((A/N: So, here's the thing

((A/N: So, here's the thing. One, I'm SO happy to be writing up a Death Note fanfiction. It's been ages! I have more up my sleeve…

Second thing is, I don't know if I want this to be a oneshot or not! So, you tell me what you want. I work for my readers, after all. ))


A fanfiction by: Mr.Trite

Mello knew something was wrong the minute he walked into the apartment.

With shifty eyes, the young blonde opened the door, shutting it quietly behind him after he entered. Everything he saw was clean and tidy, put into its place. Which, knowing the home's babysitter, was extremely odd. After all, the guy was so oblivious to the rest of the world that the mafia could blow the kitchen into a million pieces, and all he'd notice was that his Pokè-whatevers gained another level. Setting down his suitcase, Mello looked to the floor and gingerly took an exaggerated step inside, thinking of just opening the door back up and calling his friend's cell phone for clarification to see of the apartment wasn't radioactive. Instantly, he cowered back, covering his face like something was due to explode. When nothing did, Mello peeped out from behind his arms. He placed them back at his side and opened his mouth.

"Matt?" Mello called out, taking another step inside. He heard a door slam in response, a hasty one at that. Which was never a good sign. Mello sighed. Might as well go see what he's up to… thought the older man, giving a lengthy sigh. How the hell he had managed to become the third highest ranking child at Whammy's House, Mello would never know. The older blond continued onward, stopping from time-to-time in order to check out a certain detail of his home. Was the painting at a weird angle? Did a rat just skid across the floor? There just had to be something wrong here, he could feel it.

The bathtub was on. Maybe that's what was wrong. After all, it was only…two o'clock? Matt didn't shower until early morning. He was too busy playing God-knows-what. Probably some sort of hentai, Mello thought with a roll of his eyes. Whatever that was. The blond rapped his knuckle against the bathroom door, curious. He was almost positive he had heard a gasp. "Matt?" No response, save for the thundering water. Mello looked up the ceiling and shut his blue eyes, sighing. Did he really want to see what was going on in there? Taking a deep breath, Mello sucked it all in and twisted the doorknob. Sometimes, he thought, dealing with Matt was scarier than having to deal with Kira.

Well, whatever Mello had been expecting, it didn't happen. The bathroom was actually pretty clean, the only noise coming from the bathtub. The shower curtain was drawn, so Mello couldn't see what was going on. It's just Matt taking a shower, Mello deducted. With a smirk, the blonde turned on his heel and went to walk out of the bathroom.


If Matt was taking a shower, why was the faucet running?

Glancing back at the stall, Mello inhaled, in order to calm himself. In and out…In and out… Mello called yet again, clenching his hands into fists. "Matt?" His partner responded with a gasp, followed by loud humming and whistling, as if he were actually in the shower. Mello tried again. "Matt?" When he got no response, Mello glared at the shower. God, that was one ugly curtain. When he spoke again, his teeth were clenched so tightly, Mello thought they just might shatter. "Matthew."

You could hear Matt fumble with something in the shower, followed by a loud, frightened whimper. The shower curtain moved, and seventeen-year-old Mail Jeevas, aka 'Matt', popped his head out from behind it. His large brown eyes were covered by a pair of thick, orange-tinted goggles. "M…Mello!" the teenager greeted shakily, a worried smile coming onto the boy's face. "Uh…You're back! Have a good trip?" It was a trick Mello simply wasn't going to fall for.

"Matt…What are you doing?" Mello's blue eyes were lowered with impatience, and he tapped one finger on his arm, which was crossed with his other. If anything, the twenty-one year old looked more like an angry mother then a gun-wielding genius with a temper and an arsenal of men. Matt gulped, and once again tried on a worried smile, false hope dotting it.

"I'm just…taking a shower! What's it look like I'm doing, Mel?" The nickname only made the blond madder. If there was one thing he hated being called, it was Mel.

"If you were taking a shower," Mello spat, "It'd actually be on. And, second of all, unless you're that petrified of getting shampoo in your eyes, you wouldn't be wearing your goggles. Care to explain?" The color instantly drained from the red-head's face, causing Mello to smirk. Got him.

"I…Well, you're kind of right! My eyes, they're really sensiti—"

"Bullshit. You stay up until four o'clock in the morning playing video games every single day. And you start back up again at six. I doubt your eyes are in poor condition."

"Well, the shampoo screws with my eyesight, which is already pretty b—"

"I have your medical records, genius. 20/20 vision."

When Mello heard the sigh, airy and long, he instantly knew he had won. Frowning like a kicked puppy, Matt hung his head low, defeated. Mello reached up and rubbed his hand though the waterfall of red strands, trying his best not to snicker. "There, there." he soothed, his tone of voice clearly suggesting otherwise. When Matt looked up, a tiny smirk danced across his face, gone the instant it arrived.

"You're a jerk, you know that?" Mello let out a sharp laugh in return.

"I'm well aware. Now, move. I want to see what you're up to." With that, Mello pushed away the shower curtain, causing Matt to wince and step back. Not like there was enough room to do so, anyway.

There stood Matt, fully clothed, except for his feet, which peeked out bare from his jeans. Next to him, were a pile of dirty dishes, stacked all around the running faucet. In one of his gloved hands- Not his expensive leather ones, but yellow and rubbery- Was a worn blue sponge. In the other, a bottle of dark green dish soap. Mello simply stood there, taken aback. "What, may I ask, are you doing?" Matt grinned sheepishly.

"Washing… the…dishes?" Matt giggled nervously as Mello eyed him, one blond eyebrow raised is disbelief.

"And do you care to explain why you're washing the dishes in the bathtub?" When Matt shook his head, still laughing, Mello ran his hand over his face. Maybe if he just closed his eyes, he'd wake up from this nightmare and everything would be alright…When he opened them again, and Matt was still staring at him, Mello muttered something in a language foreign to the other male's ear and turned sharply on his heel, heading for the kitchen. This caused Matt to leap out of the bathtub, his mouth hung wide open.

"Mello, wait! Don't turn on the sink!" Oh, like that was going to help Matt's case. Already, Mello could hear the footsteps pounding behind him, running to the kitchen to see if maybe, just maybe, he could get there before his blonde-headed superior. And, although Matt was quick, Mello was even quicker. The blonde skidded into the kitchen, the soles of his boots making a black mark on the marble white floor tile. The room looked just as untouched as the rest of the place, but Mello could just imagine what the fridge and pantry looked like. Empty would be a good word. The older male approached the sink and turned the hot water handle, vaguely making out the shape of the red-headed counterpart from the corner of his eye, extending a gloved hand forward. "No!"

At first, nothing. The only thing that emitted from the sink was a loud, gargled noise that rung through-out the room. Mello looked at Matt with confusion on his face. "All you did was cause a build-up." Mello said, causing Matt to smile briefly. "It won't be all that hard to clean it u--" Before Mello got a chance to speak, however, the sink released just what it was holding back.

A long, disgusting spew of dark brown ooze suddenly erupted from the sink, splashing over Mello as it hit the bottom. The blonde gave what could almost be described as a shriek as he stumbled backwards, cursing up a storm in both English and his native tongue. 'Turn if off!" Mello screamed over the noise, covering his eyes with a ducked head, "For the love of God turn it off!" Mello kept on howling at his partner until the spray stopped, and he dared to look up. Matt looked just as shocked, his brown eyes wide behind the goggles he wore over them. Managing to take his eyes away from the sink, Matt met with Mello's sharp blue ones, bubbling over with anger. "Ha…So much for a simply build-up, eh Mello? …Mello?"

It was then that Mello exploded. Just a mere inch taller than Matt, the blond had the advantage in strength. He grabbed Matt by the collar of his furry, sleeveless vest and scowled, sky blue eyes so hot with anger the red-head was expecting them to turn red at any time. "Matt," The older man spat, "What the fuck is all over me?!" Clearly shocked by Mello's actions- Although, after knowing him for so long, it was to be expected- Matt laughed nervously. This only seemed to anger Mello even further.

"It…Well…It appears to be sewage, Mello …" Clearly expecting Mello to hit him, Matt cringed. Instead, he was merely tossed against the wall. Mello sighed and ran his hand over his face.

"Just…Matt, do I even want to know?" Mat simply shrugged.

"Well, I guess when the water bill comes in, you will." Mello, in returned, kicked a kitchen chair, sending in spiraling. Matt jumped. Mello slowly turned his head towards Matt and sighed again. The red-head gestured towards the kicked chair- It was a wonder its leg hadn't shattered- and looked to his friend. "Why don't you sit down for this one? I think you'll need to."

And, with that, Mello sat and buried his head in his hands, sure that he would regret asking by the time Matt was finished.