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Lucas arrived at Brooke's house from Red Bedroom at around seven, still furious. How could Peyton be so cold-hearted? Thinking that he would be unfaithful to Brooke. Lucas Scott was a changed man. A better man. And if Peyton wanted to be a bitch, it was fine by him. He walked in the door and saw Brooke sitting on the couch, watching some soap opera. Lucas walked in the door and Brooke smiled as she stood up and wrapped her arms around him. "How'd it go?" She asked, and he sighed, resting his hands on her hips. "Not well." He answered, and Brooke's face fell.

"Why?" She asked as she broke away from him. Lucas shook his head. "She's just…different. She's changed. And not for the better." Brooke nodded, looking away from him. "What should we do?" Brooke asked scared, and Lucas shrugged. "We can only help if she wants us to help. And clearly, she doesn't." Brooke looked at him sadly. "But Lucas, she needs us." Lucas smiled. "Look at you. Brooke. She'll be okay. Peyton always pulls through." Brooke nodded and rested her head against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. "It'll be okay, B. Davis." She nodded against his chest as he held her tighter.

At Red Bedroom Records…

Peyton looked down and her wrists and sighed. Who had she become? Who had all these once loving and caring people become? Broken, worthless people who didn't care. Nobody ever cared about Peyton. At least, she thought so. She quietly cried to herself as she knew she had done wrong. All her life she had. Then, she heard the footsteps. "Lucas, if that's you, go away!" She yelled, but they kept coming. "I said…" She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at the man before her.


At Brooke's house….

"Aunt Brooke!" Jamie yelled, running down the stairs and into her arms. "Yes, Jim-Jam?" Brooke asked smiling trying to lighten the mood of this depressing evening. Normally Haley would have turned up the music on Rock band and sang loud, making everybody dance behind her. But those days were gone. But a part of them still existed, Jamie. He was still fragile and scared, but he was getting better. He still didn't fully understand, and Brooke and Lucas both hoped he never would.

"Can we order pizza?" Jamie asked with hope in his eyes, and Brooke nodded, knowing she wasn't the best cook in the world. "What do you want on it buddy? Anything you like." Jamie smiled. "Really?" Brooke nodded. "I want bacon and pepperoni please!" Brooke nodded again and kissed his forehead as she set him down. "Pizza with bacon and pepperoni it is!" She said walking over to Lucas. "Hey baby could you call Pizza Pizza for me? I have to run some errands." Brooke said, grabbing her purse and keys.

"Sure pretty girl." Lucas said, grabbing the phone. Brooke smiled. "Mmm…I love it when you say that." Brooke said, walking over to him and kissing him lightly. "I love it when you do that." Lucas said, smiling down at her as they kissed again, and Jamie groaned. "Ew! Get a room!" He yelled, and Brooke broke away. "Why? You don't like it when we kiss?" Jamie looked away. "No!" He yelled, and Brooke ran up to him. "What about when I kiss you!?" Brooke said playfully, picking him up and smothering him with kisses. Brooke smiled as she pulled back and Jamie wiped his face off. "Eww! Gross!" Lucas chuckled. "It is gross isn't it Jamie?" Lucas said smiling.

Brooke smiled back and blew a kiss. "Bye guys. See you soon."

At Red Bedroom Records…

"Jake, Jake what are you doing here?" Peyton said, tripping over her own words as Jake drew closer to her. His brown hair glistening in the evening sun, his brown eyes still filled with pain. "I came to say I'm sorry." Peyton looked at him, waiting for an explanation as he walked closer to her. "I slammed the door because of all that anger I've been keeping inside. When you left four years ago, I felt as if our love had been a lie this whole time." Peyton shook her head. "Jake, I did love you. And as much as I tried to hide it, I always did. I wasn't lying when I was with you." Jake nodded as he looked at her from over her desk.

Peyton walked from behind her desk to him, where she smiled up at him. He hadn't changed a bit. He was still selfless, caring, and so damn sexy. "Where's Jenny?" Peyton asked, and Jake smiled. "She's at my moms; I figured maybe I'd stay in Tree Hill a little while, after all, its home." Peyton nodded as he smile dropped. "Did you hear about Nathan and Haley?" Jake nodded. "I did. I'm sorry." Peyton nodded. "It's…" She couldn't find the word for it.

Jake nodded and opened his arms. "Come here." He said, and she rested her head on his shoulder. "It's okay Peyton. You're strong, you'll pull through this." Peyton shook her head. "I'm not as strong as I used to be." Jake rested his head on the top of her head. "You'll be okay. You've got me, and Jenny, and Brooke and Lucas. Were here for you, P. Sawyer, whatever you need." He said, holding her tighter.

Brooke reached the top of the steps and smiled at the sight. Maybe hope wasn't lost for Peyton after all.

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