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Chapter 1: The Cold Water Bender and the Thick Headed Earth Bender

Katara sat on a rock and watched as Aang practiced the complicated water blade flurry attack she had just taught him. She smiled a little to herself. He really was so strong, and worked so hard. To bad she had to break his heart sooner or later. She could never truly love him like he wanted. It wasn't his fault, it was hers.

He had gotten really good with water bending, even if he didn't use it in battle as much as he could. He used air and earth bending much more. She had thought a lot about that recently. Maybe he appreciated Top's lessons more. She sighed and shook herself mentally, getting rid of the depressing thoughts.

Toph walked up, "Hey Twinkle Toes, get a move on, it's time for earth bending practice."

Katara growled. She hated it when Toph used her stupid nickname for Aang. She stood up and walked over to Toph and stared her down. "He's practicing his water bending at the moment, and he's perfecting a move that could come in real handy if we have to face Azula. I almost got her with it myself in Ba Sing Se."

Toph cocked an eyebrow and laughed, "Yeah right Katara. You and me both know that Aang uses earth bending a lot more that he does water bending. If he's gonna defeat Azula, it will probably with one of my attacks, not yours."

Katara looked at her outraged, "Like your dumb earth bending could ever defeat Azula. Your bending is to slow to face her, she attacks quickly."

Toph glared at where she knew Katara stood, "And like your defensive water bending could ever beat a full out attacking force like Azula's fire bending. Heck I even heard about the time you lost to Zuko, and he isn't even close to her level of bending."

Aang watched as his two teachers argued, again. "Hey guys, I use both actually. And if I am to defeat Azula, it will probably be with fire or air bending." He smiled and scratched the back of his head. Both of the women glared at him and he chuckled nervously, "What's that Momo? Leechy nuts? I'll be right there." He scooted off.

Toph smirked, "See he doesn't even want to finish his practicing here. He'd rather go and eat some stupid nuts with Momo than work on his water bending."

Katara snorted, "You sure are dumb sometimes Toph. He ran off because you started arguing with me and it made him uncomfortable, just like you always do.

Toph started to grind her teeth, "I suggest you shut up Sugar Queen before I kick your butt." Toph got into an earth bending stance and Katara looked at her shocked.

Katara twirled into her own stance. She had known that for a while now that they would face off, but she hadn't it expected it while in the midst of the Fire Nation. "Ready when you are." she moved her arms and water tentacles rose up behind her.

Toph tensed and released the muscles in her foot to get a better "look" at Katara. She felt the muscles in Katara's left leg and right arm were tightened and ready to move. She grinned then suddenly stopped.

Because of her special sight she could see the beauty of Katara's body without Katara being naked. She took in a sharp in take of breath. She had never "looked" this hard at Katara. She was beautiful. Other than the wrappings she wore when she worked with Aang on water bending she wore nothing. The was no wrappings to hide the beautiful breasts. She dropped out of her stance.

Katara cocked her head and looked at Toph oddly. Was this a ploy. She dropped her water and looked at Toph worriedly, "Toph? Are you okay?" She walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

Toph shook her head. The beautiful woman was standing in front of her. Ever since Suki had saved her from drowning in the Serpent's path she had been attracted to women, but she never thought to get a good look at Katara. The lips were right there to. From her senses they seemed to be soft. They would be her's.

Katara saw Toph move her head's towards her own, but didn't think much of it, until their lips connected. Katara was paralyzed with shock, a million thoughts going through her head. That is until a tongue not her own slipped into her mouth.

Toph moved her tongue until it made contact with Katara's. She felt like she was in bliss. The lips were soft and delicious. Her neck started to hurt with the effort it took to stretch to Katara's mouth, but she didn't care, it was worth it.

Katara broke the kiss, "What the hell are you doing?"

Toph grinned, "That's the worst thing I've ever heard come from your mouth Katara. Tsk tsk." She started walking away coyly.

Katara caught Toph's shoulder before she could get away. She spun her around. "Toph, why the hell did you kiss me!?"

Toph looked at her like she was an idiot, "Because you beautiful, duh."

Katara was taken aback by the frankness, "...You really think that?"

Toph grinned, "Yes, and believe you me I know that all of you is beautiful. I can "see" you through your clothes and it's just amazing under those clothes." She thumbed at the white cloth that held not purpose under Toph's "vision".

Katara blushed and gulped, "You can see me beneath my clothes?"

Toph smirked, "Yup."

Katara took a sharp breath, "And you like women."

Toph, "Ever since that Suki girl saved me from drowning. Although, she wasn't nearly as beautiful as you."

Katara snorted, "That was corny. But seriously you like women." She looked at Toph with need, albeit the blind girl probably couldn't see that.

Toph could hear the need in the voice for a response, "Yes I do Katara. I promise."

Katara let out a relieved breath, "So do I. I have for a long long time, from before I met Aang, but a woman is forbidden to love another in my village."

Toph shook her head, "Seriously!? In the Earth Nation it's just frowned upon, although in Ba Sing Se it's outlawed. So we'll never be able to go there...I mean that is if you want me."

Katara looked at her, "Are you saying you would like to girlfriend?"

Toph looked at her dumbfounded, "Are you kidding? I didn't just kiss you for no reason back there."

Katara laughed and kissed Toph's cheek, "Okay, I'll be your girlfriend."

End Chapter

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