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19. Home

Even though it had been a few hours, Negaeta still couldn't shake the feeling of Sentinel's optics on her. He hadn't said a word to her, but she figured that was because Megatron was around. She wasn't sure what it was about his gaze that upset her so much, but she sensed that Megatron felt it too. His lingering gaze had been threatening, intimidating, accusing her of something she did not do.

"Do not fear him," Megatron whispered as he came up from behind her and encircled his arms around her waist.

Negaeta relaxed into the Decepticon leader's embrace, thankful that he was there to reassure her. Perhaps it was only her nerves about the upcoming battle. But, if things went according to plan then there wouldn't be a fight. Sentinel sent a message to the humans indicating that the rebel Autobots needed to be removed from the planet or else. The humans listened and were currently preparing to launch their spacecraft into space. The Autobots would have to find a new place to live. Negaeta thought it was justice.

They were being banished. They could know how it felt to be banished like she had been by them.

However, when the spacecraft launched, it was Starscream's responsibility to shoot it down, which, with all the gasoline and flammable fuels on board, it would explode. There wouldn't be much left of it by the time it hit the ground, Autobots included. At the same time, it seemed too easy. But if it did work, that meant the war was over. While they would have opposition from humans, the humans could not defeat them. Their weapons and technology were far too advanced.

Negaeta flinched when Megatron's comlink suddenly buzzed to life. Starscream reported to him in Cybertronian that he had the Autobots in his sights and was about to take them out. Without breaking the embrace, Megatron ordered the monitor turned on. They watched on a human news station as the Autobot spaceship, the Xanthium, blew up just after leaving Earth's atmosphere.

Galvatron laughed as it happened before exclaiming, "Scream made it go ka-boom!"

Megatron smiled at his son's enthusiasm before kissing Negaeta's neck and saying, "See love? Just like that, this planet is ours." And he let her go before addressing the rest of his troops.

Negaeta listened as he said they were going to turn the city of Chicago into their fortress. Once the city was secured, they would bring Cybertron into Earth's atmosphere and begin preparing the humans for rebuilding their home world. As Megatron was addressing the troops, Negaeta felt a quiver of panic travel through her chassis when an arm suddenly wrapped around her waist and a hand rested on her hip.

"You used to be an Autobot, didn't you?" a voice whispered in her audio receptor.

Negaeta didn't have to look over her shoulder to know that it was Sentinel standing there, his arm on her hip. "Yes," she answered quietly, trying to keep her voice from wavering, "But your reign as Autobot commander predates my time."

"I know, you are so very young."

She felt like he was circling her, eyeing her as a hunter would eye its prey, but he did not move. He stayed, perched behind her. Negaeta didn't dare shrug his arm away for fear of what he may do.

"Megatron will not be happy to see your arm on me," she said, quietly, uncertainly. She heard him smile as his grip suddenly tightened on her hip. It hurt and she cringed.

"Megatron will not be happy when he sees the plans I have for you."

Her spark caught in her throat as her optics widened. Memories of what The Fallen had tried to do to her immediately flooded back into her mind. He couldn't possibly want the same, could he? Or was he after her because he really wanted to get to Megatron? She caught Barricade's gaze. She could tell from the look in his optics that he knew she had been threatened. She watched as his optics traveled from her face to Sentinel's hand and then his gaze went back to Megatron. She watched as his mouth moved, but she didn't hear what he said. She watched as Megatron paused and directed his attention towards him.

"Sentinel…" she breathed, "I am not worth your time."

"You're worth more than what you know," he breathed, and she grimaced when she felt his icy mouth components on her shoulder.

Barricade pointed to her and she watched as Megatron followed his finger until his gaze met hers. She watched as an ugly, angry expression went across his face. "Sentinel," he exclaimed ferociously, "Get your hands and your mouth components off of my mate this instant."

Sentinel's mouth left her shoulder before his hand left her waist. She listened as he walked away. "Rendezvous with me in Chicago," was all he said before he left.

Negaeta shuddered involuntarily. Megatron's hand found hers and he brought her over to the rest of his men, clearly infuriated. "Men, you know what to do, you're all dismissed," he ordered.

When they were alone in the starship, Megatron took Negaeta in his arms before asking, "Did he say anything to you?"

"He asked me if I used to be an Autobot, I told him that I used to be and that you would not be happy to see his arm on me, to which he said you will not be happy when you see the plans he has for me."

The Decepticon leader growled, startling his son who was sitting quietly in his throne, watching the news broadcast on the monitor. "To disgrace you in front of my men, in front of me is one thing," he seethed, "To threaten you in my presence is another."

"What can you do?" she asked, "You have a deal with him."

"Once Cybertron is in this planet's orbit, the deal is over. Sentinel clearly has no respect for my authority let alone my bond to you."

"Sentinel is more than likely using me, perhaps Galvatron even, to plot against you," Negaeta warned, "We will stay here while you go to Chicago."

"No," Megatron said sharply, disagreeing, "You will be with me and watch my victory. Sentinel will know if I left you here alone and that could be disastrous. Galvatron…"

The boy quickly turned off the monitor and slipped out of his father's throne. He knew that when he was spoken to him in that tone, he better listen or else. Remembering his manners, he said, "Yes father?"

"Come, we are leaving. You will ride with me. Once we get to Chicago, you are not to leave your mother's side. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir," the boy replied.

Together, they left the starship. Negaeta and Megatron proceeded to transform into their vehicle modes. Megatron had adapted his tank form so that he now turned into a M915 Line-Haul Mack truck. Galvatron climbed onto his trailer before hiding under the tarp. Since Negaeta was a SL63 AMG Mercedes-Benz safety car, and much faster in her vehicle form than Megatron, she drove in front. However, the Decepticon leader did not mind as he got to enjoy the rather splendid view of her curves.

They didn't arrive in Chicago until early the next morning. Both Megatron and Negaeta were eager to get out of their vehicle forms and stretch. It was more than a relief when they arrived at the Jeweler's Building where they would set up the control pillar. Before they went to the top where Sentinel was waiting, Megatron leaned forward and whispered in Negaeta's audio receptor, "Do not leave my side. If I am not around to guard you, Starscream or Barricade will be. If they are not, then hide. Do not come out until one of us comes to find you."

"Megatron," she tried to say, but it came out as more of a whimper.

"Do not fear," he whispered, kissing her gently.

Negaeta accepted the kiss and kissed him back, clutching his hand tightly. She was so afraid to let him go. He broke the kiss as Galvatron approached them saying, "Daddy, there are so many insects here. Can I squish them?"

Megatron lifted his son in his arms before saying, "Not now, Galvatron. We will be using those insects to rebuild our planet." He then took Negaeta by the hand before saying, "Let's go prepare the pillars."

They went to the top of the building where Sentinel had already begun the process of preparing the pillars. Megatron set Galvatron down and he immediately went to his mother, like he had been told. Negaeta put a firm hand on her son's shoulder, determined not to let him go, let alone out of her sight.

She noticed movement out of the corner of her optic and looked over to see two humans approaching them, obviously to watch it seemed. Megatron noticed them as well before he went over and said, "Be gone insect operative, your work is done."

"Yes, your Excellency," the human replied before leaving with the girl.

Negaeta figured that was their liaison. She watched as he went out of sight before Megatron gave the orders for the Decepticons to lay siege to the city. They would convert it into a heavily fortified fortress that way if anyone did try to stand against them, they would be unable to.

It wasn't until later that night, when she, Megatron, and their son patrolled the ruined and burning streets of Chicago that Negaeta finally did feel secure. Even if the Autobots had survived, it would be a tremendous effort on their part to break through the Decepticon defenses.

Their son ran a little ways ahead of them on the street, laughing merrily as he searched for frightened humans to squish. Megatron wrapped his arm around Negaeta and pulled her against him, grasping the same hip that Sentinel had the previous day only to feel a few small dents from his fingertips. A low growl emitted from his throat. Those dents should have been caused by him.

Negaeta could tell he was upset and whispered, "I can get rid of the dents if you want."

"Please," he said as he grasped her hip more tightly than Sentinel had, causing her to wince. He eyed their son momentarily before he stopped walking and pulled his mate against him. "After tomorrow," he breathed as he ran one of his sharp fingers down her jaw, "You won't have to worry about Sentinel anymore." And he tilted her face to his.

Negaeta was surprised when Megatron pressed her against one of the buildings and pinned her there. She accepted his kiss and noticed Galvatron was too busy terrorizing humans to notice them. Her attention shifted back to Megatron as he deepened the kiss. Negaeta knew what he wanted and she opened her lower interface panels for him. Megatron sighed heavily and he adjusted his stance before inserting his cable inside of her.

She allowed her optics to come online as the Decepticon leader began to make love to her. Galvatron still hadn't noticed them, but she figured some of the humans that were more than likely still in the area knew exactly what they were doing. She considered them lucky to be able to watch.

Megatron was taking his time. He knew that they had all night, the city was theirs, there was nothing anybody could do or would do to stop them, and nobody was. Negaeta moaned involuntarily from the pleasure she was receiving. She wrapped her arms around the Decepticon leader, letting her fingertips tease sensitive areas on his armor.

"Megatron," she breathed, her overload looming. She looked up to look at Megatron, but a flash of red behind him caught her optic. She felt her tanks churn when she realized that Sentinel was perched atop a building behind Megatron, observing them quietly. Negaeta never felt more exposed in her life than when she overloaded in front of the former Autobot leader. She felt shamed, embarrassed. When she looked back, he was still watching her, but there was almost a contented smile on his face.

Megatron grunted as he overloaded and Negaeta clung to him, holding onto him desperately as he finished inside of her. When he did finish, he pulled out and concealed himself. Negaeta proceeded to close her plates, but she didn't dare let him go. "Negaeta," he breathed, feeling her trembling, "What's wrong?"

"Sentinel watched," she said, "He still is."

Megatron turned only to see Sentinel standing on top of the building behind him. He narrowed his optics at the former leader of the Autobots as Negaeta called their son over. Sentinel only smirked before disappearing into the night.

"Let's go," Megatron said as they went in search of a place to recharge for the night.

The moment Earth's sun peaked over the horizon they were awake. Negaeta went with her son and Megatron back to the Jeweler's Building where Sentinel was waiting. Megatron ordered his Decepticons to release the pillars that they had scattered around the globe so that they could prepare the space bridge. He watched as Sentinel activated the control pillar before the former Autobot looked to him and then to Negaeta. Megatron frowned before stepping in front of his mate, blocking Sentinel's view.

"It will take the space bridge a few hours to be ready," Sentinel said.

"That gives me time to inform you to stay away from my mate," Megatron remarked.

"I've only touched her once."

"We both saw you last night," the Decepticon leader persisted.

"What are you going to do about it?" Sentinel asked, "Any action against me you know will be the end of everything you've ever worked for."

Megatron growled before saying, "I will give up everything I've ever worked for in order to guarantee her safety."

"Oh really? What happened to the Megatron I used to know?"

He went to attack him, but Negaeta held him back, whispering gently, "Don't Megatron. Not now."

Megatron relented just as their liaison came running up to inform them that the Autobots survived and were trying to get into the city. Even angrier now, Megatron ordered the bridges raised and to make sure the Autobots did not get near the pillars. It was then Negaeta felt sick.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

The Autobots were supposed to be dead. Sentinel was not supposed to be a perverted slag-head. Megatron's perfect plan was beginning to crumble. Negaeta knew that Optimus Prime and his Autobots would be determined enough to break through the defenses, she didn't doubt that they would, it would only be a matter of time. She looked to Megatron, panicked, but he didn't seem worried at all. She supposed that if he wasn't worried, then she didn't have to be either.

But on the inside, all she wanted to do was cry.

A few hours later, the pulse of the pillars began to go faster, indicating that they were almost ready for transporting Cybertron to Earth's orbit. Negaeta hadn't seen the Autobots yet, but she knew they were coming. Megatron kept getting transmissions on his comlink informing him of where they Autobots were. It seemed like every few minutes they were getting dangerously closer.

Negaeta heard Megatron send out a couple transmissions before he turned to her dismally and said, "I'm going to go see what is going on. Starscream and Barricade are both busy at the moment, but I assure you one of them will be here as soon as they free up."

"Megatron," she breathed.

"I will not be gone long, I promise," he said, "If you stay in the back, Sentinel will think you left with me."

"Al-Alright," she remarked. She felt sick as she watched him go, but once he was out of sight, she immediately took her son by the hand and went with him to the back of the building, only to run into Sentinel.

"Going somewhere?" he asked.

It was all Negaeta could do to keep from screaming. Sentinel seized her by the throat before saying, "Megatron made a grave mistake by leaving you here with me. You see, I don't believe an alliance between your mate and I will work out for long. With you as my hostage, I'll be able to make Megatron do whatever I please."

Negaeta managed to free herself from his grasp only to have him grab her again and kiss her, possessively. He shoved her against the building, breaking the kiss only to laugh and say, "My dear, what you fail to realize is how beautiful you are when you squirm."

And he proceeded to beat her, ripping pieces of her armor off, cutting her, ripping wires, bruising and thrashing her until Galvatron began to scream at him to stop. "Don't hurt mom!" he wailed as he tried to get between Sentinel and his mother.

The cries of her son allowed her to find enough strength to wriggle free from Sentinel before she grabbed her son and jumped off the building with him. She felt some of the armor platelets break in her legs once she landed, which sent pain stinging through her chassis. Despite the pain, Negaeta knew that she had to get her son to safety. Megatron had told her to hide until someone found them and that was what she would do. She managed to take a few steps forward, but collapsed. Her legs were damaged to the point where she couldn't walk or run.

"Mommy," Galvatron pleaded, "Mommy, get up!"

A missile suddenly struck the area of the building where the control pillar was being kept. Negaeta quickly shoved Galvatron away as the concrete debris rained down, landing on her and pinning her to the ground.

"Sentinel!" she heard Optimus shout and knew that the Autobots managed to break through the Decepticon defenses.

"Mommy!" Galvatron cried as he ran to her.

"Son," she said as she grasped his hand, "You're going to run, do you understand?"

"But I can't leave you here—

"Do not worry about me Galvatron. You run and don't you dare stop until you find somebody you know. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes mom—

And she let his hand go before saying, "Go!"

He hesitated before climbing back onto his feet and running. Negaeta watched him until he disappeared out of sight. She then leaned back assessing her damage. She cringed as she worked to stop some of her bleeding, but the pain soon became unbearable as she gave up, resting on the debris. She looked up to the sky before blacking out.

Megatron watched from a safe distance as Optimus and Sentinel fought. It was quite clear that unless Optimus got help, then Sentinel would win. The Decepticon leader looked to the sky, but there was no sign of Cybertron, which meant the control pillar must've been taken out. He growled as he carefully weighed his options, but it didn't take him long to decide that Sentinel had failed him. He was unable to bring Cybertron here. There was no longer a need for the former leader of the Autobots.

Just as Sentinel was about to deliver Optimus the final blow, Megatron ran out from his hiding place, firing his fusion cannon. Each shot hit Sentinel Prime directly, causing enough of a distraction for Optimus to get away. Together, they managed to defeat Sentinel Prime effortlessly. After he lay dead at their feet, Megatron looked to Optimus before saying, "I want a truce."

Optimus looked to him.

"All I want is the restoration of our planet," Megatron continued, "And I wish to maintain control over my Decepticon soldiers—

"I can't let you get away with what you've done, Megatron," Optimus said as he took out his battle ax and rushed at the Decepticon leader.

The Decepticon leader went to defend himself from the attack, but he knew that there was nothing he could do. With a fleeting feeling, he knew this was it. He had let his family down.

"Dad!" a voice suddenly screamed across the battlefield.

Optimus halted his attack as Megatron quickly whipped around. "Son!" the Decepticon leader exclaimed as he sank to one knee.

The child ran into his father's arms before Megatron said, "Galvatron, I told you to stay with your mother—

"I'm sorry daddy," the child cried, "But he hurt mommy! Mom told me to run until I found somebody and I found you."

"Who hurt your mother?" he demanded.

"He did," Galvatron said as he pointed to Sentinel's lifeless body.

"Do you know where she is?"

"That way," he said pointing.

"Decepticons!" Megatron bellowed, "Cease fire! Concentrate your efforts on finding Negaeta!"

"Autobots!" Optimus proceeded to say, "Do the same!"

The Decepticon leader turned to Optimus, surprised. The Autobot leader said, "I cannot kill you knowing I would leave that little boy fatherless. We will help you find Negaeta and once she is found, we'll talk about a truce."

Megatron nodded and stood, still holding Galvatron in his arms. "Show me where your mother is," he said. Galvatron pointed again and Megatron went walking in that direction, Optimus following them.

It didn't take them long to find Negaeta, and when Megatron spotted her, he immediately set Galvatron down on the other side of the debris pile so that he could not see what was going on. The Decepticon leader immediately ran to Negaeta's side. Galvatron tried to follow, but Optimus held him back saying, "You need to stay here. Your father will be right back."

"What about my mom?" he asked.

Optimus didn't say anything, instead he tuned his comlink to Ratchet's frequency and said, "Ratchet, trace my coordinates and report to my location immediately."

"Yes sir."

Megatron worked frantically to free Negaeta of the rubble that had her pinned to the ground. It wasn't long until she was free, but he didn't dare move her. His optics roamed her body and he immediately saw several injuries that were not caused by the debris. He tried to fight back his anger as he knelt beside his mate. To his relief, she still had a pulse, but barely.

"Negaeta," he breathed as he nudged her gently, praying that she would wake up, "This was never supposed to happen to you."

She didn't move and Megatron wanted to pour himself onto her. He regretted ever leaving her alone. "Negaeta," he whispered again, but it sounded more like a pained sob, "My love, the war is over…Sentinel is dead. Galvatron needs his mother…"

Still nothing. Megatron was ready to shout to the heavens in sheer agony. Even the wounds Optimus had inflicted upon him in years past had never hurt as bad as this.

"I need you…"


The Decepticon leader seized her in his arms the moment her voice reached his audio receptors. "Negaeta," he said, feeling relieved, "I need to get you to a medic." And he gently lifted her.

She looked up at him, her optics flooding with tears. "You don't know how good it is to see you," she said.

He kissed her helm, whispering, "I would never leave you nor let you leave. Your soul is for my keeping."

"I love you…so much," she breathed.

"And I the same," he replied.

"Why is our son with Optimus Prime?"

Megatron couldn't help but smile, "The war is over. Sentinel is dead. Optimus and I have a truce."

"What about Cybertron?"

"We shall see."

Ratchet was there waiting when Megatron brought Negaeta over. The Autobot medic worked long into the night to fix the injured femme. Galvatron watched completely fascinated as Megatron talked to Optimus about what would happen now that they had a truce. There was no way the Decepticons could stay on Earth considering what they had done to Chicago, but it didn't take them long to agree on what would happen.

When her repairs were finished, she rejoined Megatron's side. He picked up his son and wrapped his free arm around her before saying, "I've talked to Optimus and Starscream, Barricade, Soundwave, and Shockwave. The Autobots will be remaining here while we Decepticons return to Cybertron to restore the planet to its former glory."

"You mean," Negaeta said as elation bubbled up inside of her, "We're going home?"

The Decepticon leader nodded. It seemed too good to be true, but it was. After years of fighting, there was finally peace. They would be able to raise Galvatron and other children without worry. Starscream and the rest of his men could start families of their own. And Negaeta was no longer banished from the world she loved. Megatron pulled Negaeta against him as he looked to the sky.

"Home," he breathed, "Cybertron, you're saved at last."

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