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Epilogue: Where all roads meet

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Looking across the expanse of the dazzling fields, he took a deep breath and began walking toward the lady whose back was turned to him. He imagined this moment over and over in the past two decades and now it was finally here. There was a fire in his heart that seemed to grow steadily as each step brought him closer to her. He wanted to call out and have her close the gap between them but he knew this was something he had to do. This was his journey to her and he was going to finish twenty years of waiting the way it should end.

As if she sensed his presence, she turned around with a look of pure joy and excitement. And he ran as fast as he could, taking Althea by the waist when he finally reached her and spun her in place. Edmund held her close to him and whispered, "I never had the chance to say this beforeā€”I love you too."

She laughed, the sound felt like music to his insides urging him laugh along with her. They sat down comfortably underneath a tree and stayed silent in each other's arms for what seemed like hours underneath the brilliant sunlight.

"Tell me my dear Edmund, what did I miss in those twenty years?" she asked staring off into the distance

"Aside from me?" he joked

Of course, aside from you!" she replied with a laugh, "Did Caspian and Susan have the four kids they wanted?"

"Just one actually, Rilian. He's a good son and an even better nephew. He can beat me at chess would you believe? His parents have raised him well."

"How are they?"

"Caspian and Susan are as much in love as the day they got married. It's really something. They still look at each other everyday as if they're looking at each other for the first time. Watching them everyday made me wish that you never left. Then I'd see Rilian and remember that for him to live in a Narnia at peace, your sacrifice was necessary. I satisfied myself with telling him about you and what you did."

"And what did the young boy say to that?"

He pulled out something from his pocket, a square piece of parchment, and unfolded it to reveal a startlingly accurate portrait of Althea.

"The prince is quite an artist and he gave this to me on my birthday when he was about seven years old. He said 'Uncle Edmund, don't look sad. See, star lady isn't sad.' I guess the boy got tired of listening to my endless tales of you and put it to good use."

"How about Lucy and Peter, they are well I hope?"

"Peter is still magnificent. The high king is wasted most of his time shooing away Lucy's suitors much to Susan's dismay. The gentle queen had high hopes that someday each one of us would find what she has with her own husband. She's just one sibling away from that. Lucy got married just last year to a young Telmarine lord. Mind you, I thought it would never happen as the man was painfully shy. It took all of Lucy's outspokenness to get him to even make the first move. I have to say though, she chose well. It is rare to find a man so intelligent and humble nowadays."

"One sibling away?" she asked

"Peter. He still hasn't favored any lady. When we were young, I figured it would be a toss up between him and Susan as to who would get married first but I didn't really think I'd find someone before him."

"Oh," all she could say, as she understood what he meant. He truly did love her in a way she never dreamed possible and comparing it to the most epic love story they've seen was his way of saying so. The star's daughter who was once meant only to be named as wife and mother of future kings found herself to be in paradise and the love of someone's life.

"How do you think this will all end?" she asked him as she turned to face him

"The way it has for us. I'm sure they'll all find their way here to Aslan's country in time. Now come on, I want to talk to Aslan."

They started walking towards the horizon, holding hands as they did.

"Why do you want to talk to him?"

"I want to know when the last time his country witnessed a wedding. I'd like to ask for his permission to hold one. You think he'll say yes?" Edmund said looking sideways at Althea

"I think that can be arranged. I don't hear the bride-to-be complaining either." Althea said with a grin

Edmund and Althea laughed to their heart's content and walked towards an eternity together, filled with the hope that one day everyone they loved will be with them again. In Narnia, much the same way they held hands, Caspian and Susan stood over their brother's grave beneath a canopy of stars.

"You think they're together now?" Susan asked.

"Without a doubt, my dear wife," replied Caspian, "Knowing Edmund, he's halfway to asking her hand in marriage by now. Now come on, I think we should put a stop to those sword fighting lessons Peter is giving our son. The high king will not be pleased to have his tunic in shreds again."

"Oh leave them. Peter asked for it by volunteering. He should have known that Edmund would have taught the boy ages ago and not just how to fight but how to beat him as well." She said shaking her head as they walked back to the castle.

In the distance, a lion's roar was heard as it once again ended the agony of two hearts torn apart by death and sealed the promise of an eternity together in Aslan's country.