The young prince locked his door, looking around nervously before closing the sheer curtains over the large windows

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Author's Note: Okay, this was created as an outlet for my Bakura x Yami fixation. Basically, it is a collection of oneshots posted as a chapter story. They are in chronological order and are on the same timeline. In reality, it is a chapter story, but each chapter will be written as an oneshot. To say, each works as a separate story and each has an ending, which could end the entire story if I so desire. I plan on keeping the status as "in progress" indefinitely because I never know when the Yami x Bakura mood will strike me. I doubt this will be updated regularly, and who knows when it will end, if it ever will. So with all that said, I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them.

A Night of Learning

The young prince locked his door, looking around nervously before closing the sheer curtains over the large windows. He knew it was ridiculous to think that anyone could see in as he was so high up, but it made him feel a little safer nonetheless. After another quick circle of the room, Atem was satisfied that he was alone and that he would stay that way.

He climbed onto his large bed, lying crossways and closed his eyes, breathing heavily. He didn't know why he was so nervous. There wasn't anyone to see. And even if things didn't go as expected, no one would ever know, so he had no reason to be so nervous, but he was.

Being the son of the Pharaoh, Atem had grown up very much alone. He was forbidden to interact with the servants more than what their duties to him required. The children of the priests were busy training as priests themselves so Atem rarely saw them. And of course his father was such a busy man; he didn't have time to spend with him. Atem had always felt a little lonely and lately he had taken to sneaking into the servant's quarters and listening to the conversations of the boys his age.

Atem's father would be furious to know his son snuck about people beneath him, but after the first time, Atem had become fascinated with them. How was it they knew so much? He was educated by the best tutors in Egypt, yet he knew half of what they discussed most of the time.

And the conversation last night...

It intrigued him more than the others. He knew he was growing up and that he should feel certain things but he didn't know he could do something about them. He didn't know anything about that subject. But these boys did. From the things they said, Atem assumed they were very experienced.

Even the younger ones. They had at least done this act they mentioned. Atem had never felt so...inexperienced. He was almost to his sixteenth birthday and here boys that looked around twelve knew more than he.

He was curious. He wanted to know more, but who could he ask? Certainly not those boys, they didn't even know he eavesdropped on their conversations. Never his father. Seth or Mahaado came to mind, but when would he ever get the time alone with them to ask? And he really didn't want to explain where these questions had come from.

Atem tried to shake the thoughts from his mind. He was never going to be able to do this if he kept thinking about it.

One more nervous glance around the room, and Atem closed his eyes and pulled his nightshirt up around his waist. He let his fingers graze his hip and rest against it.

'Come on, it can't be that hard,' Atem thought to himself. With a deep breathe, he wrapped his hand around his limp penis, holding it loosely and began to stroke himself.

After a few hesitant strokes, nothing was happening. He tried thinking of the pretty cook's assistant that the boys had talked about, but that didn't help either.

He must not be doing it right. Atem sighed and readjusted his grip, holding himself firmer and began again. This time, something did happen. He could feel warmth slowly starting to build in his stomach and his cock becoming harder in his hand. He sped up his strokes and little tingles shot pleasantly up his spine. A small moan escaped his lips as he sped up even faster, feeling himself becoming very hard. He started panting and moaning quietly as the warmth grew and pooled in his stomach. He was almost there, he must be.

"Well, what do we have here?" a cold teasing voice said. Atem felt a weight on the bed and his eyes shot open to see a tanned, white-haired man with a scar on his right cheek leaning over him and licking his lips.

Atem laid there completely frozen in fear and embarrassment, unsure of what to do. The man looked familiar. He had seen his drawing numerous times on posters of wanted criminals in the city. Everyone knew who this man was. He had stolen from the palace before, and he was dangerous.

"Bakura...?" Atem squeaked, and the other man grinned.

"Should I be flattered the little prince knows my name?" he asked, letting his eyes trail up and down Atem's frozen body. He leaned forward so that Atem could feel his hot breathe on the side of his face. "Don't stop on my account," he whispered maliciously.

Atem finally regained control of his body as he jerked his nightshirt down and tried to wiggle away, but one of Bakura's hands closed tightly around his upper arm, holding him in place.

"Don't even think of going anywhere," Bakura hissed. He let his gaze slide over the prince's trembling body once more before meeting his eyes. "Finish."

"W-what?" Atem stuttered, terrified of what this man was going to do to him.

"I said," Bakura repeated, pulling the hem of Atem's night shirt back up to expose his stomach and everything below. "Finish."

Atem's eyes went wide as a knife appeared in Bakura's other hand, flashing menacingly in the moonlight.

"Do it," Bakura said silkily, tracing the blade gently down Atem's arm. That got Atem's attention as he tried to jump away, making Bakura laugh softly. He glanced at the man above him and then looked down and slowly lowered his hand to wrap around his now flaccid cock.

Atem was shaking so badly now that he could barely comply, using jerky and unsure strokes that no matter how hard he tried, Atem just couldn't make himself hard again. His eyes were squeezed shut and he knew tears were running down his face. He was so embarrassed and scared and there was no way he was going to be able to do this. He just wanted this utter embarrassment to be over with and for Bakura to leave, but he just couldn't do it.

Atem felt the bed shift a little and Bakura's mouth was close to his ear again. "You haven't done this before, have you?" the thief whispered, making Atem shiver as his warm breath caressed his neck.

"I--" was all Atem could manage before he felt his hand being pushed away and Bakura's taking its place. A shudder ran through his body and he couldn't help the cry that escaped his lips. Bakura's hand was on him there.

He gripped him much tighter and started stroking him slowly. The feeling was so intense Atem didn't even realize Bakura had released his bruising grip on his arm and was gently wiping the tears from his face. He opened his eyes slowly to see Bakura staring down at him as he fisted him.

"Relax," Bakura murmured, and Atem realized he was still shaking uncontrollably, but at the same time, the heat was beginning to settle at the bottom of his stomach once again.

He tried to stop shaking and lie still, hoping that would make it go faster, but Bakura ran his thumb over the head of his hardened cock, rubbing over the slit, and Atem couldn't help himself. He threw his head back and arched his back, a strangled moan leaving his throat and his fingers clenching in the sheets. He heard Bakura chuckle but didn't care as he did it again. And again. His mind was completely blank except for the intense pleasure Bakura was creating as he fisted him.

Atem cried out again as that intense feeling washed over him and his vision went blank. The heat flooded his veins and his whole body went rigid before collapsing on the bed in exhaustion. When Atem's mind cleared, he opened his eyes, panting heavily to see Bakura smiling down at him. He glanced down and Atem followed his gaze to the sticky warmth now covering his stomach, and Atem flushed in embarrassment, but still felt rather relieved. It was over so Bakura was going to leave now, right?

But he didn't. Instead he smirked at Atem once more before running his finger through the semen on his stomach. Atem shuddered at the motion, but couldn't tear his eyes away as Bakura brought the cum-covered finger to his mouth and sucked on it enticingly.

Atem watched him with wide eyes as the thief lowered his head to his stomach and began licking up the mess there. He shivered every time that warm tongue ran up his stomach, but he was too enthralled to even think about pulling away.

When he finished he glanced up at Atem, and the prince's breath caught in his throat. The thief climbed up his body until his face as inches away from Atem's.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked huskily, feeling Atem's body tremble beneath him.

"I—" Atem muttered, breaking eye contact with Bakura and fingering the edge of his nightshirt.

"It's okay," Bakura crooned, running a thumb across his cheek. "You can tell me."

"...Yes," Atem whimpered, shivering under the touch. A haughty smile lit Bakura's face, and he leaned closer to the prince, brushing his lips with his own.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered. Atem opened his mouth to retort, but Bakura took the chance to kiss him. Hard.

Atem was completely overwhelmed as Bakura's tongue invaded his mouth. He could taste himself on it as it plundered every inch of his mouth, swallowing every sound he made. He could feel his lips bruising under the force, and Bakura's hands running up his feverish body, pushing his nightshirt higher.

It was only when he felt Bakura's hand between his legs again and pushing them apart, did he pull away from him.

"What are you doing?" he asked, hating the fear he could hear creeping into his voice.

"You got off," Bakura whispered heatedly in his ear. "Now it's my turn."

With that he threw Atem's legs open again and began trying to press a finger into him.

"Don't!" Atem gasped, struggling to get away.

"Hold still," Bakura snarled, pulling him back down and pinning him to the bed.

Aatem could feel tears forming and trickling down his cheeks. He hated that he was showing such weakness in front of the thief, but the full extent of what had happened and what was still happening had finally hit him and he didn't know what to do.

There had been an incident a year ago with one of the servant girls and a couple of the guards. He knew what rape was and he knew that's what this was. He wasn't sure exactly what Bakura was planning on doing, but it was pretty clear that it involved his body in some way, and Atem didn't think he could handle anymore. Before had felt good, really good, but he knew it was still wrong. He had a feeling whatever Bakura was planning on doing next wasn't going to feel as good. He didn't know precisely what he wanted when he started this, but he knew he didn't want to be raped by the thief in his own bedroom. All of Bakura's gentleness had faded away along with Atem's afterglow, and now he was just scared the thief was going to hurt him.

"Please don't" Atem cried, trying to curl up and protect himself from Bakura's persistence. Bakura's hands fell away at those words, but Atem barely noticed, he was sobbing so hard.

The boy was curled in a ball and sobbing. His nightshirt was still pushed up around his armpits and he was back to trembling pathetically in the moon's glow through the sheer curtains.

Bakura hadn't meant to stop. When he'd climbed onto the balcony and heard low moans coming from inside, he couldn't help his curiosity, and the sight that he had walked in on had frozen him to the spot. The Pharaoh's pure, unspoiled little son was jerking himself off on his bed. His quiet moans, tense body, and uneven rhythm spoke of inexperience and Bakura silently thanked the gods for delivering him such a delightful chance at vengeance.

When he had climbed on the bed and demanded the boy finish, he had been terrified, but responsive. It had been unbelievably arousing to watch the little prince struggle to finish himself, and even more at the beautiful noises he made when Bakura took over.

He had fully intended to take him right there. What better way to extract his revenge on the Pharaoh than taking his son's innocence? But when his afterglow had faded, and he'd started pleading with him to stop...he'd seemed so much younger. He wasn't the pharaoh's son any longer, just a terrified little boy who didn't understand why this was happening to him.

So much like Bakura had acted when his village had been burned to the ground.

He wasn't about to ruin some poor boy's life because of the crimes of his father. He wasn't going to sink to the Pharaoh's level.

"Shhhh," he murmured, resting a gentle hand on Atem's shoulder. "It's okay. I'm not going to hurt you."

He didn't seem to hear Bakura's soothing words, so he pulled the prince into his arms, easily overcoming his weak struggles and held him, petting his hair until he stopped crying. Atem's fingers were clenched in Bakura's cloak and his body was tense in Bakura's arms, but he had stopped struggling and let his head rest on Bakura's shoulder.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Bakura repeated. This time Atem looked up at him, eyes wide and innocent. "I'm sorry."

Atem sniffled and nodded to him in acceptance. Bakura smiled softly and wiped the tears from the other boy's face. He pressed his lips to Atem's in a light kiss before letting him go. He scooted back to the front of the bed and leaned against the pillows, regarding Bakura warily. Only when he saw how the thief was looking at him did he realize his nightshirt was still pushed up to his chest.

He blushed a brilliant shade of red and pulled it down hurriedly. At full length of it only hit him mid-thigh, and this was suddenly not nearly long enough for Atem even though he had slept in it numerous times before.

"What do you want?" Atem snapped when he noticed Bakura was still watching him, trying to tug his shirt lower.

Bakura moved closer to him and smiled mischievously. "Just helping you out."

"I didn't need your help," Atem snapped, wrapping his arms around his knees tightly.

Bakura shrugged. "You didn't look like you knew what you were doing."

Atem flushed again and Bakura smiled. He may not want to hurt the prince, but he was currently enjoying the way he flushed with every comment Bakura made.

"Well I did!" Atem said indignantly, voice catching in his throat as Bakura moved closer and eyed him hungrily.

"Well you seemed awfully responsive to a simple hand job. I guess I just assumed you'd never done it before," Bakura said matter-of-factly. Atem was beginning to squirm under his gaze, and he was really enjoying it. Bakura knew he was inexperienced, it was rather obvious, but he was going to take great pleasure in making the little pharaoh-to-be admit it.

Atem shivered under Bakura's gaze, not liking where this conversation was headed. As if he wasn't embarrassed enough already, the man who had just molested him wanted to have a conversation.

"So, where did the precious Pharaoh's son hear about such vile things?" Bakura asked, staring at him intently.

"The servant boys were talking about it," Atem mumbled, realizing it was no good pretending like he didn't know what Bakura was talking about especially with Bakura watching him like that.

"Talking about such things in front of their prince, how naughty," Bakura said silkily. The way Bakura said 'naughty' made Atem shiver again in a not quite unpleasant way.

"They didn't know I was there," Atem murmured. "They didn't think anyone was there, and I was watching them and they started talking--"

"Do you normally spy on your servants?" Bakura interrupted, his voice losing the playful manner it had a moment ago.

"No!" Atem said hurriedly, "I don't spy on them!"

"Then what were you doing there without them knowing?" Bakura asked.

Atem paled. He had, in a way, been spying. He never really thought about it that way, but he didn't want Bakura to think he snooped around his servants like that.

"I don't have any friends," Atem said softly. "I just like to listen to what they say. And they were talking about that, and I didn't understand, and I just wanted to see what it was about and you..."

Atem trailed off, realizing he had said all that aloud. He pressed his face to his knees, feeling absolutely humiliated and waiting for Bakura to laugh at him. He sounded so pathetic. Bakura was obviously experienced about these things, and Atem knew he wasn't much older than him. Of course he would laugh.

But he didn't.

"Do you want me to teach you?" Bakura asked in a perfectly serious voice. Contrary to Atem's belief, he didn't think this was funny at all. He knew what it was like to be lonely.

"Wh-what?" Atem asked, looking up at him.

"Do you want me to teach you? About what those boys were talking about," he repeated, staring at Atem intently.

"I don't—" Atem started, but paused. Bakura was asking him now, not forcing. It would be his choice. Atem wanted to know, but Bakura was...well he wasn't entirely sure if he trusted him. But his lips still tingled with the feeling of Bakura's kiss and pleasant tingles were still coursing through his body, and that was rather...nice. And it's not like he had anyone else to teach him...

Atem suddenly felt overwhelmed with how lonely he was. He had no friends, his father had no time for him, nor did any of the boys his age. He couldn't remember the last time he had a conversation lasting longer than five minutes with anyone who wasn't his teacher.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Bakura said softly, interrupting his thoughts.

"Okay," Atem whispered, swallowing his fear. "I want you to teach me."

Bakura smiled at him and removed his crimson cloak, letting it drape over the edge of the bed. Atem watched it, afraid to see what Bakura was going to do, but a little excited at the aspect as well. Suddenly, the thief was right next to him, pulling at his nightshirt again.

Atem made a strangled sound and tried to tug it back down, but Bakura gently worked it out of his fingers and whispered in his ear. "It's okay, just relax."

Atem tried as the shirt was pulled over his head, leaving him shivering and completely exposed to Bakura's intense gaze. He felt a warm hand rubbing his back and looked up to meet Bakura's kiss.

He kissed him so thoroughly Atem lost all train of thought except for the feeling of Bakura's tongue against the roof of his mouth. He heard himself whimper when Bakura pulled away and felt his soft chuckle gliding across his skin. Bakura pushed him down until he was lying on his back, running his hands lightly up Atem's sides as his teeth scraped down his neck.

Atem moaned beautifully and arched his back as Bakura's mouth closed over a nipple, sucking on it and biting gently. His fingers tangled in Bakura's hair. He was breathing heavily, and Bakura could feel his insistent need pressing against his stomach.

He pulled back, realizing Atem wasn't going to last very long, and scanned the room for something he could use. Atem watched him through lust-glazed eyes as he pulled away and got off the bed, unconsciously pulling his knees up to cover himself.

"Bakura?" he asked quietly, unsure of himself and terrified he'd done something wrong.

The thief plucked something off a table on the other side of the room and returned to the bed, setting the glass jar on the table next to them and shedding the last of his clothing. Atem's eyes widened as he glanced at the jar and back at Bakura, trying very hard not to stare at the thief's impressive erection.

"Shh," Bakura murmured, kissing him softly and coaxing his legs apart. Atem hesitated but let him do it, falling back against the mattress. When Bakura's hand wrapped around his cock again, Atem's mind went blank, and he growled low in his throat as Bakura fisted him.

Using this as a distraction, Bakura unscrewed the lid of the glass jar and dipped his fingers into the cool cream. Atem's legs had fallen open as he faded into a lusty haze and Bakura placed one cream-covered finger at his entrance and pushed slowly in.

Atem's eyes snapped open and he tried to sit up, but Bakura released his erection and pushed him back down as he slid the finger all the way in. A strangled gasp escaped Atem's lips and Bakura leaned down to kiss him again until his lips were full and his face was flushed. He could feel Atem tensing around his finger, making it difficult to stretch him.

"It's okay," he murmured, leaving soft kisses down his jaw and stroking his hair. "I need to prepare you so it won't hurt as much later, okay?"

Atem nodded and gripped Bakura's shoulders as he forced himself to relax. Bakura added a second finger inside of him, amazed at how trusting the prince was being.

The prince flinched as Bakura pulled his fingers apart inside him. Inside him. No one had ever touched him like that before. He hadn't even touched himself that way, and now Bakura's fingers were inside him. It felt strange, but not wholly unpleasant, though there was the occasional sharp pain as his muscles were stretched apart. He clawed at Bakura's back when a third one was added and the pain was suddenly much worse. He felt completely filled and there was no way anything bigger was going to fit.

It was hurting and Bakura had promised him it wouldn't. Atem struggled and tried to pull away from the invading fingers, but Bakura's voice was in his ear, whispering soothing words and telling him to relax as he stroked the inside of his thigh. Atem tried once again to calm his tensing muscles and do as Bakura said, but it was hard.

Finally, Bakura grew impatient and removed his fingers, making Atem yelp. He sat on the edge of the bed and unscrewed the top of the container again, spreading more across his fingers with a sigh.

"I'm sorry," Atem whispered, clenching his eyes shut to stop the tears from falling. He screwed up. He'd tried to do as Bakura told him, but it was all so strange and there were strange feelings coursing through his body and frankly, he was terrified.

He could feel Bakura's body against him again, and he whimpered softly.

"Hey," Bakura said. "It's okay."

Soft lips were on his neck as Bakura murmured reassurances and massaged the cool cream over his back and thighs, helping him relax. Eventually Bakura felt his muscles loosening and helped him fall back into an easier position. He slid his hand under one of Atem's legs and brought it up over his shoulder, enjoying the flush that stained the prince's cheeks as he was exposed. He stroked the inside of his thigh reassuringly and slid a finger inside.

Atem began to clench around him, but Bakura pressed his lips to his knee, and continued to stroke his smooth skin and he relaxed again. He slipped another finger inside, and noticing the grimace on Atem's face, he crooked his fingers and brushed the boy's prostrate.

Atem gasped and arched off the bed with a low moan. Bakura grinned and brushed the spot again. This time he nearly screamed.

"Ba—Bakura!" Atem cried, fingers clenching in the sheets as Bakura continued to brush his prostrate as he stretched him.

Bakura grinned and pulled his fingers out, using them to spread the cream over his member. He leaned over Atem and kissed him lightly on the lips as he lined himself up.

"This is going to hurt," Bakura told him softly, "Try not to tense, and it will get better soon, okay?"

Atem nodded shakily and Bakura kissed him, slipping his tongue between his lips and plundering his mouth as he pushed all the way into the boy in one solid thrust. He swallowed Atem's scream of pain and held still inside him, trailing his lips down his neck and wrapping nimble fingers around his wilting erection to distract him from the pain.

The prince was breathing harshly, trying to cope with the sudden pain of being filled. Soon, the agony lessened as Bakura's fingers, lips, and soothing words calmed him and he began to adjust.

"O—okay," Atem murmured, pushing back experimentally against Bakura. The thief grinned and pulled out slowly, only to push back in at the same pace. Atem grimaced a little, but encouraged Bakura by meeting his thrusts halfway. As he sped up, Bakura hooked both of Atem's legs over his shoulders and pressed into him, brushing the same nerves he had before.

"Bakura!" Atem screamed, clawing at the sheets and pushing back, desperate for more of that surging pleasure. The thief's name fell like a chant from the prince's lips as he quickly neared his release when Bakura squeezed his length.

With a wordless scream, Atem released over both of them and clawed everything in reach as he experienced his second, more powerful orgasm. Bakura continued thrusting shallowly into him, growling as Atem's velvety heat constricted around him and came as well, coating the prince's inner walls with his seed.

He pulled out and collapsed next to the panting prince.

"Did you enjoy that?" Bakura asked.

"Yes," Atem whispered, feeling cold now that Bakura wasn't pressed against him. "Thank you."

The thief glanced at the shivering boy next to him and pulled him into his arms, kissing his forehead and smoothing the hair from his face. "Go to sleep, I'll stay with you until morning."

Atem smiled and snuggled against the thief's warmth, drifting off to sleep.

Bakura watched the young prince drift to sleep, absently running his fingers through his hair. He hadn't expected this. When he'd offered to 'teach' Atem, it had only been because he knew how it felt to be lonely, and he wanted to show some kindness though none had been shown to him.

But he hadn't expected to feel affection towards him. He was just being nice. He wasn't as cruel as the stories said he was, and at least to this boy, he wanted to prove that. But now he found himself wanting to fall asleep next to him and wake up in the morning to find him still in his arms.

Perhaps he could take Atem with him to the desert, teach him to steal, and turn him against his own father. What could possibly amount to a sweeter revenge?

He couldn't do that, though. He couldn't destroy this boy's life for his own gains. Bakura sighed and untangled himself from the sleeping prince. He pulled the blankets snuggly around him and donned his clothes. With a last kiss to his forehead, Bakura was gone, out the balcony window and over the palace walls. He deeply regretted Atem waking up alone, but if he stayed, Bakura didn't know whether he could have resisted his own desires much longer.