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This is an idea that sort of came to me when I read Agent-G and Slickboy444's fic Hellfire and Brimstone. The Hellfire Club are the main villains along with an OC and their plot is very much the same as their first appearence in the comics while their methods will be quite gruesome like they are in Hellfire and Brimstone. The fic will definately not be as long as Hellfire and Brimstone and might not be as good but its all up to your reviews I suppose. Unlike Hellfire and Brimstone I wont write too graphic scenes of sex or rape but their will be gore which is why I gave it the rating

The Mission of Hellfire

Chapter 1: Mission Briefing, the start of it all

Training was one of the very few times he felt at peace, whether he was alone or with sparring partners. Often he would repeat the same exercises, it was like repeating the same dance or practicing the same routine. The only difference in this was that he was part of a difference where manoeuvres never got old. Strapped to his arm was a round black shield with edges that were perfect for cutting just like the shield of the war legend. He swung it in exactly the same way the legend did, his stance and technique mirrored his. When he was training he didn't have to worry about the trouble that missions would offer him, he felt at peace and almost happy. It was his own little world and there was only one thing that could interrupt it.

"Agent-226 report to the breathing room" The intercom and alarm echoed in the room.

"Lights on!" He said and suddenly the training room was lit up.

He wore a black mask with red eye lenses and a black suit with grey sleeves. The sleeves were tight and showed off his well toned abs. His boots were black but underneath his laces there was dark grey rubber on the boots. The trousers he wore weren't as tight as his shirt, more based on the trousers that most army men wore except for his bared no camouflage and the sides and back were covered by ragged pieces of cloth hanging off of the belt. His mask had a hole at the top that allowed his thick sandy blonde hair room to be free, a few strands hung loosely over his eyes. The man stood with a slightly slouched neck but his stance was serious and confident. He had long abandoned his true name and life, he was but a man in a mask with a name that wasn't truly his, he was the Soldier.

Throwing down the training shield he walked to the massive slide in door. He pressed a button on the side panel and the door opened revealing several agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that were waiting to use the training room. As he walked away from them his sharp hearing detected conversations he didn't really care about.

"Who is that guy?" One young agent asked his peers.

"One of Fury's pet super soldier projects, they say he didn't take the serum and got it all through training and studying other super soldiers moves" A much more experienced agent told them.

He got to the door to the briefing room, ignoring the black haired female agent standing in front of him. She was one of Fury's second in commands, Maria Hill and someone he didn't get on well with. Pressing the side panel buttons he entered the empty briefing room, more of a war room with its map in the centre. Nick Fury stood at the map, his toothpick twitching in his mouth.

"What's the situation Colonel?" Soldier asked.

Fury paused, pressing a few buttons on the computer map to bring up an image of a very familiar mansion in Bayville. Soldier looked at the scenery, which mimicked precisely what it was right now, a wreck.

"At 0300 this morning the Xavier institute suffered an attack by a group we have confirmed to be the Reavers…" Fury began.

Six hours ago

Logan was always the first one awake, always and today was no different. Though it hadn't become a regular occurrence ever since Apocalypse was defeated Logan suffered nightmares, perhaps visions of his past. In the dreams he only experienced flashes, of a mansion perhaps before the beginning of the 20th century, of a rich family with a weak child, the dreams would always end with a pair of bone claws horridly ripping out of the child's knuckles and the boy howling like an animal. He looked at his clock on the side and smiled, 0259, since he was up it was the perfect time to torment the kids with a danger room session at least that's what he thought. Logan got out of bed and looked out of the window. Suddenly his eyes widened in shock at what he saw. It was too late for him to even make sense of the people at the gate as a rocker flew into his room. The explosion shook the mansion and threw Logan out of his room. He landed inside Amara and Boom Boom's room, smoking and growling in pain at his severely burnt skin. Amara's scream echoed in the mansion at the side of Logan, his blood stained the carpet. But slowly his skin began changing back to normal, some of his burnt hair even grew back as he leant against the wall breathing heavily, focusing on using his healing factor. As soon as they heard the explosion and Amara's scream the other students and X-men of the Xavier institute awoke from their sleeps. Kurt and Evan looked out of their window to see men covered in armour, but it only occurred to them that those were actually cybernetic parts of some kind. They saw their guns and without hesitation Evan jumped out of the window. Spikes shot out of his chest and into the barrels of three of the men's guns. Then Spyke slid a bone spear out of his wrist. The two tips of the spear ignited and Evan ran at the soldiers. He slashed one's cybernetic arm off and kicked another in the head. One managed to get a shot off but the bullets merely ricochet off of the boys armour.

"It's the mutant Spyke, undertake disarming manoeuvres for Evan Daniels" One of the soldiers, the apparent leader of the group ordered his troops. "Eric, Daniel, Tanya and Isaac you four block the entrance, Foley, Mason and Maya you scour the dorms, the rest of you cover the rest of the campus including the back, keep your eyes out for the teleported, keep your scramblers on and watch out for Weapon X and X-23"

As soon as the man finished his words X-23 was sent flying out of the mansion. She extended her claws and yelled as she impaled one of the cybernetic soldiers. But much to her surprise instead of blood dripping across the grass she saw oils and circuitry. The man grinned as he ripped off his shirt, revealing a glowing hole on his chest. Before the clone could react a huge beam shot out of the mans chest. The girl yelled as the beam burned most of her skin and ignited her hair. X-23 rolled across the floor screaming in agony, strangely her healing factor wasn't helping to ease the pain or even heal her burning and oily skin. A red beam ripped through the wall of the institute, throwing one of the cybernetic soldiers out of the mansion. Several explosions that were no doubt from Gambit and Boom Boom echoed in the mansion while Colossus, another defector from Magneto's acolytes jumped out of his room. His look of anger sent a chill down the soldier's spines as he began stampeding towards them in his steel form.

"Torch him!!" The leader said.

Three of the soldiers suddenly changed the cybernetic hands into barrels. Intense flames shot out of the guns, consuming Colossus. But Colossus still ran on, punching away any soldier that tried to hold him back.

"My metal form will protect me form anything you throw at me, now I'll chow you all what happens when you hurt my comrades!" Colossus growled, his metal skin was so hot that it actually glowed an orange and red colour.

"Science can stop you, tell me young Rasputin what happens when you dip searing hot metal into water?" The leader asked.

The soldiers cleared way for a man armed with a gun connected to a water tank. A jet of water was fired out of the gun and slammed into Colossus. Piotr's movements began to get slower until eventually he stopped, as still as a statue. Kurt teleported around the campus, smacking any of the soldiers he found. Beast crashed through one of the windows, roaring as he threw two of the soldiers away and smacked another in the face.

"GO NOW!!" He yelled at Rogue, Rahne and Jamie.

The three of them broke off into a run, followed by Roberto. Amara and Bobby changed into their fire and ice form respectively. They aimed their hands and bombarded the soldiers with magma rocks and chunks of ice. Bobby reeled back in shock as one of the ice chunks impaled one of the soldiers who hadn't had his chest cybernetically enhanced. The X-man stayed on the roof, utterly shocked that he had just killed a man. Before Magma could snap him out of his trance one of the soldiers fired a rocket. The tip of the missile was glowing a red-hot colour and as soon as it drilled into Bobby's chest he yelled in pain. Amara reached out to Bobby but the boy fell off of the roof. His fall however was stopped by a net that some of the Soldier's held. One of them pulled the missile out of Bobby's chest and latched a yellow collar onto his neck. Spyke continued to kick and punch any Soldier that attacked him while Jamie sent a few of his multiple men into help.

"They aren't the real ones, kill them!" The leader said, aiming his pistol at Jamie's clones.

Spyke looked in shock as the soldiers gunned down Jamie's clones. This moment of distraction was all one of the soldiers needed to stab him with a taser. Evan yelled in pain before he fell to the floor. At least six soldiers began kicking at him, one actually cracked one of his chest plates while another broke his nose.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!!" Storm yelled.

The weather witches eyes glowed intensively as he unleashed her wrath upon the ones who assaulted her nephew. A lighting bolt crashed into one of the soldiers, blowing up his cybernetics and melting his skin. The leader of the soldiers removed a rubber ball from his pocket. He threw the ball at Storm and much to her surprise the ball suddenly grew into a massive bubble that swallowed Ororo up. Evan could hear his claustrophobic aunt cry out for help, but her screams eventually died down.


Suddenly volleys of spikes were launched from his body, impaling at least ten of the soldiers and incapacitating many more. The soldiers fired wires into Spyke's armour, shocking him until he fell unconscious.

"Everyone run away now, they have weapons that can defeat your powers" Xavier's voice echoed through the minds of the students.

But Xavier's psychic cries were halted when one of the soldiers threw him down the stairs. Cyclops blasted one of the soldiers away from him but looked in shock as his teacher and father figure fell down the stairs. Several darts flew into his shoulder and Scott felt his arm go numb before the tranquilliser knocked him out. Jean tried using her telekinesis to stop the darts flying towards her, but for some reason she couldn't use her TK on those specific objects. She fell to the floor just as Kitty ran through the wall. The soldiers all aimed their tasers and shocked Kitty, knocking her unconscious. Rahne, Roberto, Rogue and Jamie were all knocked unconscious by tranquilliser darts. Tabitha, Sam and Remy were shocked until they fell unconscious. Only Kurt and Logan remained. Wolverine roared as he slashed one of the soldier's throats. Kurt teleported into the mansion, punching one of the soldiers's across the face. Logan carried on slashing and stabbing any soldier who approached him. But eventually Kurt was defeated and Logan was thrown off the cliff by a blast from the cannon cyborg.

"Our reports confirmed that Logan was thrown off the cliff, most would probably say that that's enough to kill him but I don't think so, he's probably so injured that his body has gone into a coma like state in order to heal, he's done it once before during his time as an agent" Fury explained as he got on with the mission briefing.

"You have people spying on the institute?" Soldier asked.

"Yes, but before you asked we didn't intervene because we don't exist…now onto the details, the group that kidnapped them have been confirmed as the PMC Revear, despite photographic evidence their spokesman Donald Pierce has told us that it was merely a group who had stolen the cybernetic technology and there were several break ins at his factories, but we want you to covertly investigate his company, as well as link up with Logan and find out what he knows then work with him to find out who kidnapped the X-men and rescue them" Fury explained.

"I accept this mission" Soldier said.

"On another note we have some details on the ones who assisted the Reavers, one is a Japanese woman who we have confirmed to be Yuriko Oyama while another who only picked a fight with Logan kept his face covered with a cloak and hood, thought we have confirmed he was wearing some type of armour" Fury explained as Soldier walked over to a suit case.

He opened the suitcase and revealed his equipment, a harness and belt with numerous pockets for grenades and other gadgets. A pair of modified USP pistols with blades replaced the torches. One rifle with a grenade launcher and scope attachment and a wrist device with a red crystal in the centre. And perhaps Soldier's signature weapon, a black broadsword that he would strap to his back. Beside his equipment case was another case. He opened it and revealed Wolverine's old orange and black x-men uniform, the one with the cowl. Also inside the case was an ornate decorated katana with a red handle and scabbard.

"What's this?" Soldier asked.

"A link to Logan's past, it may bring back memories for him or it may not but it will give him a fighting edge against Miss Oyama" Nick said.

Soldier closed the case and stared at his hand for a moment. His hand closed into a fist a habit he did whenever he was beginning a mission. It was a mission that would perhaps prove difficult considering it was most likely a mutant related group that took them, but he had help and even if he didn't saving the X-men was the right thing to do and he was going to see it through till the end.

Next Chapter 2: The Hellfire Club

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter, their will be more action in the future. Soldier teams up with Wolverine and another character from the X-men comics who I will introduce in future chapters