That Summer Heat: Chapter 1

Synopsis: Yamato Ishida thought summer camp would be a breeze this year, being a counselor. No curfew, no parents & all the ladies he could feast his eyes on. That is until a new camper, Kari Kamiya, enters. Oh and her brother is head counselor.

Things to Know:
- I don't own this. But thanks for reminding me; I'm going to go smother myself to death.
- This is an AU (alternate universe), which means not everything goes according to the show.
- It's rated M ( R) for a reason. Cursing, sexual scenes & occasional violence. And I know you people love all three :D…or is everyone not as morally corrupt as myself?


A Nineteen-year-old Yamato Ishida whistled a chipper old tune to himself as he leisurely made his way down the small camp parking lot. He drug one hand through his golden-blonde mane, the other clutching onto two duffle bags thrown over one shoulder.

The young blonde felt himself smile when the familiar scent of bug repellant and sun-block lotion filled his nostrils.

It was a smell he always associated and first experienced at Camp Catskill, a summer camp he had been attending yearly since the tender age of nine. The nineteen-year-old had experienced most of his teenage gaucheries and firsts on the campgrounds, both good and bad. And now, nearly a decade later, he was attending the summer camp as a camp counselor.


The golden-topped male felt himself drawn from his inner musings, glancing up at the call of his name. A grin tugged his lips as he caught sight of a familiar pair of faces making their way towards him.

"Good to see you made it on time, Mimi." The nineteen-year-old teased as he took the slight girl into a salutatory hug. Mimi Tachikawa frowned at the boy's remark, a somewhat hurt expression puckering her delicate features.

"I do not know what you are talking about." The eighteen-year-old female spout somewhat huffily, nose upturned in the air as she crossed her arms under his chest. Yamato chuckled at that, gaze shifting towards the other male at her side. He shook his head disapprovingly.

"Koushiro, you are aware this is camp, right?"

Koushiro Izumi, a twenty-year-old boy with a mane of russet-brown hair and twinkling black eyes, was busy fervently pounding at the small keyboard of his hand held mini-computer to take note of his comment.

Mimi released an exasperated sigh, her pretty amber-brown eyes rolling heavenward, before she reached over and noisily snapped the electronic device shut. The auburn-haired male wrenched up at that, as if jerked from his reverie, before blinking about himself with confused eyes.

"When did we get to camp?" The twenty-year-old male remarked, reaching up and scratching at the back of his scalp. His eyes widened when he caught sight of the taller male, jerking out a willowy arm for a welcoming shake.

"Yamato! When did you get here?"

The blonde opened his mouth to reply to the boy's inquiry but instead found himself jostled by something, stumbling foreword to regain his balance. He swiveled about to see what had caused his slip, fully prepared to give the prick a verbal lashing for his misstep.

He didn't even utter a word.

A tiny slip of a girl was sprawled at his feet, three heavy-looking luggage cases scattered about the dirt ground.

Her hair was long and full, heavy skeins of chestnut brown pulled up into a high ponytail that ended just at the curve of her back. A few defiant strands refused to lay tamely about her head, framing a heart-shaped face and a pair of shimmering rose pink eyes.

She wore a lemony-yellow sundress made of airy chiffon, sleeveless and done with a half-circle neckline. The dress was pleasantly snug about her lean torso up until the curve of her hips, the skirt belling out to her knees. Little white flowers lined the hem of the skirt, a pair of white sandals encasing her tiny feet.

She looked no older than seventeen he surmised and definitely a foreigner as she glanced about nervously, looking terribly out of place.

The young brunette hastily scrambled to her feet, vehemently apologizing for her misstep as she gathered her fallen luggage bags. She nearly fell again when another hand joined her venture, lifting all three of her bags with a single arm.

"You're new, aren't you?" Yamato inquired softly, slinging her bags over his shoulder.

The girl stared at the blonde with a painfully mortified, perfectly scarlet red face and looking adorable to boot.

"Y-Yeah. T-This is my f-f-first time at this camp. I just m-moved here from California and my mom figured this'd be a good way to meet people." The brunette elaborated with a nervous giggle. The nineteen-year-old found himself smiling at the innate innocence that exuded the girl, something he hadn't seen in a while.

"Well I'm camp counselor Yamato," The blonde announced with a mischievous grin, suddenly leaning into the girl. Two bright red spots sprouted on her cheeks, finding it increasingly hard to breathe properly.

"I'll be here to make sure your stay is a pleasant one."

"W-Well thanks in advance for that Yamato, but I must get going to my cabin." She blurted quickly, sounding flustered and looking it to. The seventeen-year-old awkwardly made a move to grab her luggage back from the male and felt her brow pucker with confusion when he held them back.

"I'll bring these to your cabin for you." The nineteen-year-old offered helpfully, hitching up the bags more securely on his shoulder. Sheer terror besieged her pretty face, her hands rising up in objection.

"Oh! I couldn't possibly ask--"

"You didn't ask, I offered." He interjected grinningly, motioning with his hands to stop her from doing the same.

"And I wouldn't want you falling like you did before, so please, just lead the way."

The young brunette remained still for a moment, fidgeting uncomfortably for a moment before pivoting her heel.

Yamato cast a fleeting glance at his two companions, ignoring Mimi's cautionary glare with a departing wave of his hand. It's not like he was going to marry her or something, he was just carrying her bags.

He was just having some fun.

"So, what brings you all the way to Japan?" The blonde questioned off-handedly as he trailed the slight female, head tilted slightly with curiosity. The auburn-haired female was silent before responding.

"My parents are originally from Odaiba, but when I was little my dad got a job transfer to California and now he got another job transfer back to Odaiba. It's so weird, you'd figure they could make up their minds or something."

Yamato laughed at the last part, the girl soon joining in the gaiety. The two fell into a companionable hush for the rest of the short trek, coming to a stop at the wooden porch situated in front of cabin J-04.

"Well, here we are." The nineteen-year-old announced to no one in particular, happily plopping her belongings down onto the porch floor. He turned back to her, flashing a knowing grin.

"See, no harm done."

The brunette flashed an appreciative smile, glancing back at the cabin behind her before turning back to the boy in front of her.

"Thanks for all the help…Yamato. But I think I can handle it from here." Was her murmuring response, extending out a trembling arm. The blonde cast her a questioning look but quickly shook it off, taking the pale appendage in his clutch and shaking twice.

"It was no problem, I'm here to help."

She nodded and made a move to pull back but was kept in place as this Yamato fellow didn't let go of her hand, still nestled gently in his strong hold. She felt her face burn.

"I have one question though," He began, tugging her a bit closer to him. She gulped and nodded twice, scrambling to gather the little sense of the wits she had left.

"What's your name?"

The seventeen-year-old let out a loud sigh of relief, her tense shoulders relaxing with the motion. That was short lived, however, as the young female began to notice the gaggle of females just beyond herself.

They were glaring at her with this disgusted repulsion, conspiratorially whispering something scandalous amongst each other. One of them outright pointed at the brunette, squishing her face into a nasty expression.

She couldn't quite understand their hostility, considering she didn't even know them. The young female thought briefly if she had done something on the bus ride over, but couldn't come up with a single thing.

As she glanced back down, she felt her eyes widen considerably, her hand still snared in Yamato's own. A pink hue painted the highline of her cheeks as she realized this counselor must be rather popular with the female populace of the camp.

And here she was, holding his hand and making enemies by every curious glance.

"Oh my…" The seventeen-year-old whispered to herself, absently biting at her lower lip in nervous habit.

"Your name is oh my?" The nineteen-year-old inquired in a bewildered tone, brow furrowing with confusion.

"Oh no!" She gasped then giggled a little sheepishly to herself, motioning airily to dispute his remark.

"You can call me Kari."

"Kari…" Yamato murmured to himself, strangely enjoying how it rolled off his tongue. It was then the camp bell rung the air, signaling for all campers to report to their respective cabins for roster call.

"Thank you again, but I must get going." Her face was wrought a little, almost fretful of being late for attendance call.

The golden-topped male only nodded, smiling a little, as he absently caressed the top flesh of her hand with his thumb. She literally shivered at the motion.

"It was nice meeting you, Kari." He gave her one his earth-shattering grins; one that had gotten him out of and into plenty of trouble in his life. His grin twisted into a full on smirk as his legendary expression worked its magic.

The seventeen-year-old nodded, now certain that her face had taken on a permanent pink shade, as she clumsily stepped back. She bumped into her pile of luggage bags, the source of all this trouble and flashed him a thoroughly embarrassed smile.

"Oops! Forgot that was there, heh…" She aimlessly reached behind her, grabbing the bags and murmuring her gratitude once more.

Yamato didn't say a word but kept his eyes locked with hers until it was simply impossible to do so, as she vanished behind the cabin door. He blinked then grinned, turning his heel as he made his way back to his own cabin.


Sometime later that day, Yamato sighed heavily as he stalked over towards the one of two available beds in the counselor's cabin. After a long and highly unnecessary information seminar, the counselors were dismissed to their cabins to get more situated.

This consisted of a relatively large room, equipped with two windows lining the walls and two spinning light fans attached to the ceiling. Three beds lined the walls, done in simply navy blue and white bedding, with a large trunk before each bed.

By the time the nineteen-year-old had gotten their, all the beds but two were already taken. He would've liked the one closest to the bathroom, that way he wouldn't have to walk too far, but that spot was designated specifically for the head counselor.

He fiddled with the lock on the trunk before his bed, which defiantly refused to open. The blonde scowled, grunting slightly as he reared back and kicked the chest lid open.

Despite it being the male counselor cabin, the female counselors were all occupied in the room, the majority giggling at the nineteen-year-old display of strength.

"Woah, angry much?" Sora Takenouchi, one of the counselors, remarked from across the room.

Yamato sneered at his companion's remark, tiresomely taking both duffle bags and depositing it into the chest. He'd fix that stuff tomorrow.

"He's just tired, Sora." Mimi called from one of the near-by beds, Koushiro's to be specific. She flashed a mischievous grin to the other female, absently flicking away at one her wavy honey-brown locks.

"He was helping girls with their luggage this morning."

The nineteen-year-old felt himself grinning at the thought, fondly recalling the doe-eyed Kari from earlier that day. He was going to snap something back in response when the door came flying open.

The sudden intrusion aught the undivided attention of all the cabin inhabitants, causing a shift in their gazes at the new entity that had entered.

It was a relatively tall boy, probably twenty or so, with an alarming head of chocolate brown spikes, a blue and white pair of goggles resting on the crown of the wild disarray. He wore a simple pair of blue denim shorts and a white Camp Catskill T-shirt. But most catching was the silver whistle hanging about his neck, signifying his status as head counselor.

The intruder gave the room a quick once over, undaunted by the curious stares he was receiving. He simply walked past them, a duffle bag in either hand, towards the only vacant bed left.

The room settled into an uncomfortable silence as the new male began to unpack his belongings, moving over to open the trunk situated before his bed. He struggled with the lock, as it was rusted and old, refusing to open.

Yamato made a move to help the new counselor when the auburn-haired male suddenly stepped back, swinging hard and kicking the old furniture with practiced ease. Ignoring the girls' uproar of excited giggles, the blonde moved towards the auburn-haired male, arm jutted out.

"I take it you're our head counselor," The nineteen-year-old remarked kindly enough, casting the boy a welcoming grin.

"Names Yamato Ishida."

The new comer looked at the wavering appendage, almost uncertain, before catching it with his own.

"Mines Taichi Yagami." They shook once and the twenty-year-old took a glance at the string of females gathered across the room, each of them casting him a more than welcoming eye. He grimaced slightly, pointing at the horde.

"Are all the girls like that?"

Yamato only chuckled, turning to glance at the dreadfully short-skirted females and giving them an absent wave in greeting. They swooned over themselves, causing their tiny skirts to flare up and give the surrounding populace a lovely view.

Taichi laughed hard at that, sighing as he turned to his newly established companion.

"I'll take that as a yes."


So I sorta made Yamato a bit more playful than he is…I'm going for that bad-boy popular dude. O.o I don't know…you guys get what I mean, right?

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