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Chapter 1: More Than Meets the Eye

She slipped on her dark navy blue uniform and then sat down as she strapped on her boots. It had taken her just over a year to get this job, it was the most complicated process she had ever been involved in it seemed, but when she finally got the job she was grateful that her hard work had paid off. She was recruited for the job after joining the military…or at least that's what her employers thought. She tied her hair back after she finished lacing up her boots, she knew how important this job was to her, it had provided so much.

After giving herself a quick glance in the mirror to make sure she looked as good as she would get, she turned around only to nearly crash head on with another person. He looked her over, appearing annoyed before he huffed and crossed his arms saying, "I'm Reginald Simmons, head of Sector Seven, you must be the new kid."

"Correct," she replied disgruntled at the fact he considered her a kid.

"Your name please," he barked, tone still irritated.

"Nina Espe, sir."

"Alright I'll give you the basic newbie tour…ask questions if you must, I'm pretty sure you'll have many."

Nina gave him a suspicious glance before she followed after him; he wasn't keeping pace with her and went charging on ahead, much to her annoyance. "We'll head to the NBE-1 chamber first, that's our main attraction."

She rolled her eyes before asking, "What does NBE stand for?"

"Non–Biological Extraterrestrial."

"...It's not from earth or organic?"

"Oh no, NBE-1 is definitely not from earth or organic. Now hurry up."

And she fell into step with him as they walked into a long corridor. Nina had first heard about Sector Seven from some hacking she had done into the internet, particularly on top secret information held by the United States Government. After reading that they were hiding many things from the public and from the government, Nina immediately pretended to join the military and did everything she possibly could to catch the eye of the Sector Seven agency, which she finally did. Today wasn't her first day on the job; it was only her first day inside the Hoover Dam where the two objects of her interest were being held…at least she believed they interested her.

When they finally exited the long passageway, Nina stopped short and looked bedazzled at the sight before her. A giant robot…she couldn't even begin to guess how much taller it was than her, at least 40 feet. It was frozen and very lifeless looking, yet she had an overpowering sensation that the robot was watching her…that is was very much alive. She shook her head and followed Agent Simmons right up to the platform that NBE-1 was standing on.

Simmons smirked proudly as he leaned up against on of the supports that held the robot up, "This is NBE-1, my great-grandfather helped to pull him out of the ice he was discovered in by Archibald Witwicky. He was kept at Area-51 for a little while before he was transferred here when we found the cube."

"Cube?" Nina asked suspicious.

"We'll go see that in a minute," Simmons explained, "Much of the basic technology such as cellphones and iPods and military weapons are based off this guy. NBE-1—

She growled for no reason when he said that. Simmons looked at her suspicious and confused, "Something wrong?"

"Don't call him NBE-1."

"Listen maggot, you are not one who is allowed to tell me what to do!"

"I…apologize, sir."

He looked her over briefly before saying, "Let's go see the cube."

Nina nodded cautiously and Simmons proceeded to lead her to another room. Before they went in he asked, "If you have any sort of electronic device on you it needs to be left out here."

Nina froze a little bit, "Why?"

"Because if it isn't alive now…it will be."

"That cube thing doesn't target DNA-based electronic organisms does it?"

Simmons gave her another suspicious look, "You mean…like NBE-1?"


"I don't know, we've never exposed him to it before, but why take the risk? Let's go." And he pulled her inside the room.

When inside, he locked the door behind them and turned and pointed out the cube. He elucidated, "When this was found, the Hoover Dam was built around it to keep anyone from detecting it. We believe that NBE-1 and the rest of his kind are after it, therefore we have built up our defenses just incase the rest of his kind should come. And we have reason to believe that some of them—

He was suddenly interrupted as the cube briefly glowed and then a blue beam shot out and hit Nina, knocking her back against the locked door harshly.

"—are already here…" he finished and then screamed, "NINA!"

She was out of it, completely unconscious and unresponsive. He unlocked the door and carried her back out to the NBE-1 chamber where he dumped her on the floor before NBE-1 and shouted in a two-way radio to another agent, "Get down here immediately! The new kid just got hit by a blast from the cube!"

"A human was hit by the blast? That's not possible unless…" he trailed off, "I'll be down there in a sec."

Simmons returned his two-way radio to his side. By this time a small crowd of workers at the dam was beginning to form around Nina. Thinking quickly, Simmons shooed them away saying, "Give her some air, go back to your duties—

"What about medical attention? Don't you think she needs that?" questioned one of the workers, one of the concerned workers.

Simmons was annoyed, "Just get back to work."

And the workers at the dam scattered back to their duties, none of them happy with Simmons. A few minutes later another agent, Tom Banachek, came into the room with a device in his hands…but no medical kit. "This is the girl?" Banachek asked kneeling down beside her.


"How old is she?"

"Twenty-one, I don't see what her age has to do with anything."

"She just doesn't look that old…" he trailed off as he proceeded to use the device he had brought with him on Nina. It beeped so fiercely that Banachek had to turn the device away from her so that it wouldn't break.

Simmons looked to Banachek a bit startled as he asked, voice a bit strained, "Think she's had direct contact with one of those robots?"

"I…don't know. This thing has only gone off like that around NBE-1."

"Are you saying that…that she's one of them?"

"It's not possible! Feel her skin its human flesh! Her hair is human hair…did she at all touch NBE-1 before going into the room with the cube in it?"

"She stood next to him."

Banachek sighed heavily, "The examiners aren't in today…we'll have to keep her around here until tomorrow so that they can look at her. By then she should have woken up, we've only got to find a place to keep her until then."

Simmons eyed a pipe that went to one of the cooling ducts directly in front of the platform that NBE-1 was positioned on. He lifted Nina in his arms and said to Banachek, "I'll take care of her."

Banachek crossed his arms, "Just make sure you put her someplace that is somewhat hospitable."

Simmons ignored him as he started walking away. Banachek sighed heavily, shaking his head and leaving the chamber to return to his previous engagement before Simmons had called him.

Agent Simmons was just about to set Nina down when suddenly she thrashed violently in his arms, causing him to drop her. She landed with a thud before sitting up and asking, "What happened?"

"You were hit by a blast from the cube," Simmons explained unenthused, "You're lucky you're still alive."

"Oh, well I wasn't finished seeing it yet," Nina stated, "Let's go back so that—

"I think you've seen enough of it for one day," he said before pushing Nina back down to the floor and handcuffing her arms behind her back and to the pipe.

She looked up at him enraged, "Just what is the meaning of this?!"

"Do you have something you need to tell us Nina?" he taunted.

"I don't understand—

"You've been exposed to NBE-1's kind somehow, haven't you?"

"What?" she sounded confused, "What would lead you to some conclusion like that?"

"You were blasted by the cube; you have to be some sort of electronic device or something in order for that to happen!"

"I'm not one," she growled defensively, "Now let me go!"

"I will tomorrow morning when you are escorted to the examiners for further evaluation," Simmons stated, "It'd just be easier for you to tell me who, better yet, to tell me what you are."

"You're looking at what I am," she simply remarked.

Simmons glared at her for a moment before he said, "I'm going on my lunch break…I'll be back in an hour to check on you." And he proceeded to leave the NBE-1 chamber.

Nina glanced up at NBE-1 for a moment before she started fidgeting around, trying to get free. She had taught herself how to get free from handcuffs incase such a moment presented itself, like this one did now. After about ten minutes she finally managed to get herself free. Dusting herself off, she glanced around to make sure no one saw her, and when she concluded that no one had, she snuck back into the room where the cube was kept, locking herself in like Simmons had done. After examining the cube carefully, she saw no one was around it and cautiously made her way over to it. It awed her and blindly she reached out and touched it…only to cause it to start glowing again briefly.

"Oh crap," she breathed taking a wary step back as the cube began to fold in on its self. When it finally stopped, it landed in her arms and she breathed again, "Definitely oh crap." 

Thinking quickly, Nina hastily made her way over to the door where she unlocked it and peaked out. Seeing no one was around other than the people running the stasis controls on NBE-1, Nina went back out into the NBE-1 chamber and returned to her rather hidden spot among the cooling ducts. She glanced at the cube in her arms and knew she had to hide it somewhere before she was caught with it or before Simmons came back. Looking about herself, she noticed that the cooling ducts had openings just wide enough to slide the cube inside, thus she did so, and she slid it far enough back so that no one could see it, yet she could still pull it out.

"Now what to do," she thought.

An alarm went off suddenly, both answering her question and surprising her. Not wanting to be blamed for the disappearance of the cube, Nina slipped the handcuffs back on so that she was once again trapped to the pipe. She heard people assembling behind her but she couldn't see them and they couldn't see her because the cooling duct was in the way…and she was glad it was there.

"I just came back from the cube room," exclaimed a young male out of breath, "The cube is gone!"

"Oh how classic," thought Nina.

"Gone!" bellowed Simmons all-too-familiar voice, "How could that massive hunk of metal that weighs tons be gone?!"

There was then footsteps that went over to the room where the cube was and the door opened and closed, only to open a few moments later to produce a voice saying, "It is gone!"

Nina smirked but quickly bit it back when she heard footsteps coming in her direction. She looked up as both Simmons and Banachek stopped next to her. "Where is it?" demanded Simmons.

"Oh sure blame me for this now," exclaimed Nina, "I've been sitting here the whole time because of you!"

Banachek glanced to the doorway of the room where the cube was once held and saw that she didn't have a good view of it. He sighed, "Did you hear anything coming from that room?"

Nina shook her head, "No, all I can hear is this cooling duct."

Banachek turned to Simmons, "She doesn't know, now don't blame her, we'll figure this out. And…what did I say about hospitable?"

Simmons gave him a look before snarling, "I don't give a damn about hospitable and don't you dare move her!" And with that said, Simmons stormed off.

Banachek sighed heavily before following after him. Nina sighed relieved for the time being, however she realized that she couldn't get away until later that night under the cover of darkness and when most everybody had left to go home. She tried to pay attention to all that was going on around her, but it was becoming harder to do as boredom and sleep began gnawing viciously at her. It wasn't long before she fell prisoner to both.


It had been the punishment for her ill-fated choice.

"Banishment," she mumbled in her sleep before growling, "Curse you…you'll all pay…you'll all pay!"

Nina woke up with a start suddenly, hearing her own shouts echoing throughout NBE-1's chamber. It was dark; nobody was around except a select few who were working the nightshift monitoring NBE-1. Yet none of those workers paid any attention to anything else going on around them, they were all too busy doing their jobs. Sighing tiredly, she wriggled herself free from the handcuffs yet again and proceeded to pull the cube out and set it on her lap. She smiled lightly at it, "You can set me free from my imprisonment."

Nina proceeded to stand holding the cube in her arms and looking directly into the optics of NBE-1. "And the moment I'm free I'll be able to free you…

…Lord Megatron."

And so ends chapter one...

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