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The Mission of Hellfire

Final Chapter: Moving on

After exiting the castle, the reunited X-men and Soldier watched as Jean tore the castle to pieces. Ka-Zar pressed his lips against Shanna's, celebrating with his tribe the success of their rebellion. Tabitha kissed a blushing Sam on the cheek, smiling at his embarrassment. They were finally free of the club, and for now old rivalries disappeared. Raven hugged her son and adopted daughter, who embraced her back.

"It's finally over" Bobby whispered.

"What about Stryfe?" Amara asked.

"I have a feeling he won't be bothering us anymore" Wolverine said.

"Jean…this is Nathan, our son from another reality" Scott said awkwardly.

Jean stared at Cable, seeing much of Scott and herself in the mans face. She took a step closer towards him. Then she grabbed Scott's hand and the two X-men wrapped their arms around their son. Cable held them back and though the others didn't see it, Soldier and Wolverine noticed a tear in the mans eye. Ka-Zar and Shanna walked towards the X-men, both intending to thank them for their aid.

"You were the only strangers in our land to ever help us, I am sorry I ever doubted your intentions" Ka-Zar said to the group.

"From this day forward you will all be considered heroes, our tribe will speak of your stories for years to come" Shanna smiled.

"Thanks it was no problem" Roberto said.

"Ye ought to come over to the US" Rahne grinned.

"Although you should probably leave the tigers at home" Gambit added.

Ka-Zar patted Soldier's shoulder and shook his hand.

"Thank you, whoever you are thank you" Ka-Zar said.

"The X-men deserve the thanks" Was Soldier's only response.

As Ka-Zar and his tribe retreated into the jungle, the X-men and Brotherhood gave them one final wave before they looked towards the sky. The Blackbird floated down towards them. Xavier rolled towards the X-men alongside Magneto. While the X-men reunited with Xavier, hugging him and patting his shoulder, Eric hugged his children.

"There were moments when I thought I would never see you again" Eric said.

"No sweat dad…Selene's got nothing on me"

"Shut up Pietro, we would have fallen if not for that man" Wanda said.

"Where is he?" Eric asked.

Xavier finished shaking Hank and Ororo's hands and rolled through the crowd towards Soldier. Eric too approached the man with a solemn look on his face, removing his helmet.

"Thank you!" Both men said.

Soldier widened his eyes; the two enemies now stood side-by-side offering him thanks.

"You saved my students, and countless other strangers…thank you for being the hero these children needed, men like you in this world make it a better place to live in" Xavier said.

"Thank you for saving my children, I am sorry I doubted your intentions at times, from this point forward you have my respect, I am in your debt" Magneto said.

Soldier shook his head "Neither of you owe me anything, life has no price so there's no way you can repay me" Soldier said.

"Dude, how about a lift back?" Bobby asked.

"Indeed, you and Cable will need help in getting back to the mainland" Xavier said.

Soldier nodded his head, looking to Cable. The X-man from another world was still hesitant and Soldier understood why. He turned his back to the group, pressing a few buttons on his arm. A blue portal suddenly appeared and Cable looked back at the group.

"Thank you for all your help Soldier…we couldn't have done it without you" Cable said. "And X-men, be as good as you can be, above all else never compromise, mom, dad…I've got faith that you two will work out" He raised his hand, saluting Soldier before he walked through the portal.

In a flash of light, the portal disappeared and the X-men smiled. Cyclops wrapped his arms around Jean, planting a kiss on her cheek.

"That's our son" He said.

"Yeah, we'll see him again right?" Jean asked.

"You bet we will"

Wolverine shook his head as the two lovers kissed. He had absolute faith that any child they had whether it was a son or a daughter would grow up to be as good as Cable. The X-men and the Brotherhood climbed into the blackbird but before Soldier left, he traded one last look into the jungle.

'Live free and peaceful Ka-Zar…thank you Cable'

Later the group visited Kitty at the hospital. Lance was by her side, holding her hand; a smile crossed her face as she saw her friends enter. She hugged her friends, savouring the moments they had together. While Xavier and Raven waited outside they smiled as the teens talked to one another about the final battle. They were finally free of the Hellfire Club, none of them were dead and though he was hesitant Josh was welcomed into both groups. Jubilee and Tabitha giggled as Rahne looked at the boy with her hands together. Outside of the hospital, Logan leant against the wall, frowning slightly as Fury walked towards him.

"Xavier and Magneto left without agent Hill's consent, where did you all end up?" Fury asked.

"Maybe you should ask your agent, besides the threat was neutralised, Sinister's dead and Selene, well lets just say she's getting her just deserts, that Shiro guy flew off after the battle and we already handed Deathstrike and Tessa over to you" Logan explained.

"True, but you never did tell us where you went…Magneto's missing, so is X-23 and the Muramasa blade and we can't get a thing from Deathstrike because she's in a coma and as for Soldier, he's gone awol"

"I've got no response to that Fury other than…good for him, now do you really want to ruin the moments that are going on in there, everyone is safe, they're happy and things are gonna go back to normal…so do you really want the hassle of ruining it all?" Logan asked.

Fury thought for a moment then shook his head.

"Give Xavier my regards Logan, I did manage to dig some stuff up about Deathstrike thought…her real names Yuriko Oyama, she was a thief before the Reaver's got her…she was programmed with those memories of you, but I guess you already knew that right?" Fury asked.

"Yeah, Rogue told me all about it, the computer part of her brain keeps telling her that we were lovers, but the human side of her brain contained all her memories of when she was a child, and none of them have any connection to me…my memories of her were fabricated too, she was probably a contingency plan of Weapon X, probably try to distract me with false feelings for her" Wolverine explained.

"And I assume it failed miserably…you know my people are looking for old Weapon X facilities, if we find anything that could kick start your old memories then we'll send it to you"

Logan nodded his head in approval and shook the mans hand. In the month that followed things began to change. The mansion was rebuilt bigger than ever, and Xavier began to recruit more students. Logan built a shack in the woods outside the mansion, where he stayed with X-23 or Laura as she began calling herself took his old room. Ray and Piotr returned to the mansion, free from Sinister's programming and genetic augmentations. But Warren, though he was free from the programming would remain Archangel, no one knew whether his angelic wings would return, but Warren himself was slowly beginning to adapt to his new form. Lance returned to the Brotherhood, but continued to date Kitty. Scott and Jean left the mansion and moved away from Bayville in order to attend a University in New York.

The New Mutants walked through the corridors of the subbasement, all of them talking about their new teacher. They were eager to learn something new from this man. He worked them hard, but he wasn't as hard as Wolverine, and that's what they liked about him. As soon as they opened the door, Magneto floated from the Danger Room control room, his helmet was off and multiple metallic marbles were floating around him.

"All right class, let us begin" the Master of magnetism said with a smile on his face.

Wanda decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D in order to become like the man who had saved her from Selene. And naturally Pietro followed, the two of them followed Fury through the corridors of the Helicarrier.

"So what's our first mission?" Pietro asked, pulling the collar of his uniform.

"First you're going to learn some patience and respect Agent Maximoff, because you're going to need it for the project your going to be a part of" Fury said.

"Please call us Lensherr Director Fury and forgive my brother, what is this project you speak of?" Wanda asked, adapting to her uniform much better than her brother had.

Fury typed a code onto a doors keypad. The door slid open and the two twins widened their eyes. Lying on an operating table was man wearing a blue and red costume, on top of his chest was a red, black and white shield with a star at its centre. Water dripped from his body while the doctors around him analysed his body.

"We've named it "The Avenger Initiative" Agents Lensherr, meet your leader" Fury said, grinning as he pointed at the unconscious man on the table.

Back at the Xavier institute, Rogue tapped her foot against the floor impatiently as she awaited the arrival of the new students. Logan was supposed to be helping her today. After another minute of waiting she decided to go to his hut to get him. Walking into the woods, Rogue blinked as she heard laughing coming from the hut. She opened the door; the room was pitch black, though she could just make out Logan sitting with a blonde haired man, his face hidden by the shadows. Both had been drinking beers and were laughing hysterically.

"Logan…what are you doing?" Rogue asked.

Logan took a final sip before looking over at Rogue.

"Just enjoying a drink and talk with a friend…even if he wont give me his real name" Logan muttered.

The stranger pulled his hood up and shook Logan's hand.

"I'd better get going, Logan, Rogue have a good day" He said as he walked towards the door.

"Hey bub, aren't you forgetting something?" Logan asked.

"Keep it, I don't need it anymore" The man said before he walked past Rogue.

Rogue turned the light switch on and widened her eyes at what he saw on Logan's table. It was the mask of Soldier, the man who risked his life to save them. Logan smiled as he got up.

"Well, haven't we got some new students to welcome?" Logan asked.

After a moment of confusion Rogue smiled, it seemed that the future could only get better from here on out.

Their plans had failed, never again would they be able to fight on Hellfire's behalf. And some of the Hellion's, particularly James Proudstar didn't want to. He sat in his cell, sulking bitterly; the only thoughts in his mind were curses of the club. If only he had chosen a different path, he could have been a hero.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU FROST!!!" James yelled, hoping his words would reach Emma.

She too sat in her cell bitterly thinking of the X-men. Already plans of revenge were creeping into her mind. The woman smiled, for this cell wouldn't hold her forever. Her ears then twitched as she heard a strange sound coming from James's cell.

"Who are you?" James asked, looking up at the armoured figure standing over him.

"You may call me Stryfe…tell me James do you want redemption?" The man asked.

"More than anything" said James without any hesitation.

Suddenly the chains binding him shattered and portal opened behind Stryfe.

"That's the right answer James, if you wish to become a hero then take my hand"

Without a moments hesitation, James took the mans hand. Stryfe smiled as he pulled James into the portal.

"Welcome to my X-men Thunderbird!"

The End

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