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Both Matt and Mello woke up at the annoying sound of their alarm clock. The red head immediately shut the sound off and turned around in bed, snuggling deep into his pillow. His blond counterpart only cocked his eyebrows at the scene that had unfolded itself in front of him. He got up to brush his teeth when he forgot his injury from yesterday,

" YEOW!!" Mello howled, Matt shot up from his bed and hurried over to the blond,

" Mels, are you all right?" the red head asked, Mello glared at him,

" Do you see me all right? I'm in pain, Matt!" the blond cried.

" Right, sorry. So where are you going?" Matt wondered,

" The bathroom," Mello ground out at the pain. The red head nodded and he helped the blond over to the bathroom down the hall. Matt helped him inside the room and Mello stared at the red head that in turn, stared at him back.

" What are you waiting for, Mels? Go on, do what you need to do," Matt replied oblivious to the situation at hand. Mello's eye twitched,


Matt was flung out of the bathroom and the door closed shut, disheveled,

" Sheesh, rude much?" Matt muttered and he waited out in the halls for the blond to call him for help, but it never came. Minutes passed by and it never came, so he decided to sit down and play with his DS which he happened to have in his pocket.

Too engrossed with his game, he didn't hear the blond's cries until the door opened and a bar of soap hit the red head,

" Help me, Matt," Mello growled.

" Right, but you didn't have to hit me like that. It hurted," Matt pouted.

" Hmm," Mello looked away.


They sat in the living room with nothing to do. Mello took a look at the gamer next to him and replied,

" Hey, Matt do you love me?"

" What kind of question is that, Mels?" Matt chuckled.

" Just answer it," Mello replied.

" Yes, I do. Why?" Matt wondered.

" Never mind," Mello answered softly.

" Hey, why don't we change the mood into something else by playing some video games, huh?" Matt tried.

" Sure," was all Mello said to make Matt smile.

" All right! Let me go get the gaming system from my room," Matt ran off to his room and left Mello to himself. The blond could only think of how his life would be without his gamer. It would be quiet, boring and there wouldn't be anybody who he could vent on.

The red head came back with the system in his hands and began plugging it to their TV. After setting the game up, Matt handed Mello one of the controllers and the game began. The tension in the room was gone in an instant and only the thought of winning remained.

" YES! I win again, Mello!" Matt beamed. Mello just grumbled under his breath. They kept on playing until it was late afternoon and there was a knock on their door. The two looked at each other,

" Who could it be?" Matt wondered. The blond shrugged,

" Get your gun, it might be Kira." Matt nodded and stuffed his gun in his pocket and walked over to their door and opened it. There was no one there. He looked out and no one at all. Matt was about to close the door when something caught his eyes; it was an envelope on the floor. He picked it up and found that it was meant for him. Looking around once more, he retreated back into his apartment.

" Who was it, Matt?" Mello wondered.

" I don't know, but they left this for me on the floor," Matt stated handing the envelope over to the blond. Mello quirked an eyebrow at the gamer,

" What do you think this is?"

" I don't know," Matt stated.

Mello hesitated before opening the yellow envelope inside was tickets and a letter. He opened the letter and twitched with annoyance,

Dear Mello & Matt,

If you thought this envelope was a bomb, then I don't know why you two were ranked as high as L thought. I'm disappointed in you. If you thought otherwise, then I'd still think that way. On to what I wanted to say. I heard about Matt's condition and I'm sorry. So to last your relationship a bit better, I grabbed a hold of these two water park tickets. So you guys can go and have your last days together. Oh and you were right about one thing, this paper is a bomb.

' Oh shi--!!' Mello thought and immediately flung the paper out of the window and an explosion was heard. The gamer was wide eyed,

" W-What was that, Mels?"

" Near's pranking us," Mello stated with a hint of annoyance.

" That was from Near? What did he say?" Matt wondered happily.

" He gave us these so that we could have fun together today," Mello replied. Matt grabbed the two tickets as if they were the last things on earth,

" Then let's go!!"


They arrived at the Water Park a mile away from their apartment. Matt happily stripped off his clothes and jumped into the big pool, the little splashes of water made by the gamer went flying towards the blond.

" Matt, control your enthusiasm, will you?"

" Sorry," Matt stated before swimming off. Mello scoffed before finding an empty seat next to the pool. He laid back against the chair happily, soaking up the sun.

The rest of the day at the pool was terrifying and annoying at the same time. Matt had almost drowned TWICE! One was of a cramped leg and Mello had to save him with a sprained leg and the other time the gamer pulled a prank over the blond, stating that someone was dragging him to the bottom of the pool, when in reality there was no one pulling him.

" That was real funny, Matt. You had me in the pool because you cramped up and because you thought it would be funny to prank me also," Mello growled. Matt smirked,

" Yup! Now I can die happy, knowing that you care for me."

That was it, which was enough to pull at his heart strings. Mello's lips came forward and crushed against the gamer's. Matt's eyes widen at the intimate contact. Never did Mello do this! The kiss lasted for god knows how long; they finally broke off after some oxygen was needed.

" Mello…" Matt blushed.

" Tch, let's get something to eat already. These people are starting to stare," Mello replied and Matt took a look around to see that there were in fact stares over at their direction.

" You're right," Matt smiled.


They arrived back at their apartment complex and decided to order out.

" Pizza's fine with you, Mels?" Matt cried out.

" Sure," Mello replied back, walking painfully over to the bathroom down the hall.

" Hello? Yeah, I would like a large pizza with extra cheese and sausage please. The address is…" Matt stated and then hung up. He walked over to the bathroom and waited for the blond's assistance. When there was one, he opened the door and helped the blond over to the couch in the living room.

" So when's the pizza delivery man going to come? I'm starving already," Mello replied.

" He's going to come any minute, Mels. So be patient," Matt reassured his lover.

" Hmmm," Mello grunted.

Few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Mello groaned,

" Finally!"

Matt went to get the door, " Thanks, here's the—"

" You don't get any tip man because you kept me waiting," Mello stated appearing behind the red head and shut the door in the delivery man's face. The blond took the pizza box out of the gamer's hand and limp his way back to the living room. Feeling sorry for the man, Matt hurriedly opened the door to see the delivery man just leaving. He ran over to him,

" Wait, here's the payment and tip. Sorry, he's a bit grouchy when it comes to food," Matt apologized. The man stuttered and went off. The gamer just sweat drop and went back to his apartment where he saw the blond chomping away at his slice of pizza.

" You were mean, Mels," Matt stated, taking a seat across the blond.

" And you're too nice. He had it coming, Matt," Mello replied as a matter-of-factly. Matt shook his head and began eating a slice of pizza.


Matt took a shower and brushed his teeth, before entering the bedroom he shared with Mello. But before he could make it to his bed, Mello's voice broke the silence.

" Sleep with me, Matt."

" HUH?!" Matt cried suddenly.

" Don't get any naughty ideas, you're unattractive to even do that with," Mello's words shocked the gamer. But if anything, it was a step closer to being with him before his time came to an end.

" You're right."


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