Bonus story: The other Promise

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Miwa stood at the edge of the large lake near the village that was established by her and Mikako and many others. She had met the scouting group that had Mikako's boyfriend Nobaru. That Was yesterday. She knew that another group would come soon. She stood there by herself and gave out a sigh. she's usually here with Mikako and talking of the future ,but she's probably out showing Nobaru the Village and the amazing things she discovered.

Their visitor brought back memories of things forgoten and unfullfiled promises. She tried to block them out but with no success. She had no idea why these images tormented her ,guilt probably. She gave another sigh and placed her hand on her head.

"It's been a long time ,Miwa," A familiar voice greeted. She had no idea how to react. Was it who she tought it was.

"Are you Real ...or just a painful memory?" Miwa asked trying not to sound sad and frightened.

"I'm only a ghost from your past," The voice replied. Miwa turned and saw the figure she feared to face. It was her old boyfriend ,Kei.The one she left on Earth. She could see past the age he gained and saw the face she once loved. He was older than her probably in his mid to late fifties.

"W-what are you doing here?" She question.

"I'm the doctor on the ship," He explained.

"How did you know I was here?" She asked.

"I helped Hisa recover and she told me of her friends on the Lysithea," He explained. Miwa turned ;ashamed to look at him.

"Why are you here?" She asked another question.

"To fullfil a promise," Kei said as he walked closer to her, "Remember the night before you left and we gazed at the stars and you told me-"

"That all you had to do was look at the stars and now I'll come back," Miwa finished, "Kei, I thought you would've moved on by now."

"I did," He said, "I have two beautiful daughters waiting for me on Earth."

"I came here," Kei began, "not because I wanted to but because I needed to. You know what hurt more than you not returning was that you chose not to return."

"I-I'm sorry," She said now starting to cry ,a rare sight, "I was stupid and afraid."

"I know," He said and walked closer. He wrapped his arms around her like he used to. They just stood like that for a long time and looked at the water.

"I'm sorry," Miwa broke the silence ,her tears strating to dry, "It's my fault."

"No! No it's not," He said and turned her towards him. Their faces got closer and soon shared a kiss. It was like reliving the past. He broke away and turned.

"I'll have to leave soon," Kei explained and started to walk away, " Good bye ,Miwa."

"Good bye ,Kei" Miwa said in a soft ,almost whisper ing voice. She soon felt a tugging and looked down and saw a small boy she knew as her son. He was only about four and looked alot like his father. He reached to the sky to signal that he wanted to be picked up. She complied and lifted her son.

"Who's that?" The small child asked ;pointing at Kei.

"Someone important," Miwa answered. Miwa thought that now she could put her mind at ease. After so many years a promise was finall and painfully fullfiled.

Authors Note: Not much to say about this one. I came up with it while writing the main story and thought to add it cause Miwa needed closure as well.