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The first time that Matt knew he hadn't long to live was about 2 years ago, a few days after Mello had become violent with him. Bruises deflowered the white skin; it was scars that were never to be erased. Matt covered every inch of his skin with anything he could think of. Others would say, ' He's a freak, wearing those clothes in this hot, blazing day.' But Mello didn't notice, of course. Like he would give his red-haired lover the time of day. Not when he was currently obsessed with the capture of Kira and to be number one over Near a.k.a. Nate Rivers.

Matt sighed sadly; he side glanced over at the blond clad in black leather. He could feel his life coming to a close, but as long as he made Mello happy until his fateful end, the gamer didn't care.

' Mello…'

" Come on. We're going in here." Mello commanded, pulling Matt out of his thoughts.

" Yes. Coming, Mello." Matt complied, walking into the club after the blond. He looked around and pulled out a cigarette from his shirt pocket and lit it. Taking a drag from the cancer stick, he found Mello up ahead talking to an unfamiliar woman.

Mello had gotten a call from Lidner, saying that she wanted to meet with him about the Kira Case at the usual place. No sooner later, he had found the woman the moment he walked into the bar. Mello left Matt behind to go and talk to her, who was occupying herself with a drink at the counter.

" Lidner." Mello replied at her ear. The woman turned to look at her companion.

" Mello."

" So, what is this about the Kira Case? Have you found new information on who it is?" Mello replied, taking a seat next to her. The woman looked around, checking if anybody was listening in on them before drawing her head close to the blond.

Matt at a far distance from where Mello and the woman were, he thought that when the woman was getting close to his Mello that they were going to kiss. Jealousy and rage kicked in for the red head as he strode quickly over to the couple and stuck his hand in between their heads.

Mello looked up quickly and his eyes narrowed in anger.

" Matt…" Mello growled, "… What the hell are you doing?"

" We did not come here for you to hook up with some woman you just met. I thought you said that this had something to do with the Kira Case." Matt argued. Mello sighed heavily as if he was talking to a five-year-old.

" Yes, and that's what I'm doing. This is Lidner who is currently working under Near and she's gathering information about Kira for me. She was about to tell me that information when you had to butt in. Just go back to your spot." Mello replied harshly. Matt had his head hung and he mumbled an apology, not caring whether or not the chocolate blond heard. Then he retreated back to his spot on the wall. He looked longingly at the blond before immediately spotting Takada's bodyguards.

' CRAP!' Matt thought, ushering back over to where Mello and the woman were.

" Mello! Takada's guards are here!" Matt cried above the noise. Mello immediately took Lidner's hand and turned to his partner in crime.

" Kill them and don't let any of them escape." Mello commanded, running off with their only source of information.

' Mello…' Matt though as everyone was ushered out of the club, ' … I wonder. Do you even care about me?'