely pissed off Kanda.

"Ah... hello Kanda..." the white haired pup grinned nervously.

"What the FUCK do you think you're doing?" the dark haired man seethed.

"Playing... poker?"

"Playing fucking poker?! Great, just great! How much money have you lost you damn idiot whelp?!"

"Lost money? Pfffft, I don't lose money at poker. Ever. I've gained $500." Allen scoffed, trying to get Kanda to release his hair.

"What?!" Kanda blinked shocked. Allen had only been 'missing' for about an hour.

"I've... won... five.... hundred... dollars." Allen spoke slowly, as if talking to an idiot.

"How the hell...?" Allen shrugged innocently as Kanda glared at him suspiciously.

"I'm just lucky I guess!"

"Whatever. Lenalee is going to have a cow if you don't hurry the hell up. Grab your 'winnings' and lets go. Damn whelp."

"My name is Allen!"

"I don't care." Kanda released his hold on Allen's head and gave the boy three full seconds to grab the money (which he did) before dragging Allen off by the collar of his shirt to find Lenalee.


"Allen!" Lenalee and Lavi cried in unison as the white haired lad was dragged by Kanda into their line of sight. Allen was promptly glomped by two elder werewolves.

"We were so worried Allen!"

"Why did you run off moyashi?"

"Don't ever do that again! The world is a dangerous place!" Lenalee was holding Allen like a mother.

"Yeah! What if there were those nasty bloodsuckers out there? You could have been killed!" Lavi was snuggling up to Allen. Allen was pretty sure his personal bubble just died.

"Umm, I was hungry... so I went to get food... but I had no money on me... so I had to make some..."

"NO ALLEN! DON'T TELL ME YOU SOLD YOUR BODY!" Lavi bellowed and Lenalee face palmed as Kanda rolled his eyes.

"Sell my body? What?" Allen looked utterly confused and the three older werewolves stared at him, not quite believing he was that naive.

"You know... sell yourself... as in sell yourself for se-," Lenalee clamped a hand over Lavi's mouth and gave him a meaningful look.

"Don't tell him if he doesn't know. He's just a pup!" Lavi rolled his only visible eye and nodded, not wanting to inflict the wrath of Lenalee upon himself.

"How did you make money then Allen?" Lenalee asked curiously as Lavi struggled. A dark smile spread across the younger teen's face and he chuckled.

"I have my ways..." Both Lavi and Lenalee blinked uneasily and glanced at each other.

"How much did you make?" Lavi asked


"OH MY GOD! ALLEN! YOU'RE HAVING SEX FOR MONEY?!" Lavi yelled, horrified and Allen blinked before turning bright red as his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.


"How else would you make that much money in under an hour?" Lavi asked with a serious frown.



"Poker." Allen smirked as Lavi looked doubtful, scanning his young face for any signs of a lie.

"I thought it was just as likely to lose money in poker as it is to gain money..."

"I always win money. I have never, in my life, lost money in a game of poker." Allen's evil grin was really starting to unnerve Lavi.

"How is that possible?"

"I cheat."

"..." there was a stunned silence as Allen's smile became as innocent as a baby kitten.

"So, shall we get something to eat then?"

"Uh, sure I guess..." Lavi blinked and turned to Lenalee who looked shell shocked. Kanda snorted and rolled his eyes dramatically, keeping surprise to himself.

"Whatever. Let's get some damn food into him, I hate listening to him whining." The Japanese alpha male rubbed his temples stressfully, trying to chase away the approaching headache.

"I wasn't whining!"

"Shut up. Your voice annoys me."

"Your damn attitude annoys me!"

"Your fucking face annoys me so shut it or I'll let you starve." Allen growled, crossing his arms in irritation as he grudgingly obeyed Kanda.

"Good whelp."

"My name is Allen damn it!"


Allen stared up at the night sky as a cool breeze ghosted over his skin. They had traveled through the town, and Kanda had caught the scent of a lone vampire who they were currently pursuing. Allen was exhausted after a day of running at top speed with three older werewolves who had much longer legs than him, yet he couldn't seem to sleep. He had been grateful when Lavi had noticed Allen was having trouble keeping up and had suggested that they take a break for a few hours before continuing the hunt, but he couldn't shut off his mind and get some much needed sleep.

"What's on your mind kid?" Allen started as Lavi rolled over and poked him sleepily.

"How did you know I was awake?" Allen had been sure Lavi had been sound asleep, so he was quite surprised to hear his voice.

"Well you keep sighing and rolling over, so it's hard to get some proper sleep. Is something bugging you Allen? Sometimes talking about it helps."

"Ah... I dunno, I just can't seem to shut my mind down is all... it happens from time to time..."

"I see... I'm the same way too. I find if I let my mind wander to where it wants I can get to the problem that is bothering me." Lavi smiled at Allen who sighed and nodded slowly as he sank into thought.

"I guess this is just a big change from what I'm used to... being a werewolf... I never really thought I would amount to anything other than a farmer, but here I am, fighting an unknown war against evil..." Allen chuckled, eyes glazing over as he stared up at the sky, "I wonder what my father would say if he was still alive..."

"Do you mind if I ask how he died?"

"A house fire a few years ago. I was lucky to have gotten out alive." Lavi made a thoughtful noise as he seized Allen up.

"When you were fazing for the first time you said a man with sharp teeth killed him." Allen's head whipped around to look at Lavi so fast the older werewolf wondered briefly if he had whiplash.


"That's what you said, just ask Lenalee or Yuu-Chan. You were a little out of it though, so you never know.."

"Well, I was told he died in a fire, I don't remember the night it happened though... all I remember is going to see the house in ashes with Sir the day after..." Allen's eyebrows furrowed as he struggled to remember.

"You don't remember the actual night? Like, it's just blank in your mind?"

"Yeah..." Allen nodded slowly, going over his thoughts carefully, "I remember the day it happened, but the fire was at night... all I remember after going to bed is waking up the next morning on a cot in Sir's shop. He said that I was laying outside the house while it went up in flames... I don't know how I got there though..."

"Sometimes our minds suppress traumatic memories so we don't have to relive them." Lavi looked thoughtful as he went over Allen's words.

"I know."

"Do you think that's what happened?" Allen paused, carefully thinking over the question.

"I really couldn't say..." Lavi smiled as the younger teen sighed.

"Don't think about it too much Allen," the redheaded werewolf ruffled Allen's snowy locks affectionately as he spoke, "When you live for such a long time, dwelling on the past is something that just gets harder. Try and get some sleep okay?" Allen nodded.

"Alright. Thanks Lavi."

"Any time Allen." Lavi smiled as the younger boy curled up in the blankets and finally relaxed. The exhausted boy fell into a deep and comfortable sleep quickly and Lavi chuckled and he rolled over to stare at his peaceful face.

"You really don't know what you're in for yet kid..."

--Chapter end--

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