Nathan Scott sat alone at the kitchen table, rummaging through bills

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Nathan Scott sat alone at the kitchen table, rummaging through bills. Normally, this was Haley's sort of thing. But she was gone. He grabbed the letter opener and pried it open, groaning when he ripped the bill inside. He ripped it open violently and read the bill inside. He sighed, placing it down on the kitchen table when his son came running towards him. "Daddy! Can we play Rockband?" Jamie asked, smiling at his father hopefully. "Sure Jimmy-Jam. Just give me a minute okay?" Jamie nodded and ran towards the TV as Nathan held his head in his hands. What was he going to do without her?

And this was only his first day without her.

He quietly set the bill down and wiped away his stray tear as he walked over to Jamie, who buy now was sitting on the Rockband drum set. "Come on daddy! Let's play! You be guitar!" Nathan chuckled lightly and picked up the plastic guitar as they started to play. His chuckles were drowned out when he realized that she wouldn't be singing. She would never be singing for them again. He sighed as he tried to forget.

It wasn't worth it. He would never forget. And it was all his fault she wasn't here.

"Come on Nathan, you shouldn't be driving."

"Haley, I'm just a little buzzed. I'll be fine. Get in."

"No, Nathan, your drunk. I am not getting in the car with you!"

"Haley! I'm your only ride home! If you're so scared you can drive!"

"I forgot my license, Nathan!"

"Well, then get in."

He would never forgive himself of the torture he put on his wife. All the split second pain he caused her, all the lies he was telling their son. He told Jamie had had swerved off the road trying to miss a deer. He couldn't tell him the truth. Jamie would never forgive him, kind of like how he would never forgive himself.

"Daddy?" Jamie asked, pausing the game. "Yes, Jamie?" Nathan asked brokenly. "When's momma coming back?" He asked, and Nathan shuddered. Jamie had been asking that a lot lately. And every time he did, Nathan's heart broke. "Jamie, momma will come back, someday, I promise." Nathan said and Jamie nodded. Nathan looked away from his son and to the photo of the three of them, happy and okay, and he started to break down.

He would never fall asleep next to her again. He would never touch her again or kiss her, never tell her he loves her face to face, never wake up to her kisses, never tell her that he was sorry.

He sighed as he set the guitar down and hugged Jamie. "Dada, you okay?" Nathan shook his head but didn't answer, he just held him tighter. "Daddy loves you okay? You know that right?" Jamie nodded. "I love you, too dada." He answered. And once again, Nathan started to cry. He was steering close to a mental breakdown and he knew it.

"Nathan! Were going too fast! Stop the car!"

"Haley, you haven't seen fast yet!"


It was getting dark when Jamie got tired of the game. Jamie yawned and Nathan smirked. "Is it time for bed Jimmy-Jam?" Nathan asked, barley smiling, and Jamie shook his head. "No! Dada!" Nathan shook his head. "Come on buddy, get in your PJ's and get ready for bed. I'll meet you in your room." Jamie nodded and charged up to his room.

Nathan sighed as he turned off his PS3. He walked up the stairs and into him and Haley's bedroom. He made the bed slowly, only covering his side of the bed. He wanted to keep the sheets exactly the same way they were when she woke up on her last morning. He pulled the sheets up to the pillow when his eyes caught something. A bracelet, her bracelet.

"For you."


"There. Don't say I never gave you anything."

He gently picked it up and held it in his hand. It was so small, and it still fit around her wrist. He started to cry again when he realized she would never wear it. He kissed it gently, wishing he was kissing her.

"Daddy!" Jamie yelled from down the hallway, and Nathan was torn from his thoughts. "I'll be there in a second, Jam." He answered, still looking at the bracelet. He walked slowly to her desk drawer and opened the top shelf, placing it in silently. Whispering an I love you to the wind.

He walked to his son's room who was already under the covers. Nathan smiled dully as he sat down on the edge of Jamie's bed, kissing his forehead goodnight. "Daddy?" Jamie asked when Nathan tried to walk out of the room. "Yes, Jamie?" Nathan asked brokenly. "I miss momma."

Nathan nodded. "Me too buddy, me too." He answered, walking into his room and shutting the door. He pulled off his shirt and threw it on the ground, wishing she was touching him right now. His guilt was overwhelming him. It was all his fault she was gone.

"Nathan watch out!"

Her words echoed through his ears. He had caused her so much pain. He couldn't bear it. He lied in bed and started to cry. Dan Scott, his father had always told him that men didn't cry. But Nathan realized something. He couldn't consider himself a man.

He was a murderer.

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