The New Kid...Chapter 1

"So the next one is mine? If I'm going to make him really mine, he needs to trust me."

The raven-haired boy chuckled. he couldn't wait for the next newbie.

At Konoha Ninja Academy For Boys, when there is a new kid, somone gets to fuck him in the shower.They don't see girls for years at a time, so I don't blame them for being horny.

After so long, there was finally a new boy...Sonaku No Gaara.

"If I'm going to have him, I need to gain his trust.

Sasuke walked over to Gaara.

"You new here?"


Sasuke chuckled. Gaara is as shy as he was.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke. What's your name?"

"S-Sabaku No G-Gaara."

"Gaara, huh? Well Gaara, if you want to make it in this school, you'll need a guide- a friend. What do you say?"

"Thanks, Uchiha."

"Come on. I'll take you to your first class. Who do you have..?"

As Sasuke turned away from Gaara, he chuckled to himself.

Gaara will be his.

Gaara's first day was going really good. He couldn't wait for the ninjutsu practice class. (He and Sasuke shared all of the same classes too, by the way)

Gaara was extraordinary. Not only did he pass for the day with flying colors, but he even had his own jutsu. His day was going more perfect than any first day ever could, but you could clearly see the look of pure terror when Iruka-sensei yelled,

"Hit the showers!!"

"Sh-showers..?" Gaara studdered.

All of the boys walked into the locker room, took off all their clothes and walked into the hot, steamy showers and got all wet and sudsy (God, my mind is so dirty!)

As Gaara walked into the showers, Naruto yelled,

"Hey, Newbie!"

He turned and Kiba yelled,

"Don't drop the soap!"

Gaara blushed a shade of red even darker then his spiky hair.


He looked towards the back. There was his new raven-haired friend. Gaara began to walk to the back.

"Don't worry about them, Gaara. They like to mess with the newbies.

Sasuke's kind words, fragrant soap and the warm water made him relax...and drop his soap.

Gaara bent over to pick up his soap and Sasuke slammed his hard cock into his ass.

"Of course, I only wanted you to relax." Sasuke whispered into his ear.

Gaara's erection had strangely become hard so quick, but Sasuke only thought of it as only a chance at the time.

Sasuke slammed his hard cock into Gaara's hole while pumping away at Gaara's cock.

Gaara didn't tense up, his hole didn't contract.

The only things Gaara did were moaning, gasping...and calling out Sasuke's name.

Everyone turned and gaped.

Gaara was enjoying it...


Suddenly Sasuke and Gaara's members erupted. Sasuke's into Gaara, Gaara into Sasuke's hand. Their pale legs were dripping with soap, water and semen.

Once more did Gaara's face blush deeper than his hair.

Sasuke blushed, too.

They both had feelings for each other.

Well, that's the first half of my lemon! Look out for chapter 2...cumming soon to a near you! (Oh, that joke just sucked)

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