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"Was it a dream...?"she often asked herself these question in the quiet times.

Helena compared the facts in her mind.

The morning after her mothers surgery,she found everything the horrible princess had done..well hadn't. No time had passed at all.

So it was a dream.

But no,wait now,all but a few of her drawings had been crumpled,torn up,or burned. " I didn't do that. I know I didn't."she reasoned.

Helena tapped her foot impatiently and gave a frustrated huff.

Her eyes passed the new creation of black and white,and she saw it was good. Tho not complete,and she knew it would never truly would be...she wondered wether or not to return the movie she rented.

"Ugh..this is so stupid. It wasn't real. There aren't little people living in my drawings and there is no mirror mask."she told herself in a mocking way.

She looked at her latest drawing in her hands and gave a weak laugh,shaking her head. So,she knew it wasn't real. So it was fine if she made additions.

It had all been for herself to begin with anyway.

After these mental justifications she took a little tape and looped it on the back of the paper.

"Well,here's a little something for you.."she pressed hard against the spot where the adhesive was,regrettably smudging the letters on a sign that said 'Tower Parking For A Very Important Man'.

She smiled at the picture. She had even given him a pool of fish.

Helena had a light hearted laugh. "Now you won't have to tell people anymore."

She saw that it was good,and she turned out the light and rested on her bed.