Over The Rainbow 20

Rainbow's Shadow

Disclaimer: I just own the characters that you wouldn't normally see on Sailor Moon

It was time to dethrone Queen Beryl. It was do or die. This was what they all were waiting for. The sailor scouts were more than ready; at least, they tried to be. They met at the Cherry Hill Temple to prepare for the showdown.

"I hope we're ready," Amy sighed.

"Dun't worry, lassie," Lydia said, "We're not cursed."

"But the whole world will be if we don't stop Queen Beryl," Raye said.

"Time to transform, girls," Luna meowed. "You can do it."

"All right, this is what yeh all been waiting for." Lucky said. "Now it not the time to be afraid."

"That's easy for you to say," Serena whispered.

"Hey, we can do this." Lita said, "We'll take care of Beryl and come back in time for some shopping or something."

"Yeah," Mina nodded.

"Well, here we go," Serena said. "Let's do it, scouts! MOON PRISM POWER!"







They all joined hands in a circle and their hair was flowing up in colors of pink, gold, light blue, red, green, and orange. As they prepare to teleport, Luna told Artemis and Lucky about her thoughts.

"Do you think they're ready?" she asked.

"Everyone but Serena maybe." Artemis said.

"That's what Lydia is there for," Lucky said.


The scouts teleported themselves to the artic, where they believed would take them to the Negaverse. The cold blizzard got to Sailor Moon quickly.

"Maybe we belong somewhere warm. Like Tahiti?" Her teeth chattered as she spoke and shivered.

"Ah, dis is nuttin'," Sailor Rainbow bragged, "The winters in Ireland could get pretty cold."

"Hey, Rainbow," Venus said, "Have you noticed that you're missing something?"

"Now, Sailor Venus," Sailor Rainbow groaned, "I have not lost my mind."

"That's not what I meant," she said, pointing to where Rainbow's shadow should be. "I meant, your shadow. It's gone."

"Yeah," Jupiter nodded, "and even with the small sun behind the clouds, we have shadows, but you don't."

"Hmm, strange," Rainbow said, looking at the ground where her shadow should be. "Mercury, why don't you find how why I have no shadow?"

"That's so weird," said Sailor Mars, "how long has your shadow been missing?"

Instead of trying to track Rainbow's shadow, Mercury tried to get readings to the warp hole on her computer. "I'm getting some strange readings from that volcano over there."

"A volcano?" Sailor Rainbow wondered. "In the artic?"

"Then let's go that way," Sailor Mars said and they made their way to the volcano.

"Can't we hire a dogsled or something?" Sailor Moon complained, "Rainbow, you've got fancy attacks…could you…?"

"Hold it." Mercury said suddenly.

"What's wrong, Mercury?" Rainbow asked.

"There's some sort of life form out here," she replied.

"Could be a polar bear."

"I don't think so," Sailor Mercury said. "Do you see it? Straight ahead." She pointed and sure enough there was someone standing in the snow, appeared to be chained.

"It's Tuxedo Mask!" Sailor Moon gasped. "He's hurt! We've got to help him!" She made her way to him but Mercury stepped in the way.

"No, Sailor Moon!" She told her. "It could be a trap."

"But--" Sailor Moon mumbled.

Sailor Mercury used her computer to check what the trap could be.

She heard Tuxedo Mask's voice in her head. Princess, help me be free again. "It is him! I've got to help him, now!"


Before she took another step, Sailor Moon was caught in Rainbow's lasso. "Rainbow--I heard him!"

"Listen, Sailor Moon, if that really was Tuxedo Mask," Rainbow began, "would he be asking for our help?"


"It's not Tuxedo Mask, I assure you. The real Tuxedo Mask would not be out here, asking for help. Instead, he'd be telling us to run for our lives! Don't be fooled!"


"Rainbow's right!" Mercury shouted. "That's not Tuxedo Mask!"

The fake Tuxedo Mask proved Mercury and Rainbow's theory. Tentacles shot out from the phony Tuxedo Mask toward the Sailor Scouts. They backed up and the fake revealed her true identity and laughed. It was the leader of the doom and gloom girls.

"Think it's funny, now do yeh?" Sailor Rainbow demanded.

"I'm sick of you Nega-trash pokin' fun at me!" Sailor Moon cried.

The four other doom and gloom girls appeared behind their leader. "Hey, Jupiter," the leader said, "There's someone here who wants to see you."

Jupiter took a look and gasped. Tuxedo Mask was switched with Andrew. "It's Andrew!" she cried. "We've got to save him!"

"Jupiter, don't!" Sailor Rainbow ordered. "Don't yeh remember what Malachite said? Things aren't always what they seem!"

But Jupiter didn't listen. She took the bait of the trap and was soon caught in a tangle of tentacles.

"They have her trapped!" Sailor Moon gasped. Sailor Moon and Mars tried to free her.



Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars underestimated the doom and gloom girls. They closed in around Jupiter, so if either scout cut loose, Sailor Jupiter would get hurt.

"No--wait!" Sailor Rainbow warned.

"Jupiter, we'll get you out of this, so help me!" Mars cried.

"Thanks, but you've got to get Beryl." Jupiter said. "I'll handle these Nega-creeps!" She tried one last attempt, with all her energy. "JUPITER THUNDER CRASH!"

"What's that energy?" the leader wondered out loud. Jupiter's lightning danced onto their tentacles and great light exploded. Jupiter was gone.

"Jupiter?" Sailor Rainbow gasped.

"She's with us in the Negaverse!" said the leader of the doom and gloom girls.

"Lita, no! Don't go!"

Jupiter perished trying to get free. She sent them all a message. "Hang in there guys. I'm with ya."

"Who's next?" The doom and gloom leader said. "Eeeny, meeny, miney, mo…"

Sailor Moon was in tears. She tried to run away but the others stop her.

"You're not getting away with this, you understand?" She screamed.

"No! Don't!" Mars shouted.

"I want Jupiter back. Let's just give them the crystal!"

"That wouldn't work," Rainbow said.

Mercury heard something. "Listen."

They moved but she stopped them. "Hmm?"

"It could be another trick."

"What should we do?" Venus asked.

"You keep heading for that volcano," Mercury told them, "I'll check this out and catch up with you. Don't worry. I'll be careful. Okay?"

"But it's not safe," Moon said.

"No one said this was going to be safe," Mercury confirmed.

"She's right," Rainbow said. "That's why we're sailor scouts. Let's keep moving. Watch yerself, Mercury."

"I will."

The others left her alone and Mercury looked up. "Now, there's something up there." She knew it. It was another prisoner. "Greg? It's got to be an illusion. Better scan it first."

It was as she suspected, a doom and gloom girl.

"I knew it."

Suddenly, her scanners went out of control and a wave of lava was heading to her. In a split second, she did what she could to protect herself. "MERCURY BUBBLES BLAST!" Her bubbles cooled the lava, but three doom and gloom girls jumped her. They threw a hot blast at her.

'Looks like my scouting days are over,' Mercury thought.

"Got that right, techno-dweeb," the leader said, reading her mind. "Where did your little friends go?"

"Scared away."

"She's lying. No matter, we'll use this cute little computer to track them down."

The scouts learned about Mercury's fate in their minds. "You guys take care. I'll be with Lita." Sailor Moon took the news very hard.

"No! Now Mercury is gone too!" she shouted. "We weren't ready for this! Luna didn't train us right!"

"Sure she did," Rainbow said.

"Rainbow's right," Mars said. "Let's not quit now. We've got to keep moving, for them."

"I just want to go home now," Moon mumbled.

"We quit now," Rainbow said, "we won't have a home to go to."

Venus noticed something glowing under the ice. "SAILOR MOON, WATCH IT!" She pushed her away and fell in the ice.

"Sailor Venus!" Moon cried.

Tentacles pulled Venus up into the air.

"We'll get you down!" Moon promised. "I'll use my tiara!"

"Save your energy!" Venus insisted. "You'll need it!"

Moon stepped back and Rainbow stepped forward. "Catch the rope, Venus!"

"Thanks, Rainbow," Venus said, "but forget it!"

"Hey! Look, lassie--" Rainbow began, getting peeved.

"Stay with Sailor Moon! You've got to keep your energy too! I can take care of my self, thank you very much!"

"You know, for a crime-fighting-has-been, yer all right!"

"And for a farm girl, you're mighty awesome!"

"Sailor Venus, is it?" the leader said, "Well, welcome to the Negaverse!"

But Venus didn't go down with a fight. "VENUS CRESCENT BEAM SMASH!" The doom and gloom girls ultimately prevail, however, and Venus was lost.

"Bless yer soul, lassie," Rainbow muttered.

"Guess now you know why we're the Doom and Gloom girls."

"I believe in you."

"Mars, Rainbow! Stop!" Sailor Moon cried, falling to her knees. "I can't run anymore!"

"Need to rest for a bit?" Rainbow asked, stopping to crouch down in front of her, "but we're almost there."

"It's not that--I can't fight!"

"But Sailor Moon," Rainbow said, "if we stop, then Jupiter, Mercury and Venus would've died fighting for nothing!"

"And me too, probably," Mars said.

"Mars, come on, yeh can't mean that!" Rainbow cried.

"You're baling out on me?" Moon demanded.

"These Doom and Gloom girls are too much for me," Mars admitted. "Sailor Moon, Sailor Rainbow--I think you two are supposed to face Queen Beryl alone."

Sailor Rainbow sighed, "Mars…"

"We can leave and come back when we're stronger," Moon suggested.

Two of the doom and gloom girls approached. Sailor Mars turned to them, ready for a fight. "Time for me to go."

"No, wait!" Sailor Moon shouted after but Rainbow grabbed her arm.

"Let her kick those doom and gloom girls' ahrsses alone the best she can," Rainbow said.

"Look, Rainbow, Mars--you don't have to protect me!"

"Yes we do," Mars and Rainbow said in unison.


"It's been my destiny to protect you and the crystal," Mars said, "just as being the moon princess has been yours."

"And my destiny is to be there with yeh when we kick Queen Beryl's ahrss." Rainbow said.

"Gotta go. I need to teach this sleazoids not to mess with fire," Mars said.

It was suicide. They all knew it. But there was no other way.


The two girls jumped at Sailor Mars. They went on either side of her and dove into the ice. "Huh, where'd they go?"

And they come up behind her.

"LOOK OUT!" Moon screamed.


The ice surrounded Mars and she was trapped in an ice mountain. There was an explosion. Sailor Mars was killed, leaving Rainbow and Moon alone. "See ya 'round, guys."

"She's gone," Sailor Moon sobbed. "They're all gone, Rainbow! I'm all alone!"

"Don't say that!" Rainbow cried, surprising her out of her hurt, "Yeh are not alone! I'm still here, Sailor Moon! I'm with yeh till the bitter end!"

"And here it is!" The leader of the doom and gloom girl shouted.

"You killed all my friends!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"But yeh won't get me! Yeh won't get either of us!" Sailor Rainbow shouted, pulling out the prism crystal. "Yer Doom and Gloom days are over! It's time to see the light!"


The prism crystal combined with Sailor Rainbow's shamrock wand. She held it over her head and the dim light of the sun shined through it. "RAINBOW BRILLIANT RADIATION!"

The rays of the sun passed through Sailor Rainbow's crystal and became seven different colored beams of light. They hit each Doom and Gloom girl and the beams begin to break them apart.

"Now, yeh have met yer doom!"

The doom and gloom girls were destroyed by Rainbow's crystal. It took a lot of Rainbow's power and she collapsed on the ground.

"Rainbow! You did it!" Moon shouted. "You did it! Don't leave me!"

Rainbow opened her eyes; "I told yeh I'd be there for yeh 'till the bitter end, didn't I?" she groaned and pulled herself up. "It ain't over yet."

A field surrounded the two sailor scouts and took them to the Negaverse. They land on the floor.

"Sailor Moon, Sailor Rainbow, how nice of you to drop by," Queen Beryl said coldly.

"Aren't yeh a good host?" Rainbow growled. "We would've preferred a horse drawn carriage though."

"Welcome to my Negaverse."

"You're Queen Beryl," Sailor Moon said. She spotted Prince Darien kneeling at Queen Beryl's throne, kissing her hand in loyalty. This unnerved both of them.

"And you remember Prince Darien?" Queen Beryl asked.

"What have you done to him?" Sailor Rainbow demanded. She stormed over to her. "You witch!"

"Keep your distance! You cost me Malachite!"

"You were going to get rid of him anyway!" Sailor Rainbow shouted. "We just freed him, just like we'll free Darien and then yeh can kiss yer world goodbye!"

Queen Beryl sneered.

"Oh…and I forgot something," Sailor Rainbow said. She spat on Queen Beryl's boots.

"Shall I do away with her, my queen?" Prince Darien asked.

"No, I want the crystal first," Queen Beryl said.

"All right then."

"Darien, no--" Rainbow began, pushing him back. "You love Sailor Moon. I'm your friend. Don't listen to Queen Beryl."

He knocked her to the side and he proceeded to walk to Sailor Moon. "Give me the crystal!" He raised his sword to slice her and she rolled out of the way.

"Darien, stop it!" Rainbow shouted.

"Oh, Sailor Rainbow, I have someone here I want you to meet." Queen Beryl said.

Sailor Rainbow saw a familiar shadow creep up. The shadow came out of the ground and took shape of Sailor Shadow. Rainbow gasped. Sailor Shadow grinned.

"Yeh look like me…except with a bad hair job."

"Like her, Sailor Rainbow?" Beryl asked. "I created her from your shadow."

"My shadow? So that's where it went!"

"Darien, get me the crystal!" Queen Beryl order, "Sailor Shadow, eliminate Sailor Rainbow!"

"Done!" they said in unison.

Sailor Rainbow backed up and attacked with a shamrock shower. Sailor Shadow became transparent and the shamrocks went right through her. "You'll have to do better than that, Rainbow. Ha-ha-ha."

"Hurry and heal 'im, Moon!" Sailor Rainbow cried.

"Got it!" Sailor Moon said. "MOON HEALING ACTIVATION!" It did not do a thing. "What? Rainbow, it didn't work!"

"But that's impossible!" Rainbow gasped.

"Darien is mine now!" Queen Beryl laughed. "Your pathetic wand cannot bring him back! He does not remember you or you either, Rainbow!"

"Oh, Rainbow," Moon sighed, "What do I do now?"

"I'm a little busy right now," Rainbow said, starting a fire around Sailor Shadow that she just put out by raising her arm, creating a large shadow. "Just think of something!"

"Ready to give up, Rainbow?" Shadow demanded with a sneer.

"Hah! Never!" Rainbow hissed. "I'm just getting started RAINBOW DIVINE MIST!"

"SHADOW DAUNTFUL MIST!" Their mists met and they both had to struggle to keep the offender's back.

"Ah, you're strong Rainbow…"

"Not too bad yerself," Rainbow wheezed.

"But not as strong as I!" the mist became too dark, too thick and pushed Sailor Rainbow's mist away and clouded around her.

"Nice try, Shadow!" Rainbow said, waving her arm to thin out the mist. "But it won't work on me!"

"Keep fighting, Sailor Rainbow!" Moon encouraged.

"Like I have a choice!"

"I'll try to save Darien." She pulled off her tiara, 'I hope this works.'

"MOON TIARA MAGIC!" Her tiara weakened him, but it did not break the spell.

"You can't turn him against me, Sailor Moon," Queen Beryl said. "His mind belongs to me!"

"Goodbye, Sailor Moon!" Prince Darien shouted.

"Rainbow--I don't know what to do!" Sailor Moon panicked, "She has control over his mind! I've tried everything! I don't know what to do!"

Rainbow dodged Shadow's punch. "Here, I think what yeh need is a STROKE OF LUCK!" she tossed a four leaf clover to Sailor Moon and she caught it. "So what if she has his mind? She doesn't have his heart! His heart belongs to yeh, Sailor Moon! Find a way to make him remember!"

'Hmm, she's right,' Sailor Moon thought. "Darien, your heart belongs to me. Don't you remember?"

"You are the enemy!" He snarled.

"No I'm not," Sailor Moon said, holding out Sailor Rainbow's shamrock and her locket. "Remember our locket? Remember Princess Lydia's shamrock? She's your best friend. I'm your love. You have to remember us. You just have to!"

Darien blinked. "I remember."

"Just touch them."

Darien reached forward and touched the shamrock and locket. The spell was broken. He grunted, shook his head and blinked a few times. "My head--"

"OH TRAITOR!" Queen Beryl screamed.

"It worked, Sailor Rainbow!" Moon cried.

"Yes, finally!" Rainbow shouted for joy and before she could do or say anything else, Shadow stepped forward and began to choke her. "Ghuh…"

"TIME TO DIE!" She shouted.

"Sailor Rainbow….no!"

"Rainbow," Prince Darien whirled around. "Hold on!" He ran to Sailor Shadow and Sailor Rainbow. He pulled out his sword and sliced off Sailor Shadow's hands. They became transparent and fell off Sailor Rainbow's neck and reattached to her arms. "Are you all right?"

"Fools!" Sailor Shadow grunted.

Sailor Rainbow took in a deep breath, "Aye…thank yeh." Sailor Shadow has made Rainbow very angry. She held up her wand with the crystal. "Yeh may be just my shadow…but yer not me!" She twirled her wand, "RAINBOW BRILLIANT RADIATON!"

The blast from Sailor Rainbow made Sailor Shadow crumble and fall to the ground and travel up to her, as her harmless shadow. "Now stay behind me where yeh belong!" she smiled and looked up at Darien. "Welcome back, buddy." She put her arms around Darien and Sailor Moon ran up to be in on the group hug. Darien put an arm around Sailor Moon and another around Rainbow.

"I'm so glad you're all right, both of you!" Sailor Moon said.

"Together again, like old times." Sailor Rainbow said.

"Oh that's so sweet, I'm getting cavities." Queen Beryl muttered, her anger rising. "I won't let you sailor brats insult me in my own place." Queen Beryl created a crystal and launched it at Sailor Rainbow and Sailor Moon. But Darien saw it and threw his charmed rose. It shattered the crystal and plunged to Beryl's heart.

"Yeh were saying, Beryl?" Rainbow hissed.

"You haven't seen the last of me," Queen Beryl said, falling to the floor. She disappeared.

"I cannot be defeated again!" Queen Beryl whined to the Negaforce. "Give me the power to destroy them!"

"Don't whine at me, Queen Beryl," the Negaforce said. "You're as incompetent as your minions. I'll give you this one last chance. Use it well!" It lent her some of its power and the evil queen was now supercharged.

Massive energies exploded in the artic. Queen Beryl arrived on the scene, laughing, mad as ever.


Sailor Rainbow and Sailor Moon appeared in the artic, side by side with their battle faces on.

"Better enjoy that laugh, Beryl," Sailor Moon muttered, "It's the last one you'll ever have. You'll never rule the Universe as long as I live."

"And that goes for me, too, yeh wench!" Sailor Rainbow hissed.

"Let's get this over with then," Queen Beryl said.

"By all means," Rainbow said, "let's finish this!"

"You girls will regret that you ever crossed me," Queen Beryl said. "Goodbye, sailor scouts!" She sent a powerful energy, raising a column of ice. But the top broke open and standing where Sailor Moon and Rainbow were, now stood the moon princess and rainbow princess.

"We'll defeat you, Beryl," both princesses said, "in the name of the Earth, the Moon, and the entire universe!"

All the lights go out on the planet. Mrs. Tsukino wondered about Serena's safety. 'I hope Serena's all right out there.'

Madam Indigo tried to be more positive, 'If anyone can do it, Lydia and Serena can.'

On Serena's roof, the cats felt bad energy vibes. "This is bad." Artemis said, "It's getting colder by the minute. Beryl was too strong for them. Lucky, Luna, our scouts are doomed!"

"It's not too late," Lucky insisted. "Sailor Moon and Rainbow can defeat Queen Beryl."

"I hope so," Luna sighed. She looked up in the night sky, "Sailor Moon, Sailor Rainbow, don't let the Negaverse win. EVERYONE'S COUNTING ON YOU!"

"Believe in yer selves!" Lucky added. "Don't give up!"

Princess Lydia and Princess Lydia get the message. 'I hear you Luna,' Serena thought.

'I'll never give up Lucky, yeh can count on that!'


Queen Beryl read their minds. "You should be!"

They began the fight. Both of their wands combine to make a longer wand, one much more powerful. They both held the wand up.



Moon and Rainbow power clash with Queen Beryl's nega-power. None of them let up an inch.

'We have to do this, Lydia,' Serena sent to Lydia's mind.

'And we will.'

From their final resting places, the lost sailor scouts sent messages to Lydia and Serena.

'Hey, Serena, Lydia,' Amy began, 'I can help you two on this assignment.'

'Yeah, let me help too,' Raye added, 'or I won't speak to either of you again.'

'Don't forget me,' Lita agreed, 'Still too many guys we want to meet.'

'Let us help.' Mina finished, 'we can't let this end.'

"Hey, I hear them, Serena!" Lydia said.

"We can use you all," Princess Serena said. "Let's finish this!"

The spirits of the sailor scouts appeared behind the two princesses. They joined hands.







The six powers unite all together to create a fantastic, incredible blast.

"No, it can't be!" Queen Beryl screamed.

The blast engulfed her and Queen Beryl disappeared forever. The spirits of the sailor scouts faded out and the two princesses fell to their knees in relief.

"She's gone for good now, Lydia," Serena sighed.

"Yes," Lydia said. "What a beautiful day." Lydia looked up and a rainbow spread across the sigh. "Oh look Serena, a rainbow! Make a wish!"

"All right, I wish that our world will have another chance for peace, a new beginning. You and I can be normal teenagers and no matter what happens, we'll be friends forever!"

"It's done, then."

Serena got her wish. It was a new beginning for her and she woke up late for school again. She stepped outside, unaware that Lucky, Luna and Artemis were watching her.

"I'm so proud of our scouts," Artemis said. "They did it and they came back safe too."

"Yes, only now, they don't remember it," Luna said. "It's like none of them ever met. They don't remember being sailor scouts or friends. Nothing."

Lita accidentally bumped into Serena and excused herself without saying another word. Artemis and Luna sighed. Lucky however, was optimistic.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that," Lucky said with a grin.

"Huh?" the two other cats asked.

Serena spotted Lydia with Molly. "Hey, Molly! Lydia!"

"Did you see that? How could Luna remember Lydia?" Luna demanded.

"They were best friends," Lucky said, "and Serena made a wish that they would always remember each other. They don't remember being sailor scouts, however. They will always be best friends. It's a bond that nothing can break. They're inseparable."

"I see, so Serena just remembers Lydia as the foreign exchange student, hmm?" Luna asked.


Molly and Lydia turned to Serena. Serena hugged them both and kept her arm hooked through Lydia's.

"Lydia just told me she'll be going back to Ireland in a few months," Molly said.

"What--so soon--but you just got here!" Serena whined. She threw her arms around Lydia's neck and wailed. "No, you can't go!"

"But I need to," Lydia said, "It's my home. I have to get everything ready for the cropping season. Don't worry, Serena. I'll write yeh all the time."

"You promise?"

"Of course, yer my best friend!"

"I'll write too," Serena said. "And call ya and send pictures!"

"You'll visit too, won't you?" Molly asked.

"Sure, when I get a break," Lydia promised.

"Hey, Lydia, I heard that a really cute guy is in the hospital with a case of amnesia!" Serena said enthusiastically. "Want to come with me to help volunteer after school?"

"Sure!" Lydia said, hooking arms with her again, "yeh know how I like cute laddies. Want to tag along, Molly?"

Molly sighed, "sorry, I need to help my mother with the jewelry store."

Serena and Lydia come up to the hospital and find Darien's room. "Hi, I'm Serena, a hospital volunteer and this is my friend Lydia."

"We heard about yer accident, laddie," Lydia said placing down a box of shamrocks and other good luck charms on the desk, "so we came to cheer yeh up. Here, yeh can have one of my good luck charms from my collection. Go ahead, I have plenty!"

Darien smiled but didn't take anything from the box yet. "Thanks, Serena, Lydia. No offense, Serena, but you've got the funniest hair. Looks like a pair of meatballs."

"Hey, don't yeh say that to my best friend!" Lydia shouted. "Yer lucky to be in a hospital right now 'cause I'm gonna damage yeh bad!"

"And your hair reminds me of red licorice twists," Darien said.

"Hey!" both girls shouted.

"We come here to cheer you up and you insult us?" Serena demanded. "Ooooh!"

"Here, take all of the good luck charms," Lydia said, tipping the box over Darien's head, "you'll need 'em! Come on, Serena--let's find another person that will accept our help!"

"Good idea!" Serena said.

Arm in arm, the two girls strolled out of Darien's' room.

"If I see either of those girl's again," Darien said, "It will be too soon."

By the time Lydia left for Ireland again, they didn't remember their adventures in the moon kingdom or being sailor scouts, but they knew that nothing would keep them apart. Serena was running home from school a few days after Lydia's return to her home. It was raining.

"Ooh, I hate the rain!" Serena shouted. "I bet it rains like this all the time at Ireland. Poor Lydia, I'd better write her a letter."

The rain stopped suddenly and the sun came out. A beautiful rainbow spread across the sky and she stopped. "Huh?" Serena was overwhelmed by the rainbow's beauty and for some reason, she felt like she was a different person. "Wow…a rainbow…"

The End. And before you ask, yes there is a sequel! It's called: Promises, Flowers & Farewells!