Getting back isn't the hardest part.

Disclaimer: The characters and other things from The Chronicles of Narnia don't belong to me (sadly). Credit goes to those who do.

Not for the first time, nor the last, did she wish that she really were Phyllis—a young reclusive teenager whose main objective was to dodge the persistent boy who kept on flirting with her (well trying to flirt at least). In reality she is Susan, the girl who is hiding behind a bright smile, laughing with her siblings. She had to be strong. After all once a queen of Narnia, always a queen—she had no business being weak over something so…so…. She dared not finish that thought. There would be no turning back from this, just as there would be no taking back that kiss.

'It will pass' she said to herself still bravely smiling at Edmund who cracked a joke about leaving his only torch in Narnia. She can play this game even if there's only failure in sight.

'At least we had the perfect goodbye' she thought. A wave of anguish left her wanting to double over in pain and just scream until she had nothing left in her. But she kept it in, for goodness sake she may look like a teenager but she's live out more years than that. Plus, what good would there be in frightening innocent commuters this early?

Peter was watching Susan try her best to be in that moment with him and their siblings. He knew the effort it took for her to go through the portal. He can see the shadow behind the look her eyes. It's the same one he saw when she looked at Caspian in the courtyard earlier when they were talking to Aslan. He was pretty sure even the lion followed the seconds that ticked by when Susan locked eyes with Caspian. He may not understand why or how but he knew enough. And he can't do anything for her now.

"Oh hey Phyllis! Come there's an empty seat here next to me!" a voice broke through their laughter. It was the boy from the newsstand and he was waving frantically to the seat beside him.

Edmund glanced at Susan and raised his eyebrows at her. Susan merely shrugged and looked away. Edmund smirked and exchanged a look with Peter before plopping down so casually next to the stunned boy.

"I believe you owe me one, dear sister. Perhaps a new torch…Phyllis."