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Summary: AU After a Friday night party, Minako finds herself pregnant (you will see by who!) her senior year of high school. With the support of her best friend, Rei, she goes through the horrors of teenage pregnancy whilst trying to enjoy her last year of childhood, meeting new friends and discovering what really matters in this thing called life.

This includes ALL senshi, so don't get pissed. Oh, and to those who love Usagi, she is a MAJOR role in a few chapters, so don't quit on me because she hasn't shown up yet.

And no, I will not reveal couples, I want you all to be kept in suspense. I guess if you nag enough, I MIGHT tell you. : )

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What's Left of Me

Prologue: October

It was just like any other day for the residents of New York; nothing particularly out of the ordinary occurring outside the realm of pure coincidence. It was sunny, the perfect weather to lure out any person into the city. Who wouldn't fancy taking an afternoon walk, or getting an ice cream cone at the local vendor?

Minako Aino wouldn't mind missing out at all.

"What?!" She began to breathe heavily, batting her hands around her face as tears began to prick the corners of her eyes. "That wasn't supposed to happen!"

Her best friend Rei Hino, a fiery girl that stood across the room, shrugged. "That is the 'that won't happen to me' syndrome that our teachers always preach about."

Minako collapsed on her bed, blonde hair falling all around her face as she held her head in her hands. What would happen now? Would her parent's kick her out, or would they just make her suffer in endless torrents of guilt?

Probably both.

"As your best friend," Rei plopped down on the bed beside her, straightening her purple shirt as she did so. "I will be here for you."

The blonde nodded her head as she took in her friends words. She knew they were truthful, considering Rei never said anything without meaning it, especially if they were filled with a heartfelt tenderness. But still, what would happen to her? Even with her best friend's reassuring promise, she still felt like she was being suspended from a thin string which would break at any second.

Oh, if she could only take it all back.

It was just like every other Friday night. Minako went to Haruka Tenoh's house, along with the entirety of Hillside High School's senior class, for their weekly party and night of no worries. She wore a pair of whitewashed jeans and a pink baby tee, complete with a head full of curls. A simple look, but it was more than enough to entice the male hormones.

A little into the party, Rei showed up, complete with Converse and a band t-shirt, sporting a group neither Minako, nor many other people for that matter, had never heard of. A can of Milwaukee's Best Light lingered in her hand, a smirk present on her pale face. A childhood in Texas led her to be mainly a beer and whiskey drinker, usually passing up hard liquors and fruity beverages.

"Oh my, if it isn't miss anti-social coming to have some fun!" Minako joked, pushing Rei's shoulder, but received no laugh from her friend. "Lighten up!"

Rolling her eyes, Rei took a sip of her beverage. "Whatever, Minako. I'm NOT anti-social!"

"Ok, Rei." Minako agreed, making sure it was laced with sarcasm. "I'm going to mingle. Wanna come?"

"Negative. I'm going to party inside with Haruka and Michiru." Turning to go inside the house, Rei called to Minako. "Don't get too drunk. We don't want anything crazy to happen, right?"

Not heeding her warning, the blonde laughed as she made her way to the poolside, beginning the last night she would ever have to be carefree.

"So, where do we go from here?" She asked weakly, gripping the edges of her denim skirt. Her sanity seemed as though it was quickly leaving her, all forms of happiness slipping away. No matter how many times she kept trying to deny it in her mind, she knew that it was true, everything was real.

Besides that, she knew she was receiving an 'I told you so' from Rei sooner or later.

The room was silent for a long while, both persons not knowing what to say. The confusion and immense shock was like a thick cloud in the room, keeping anyone from speaking too much. So many unanswered questions lay fresh in their minds, making it difficult to answer with any sort of certainty.

"This isn't a we decision, this is a you decision." She answered finally, pushing her black tresses from her face. "But, I will give you some options if it will help."

"Bring it."

Taking a deep breath, she relinquished her thoughts. "Tell him and tell your parent's."

"You didn't really give me many options. If I do recall, that was only one." Minako grumbled, falling back on her bed. Sweat was beginning to build up on her forehead, rolling down the sides of her face.

"Because at this point, that is really the only choice you have."

Sitting from her place at the bed, Rei walked over to her mahogany dresser, pulling her cell phone off its surface. After answering a text from one of her friends, she launched the device onto the bed, inches from Minako's face.

"Do it."

Picking up the phone, she began to dial a series of numbers, but hesitated before she hit the button with the green phone on it. What would he say? Would it be naïve if she believed all would go well?

Rei crawled beside her on the bed, her white bed sheets getting wadded up from her feet. Gripping Minako's free hand, she squeezed it, trying to muster up everything she had to be comforting. It took a great deal, but her friend was in the middle of a crisis, so being sympathetic and helpful was essential, as much as Rei hated being both.

"Just tell him. Don't make any room for any other conversation." Rei whispered, still holding her hand. "Just tell him and let it work itself out from there."

Pushing the green phone, Minako put the phone to her ear, the deafening ring resounding in her head. Inside she prayed for the call to fail or for him not to answer, but fate would not let it be so.

"Hello? Rei? I don't have your money yet, but I swear I'll-"

"It's not Rei," Minako cleared her throat, trying to rid herself of the lump forming in her esophagus. "It's Minako."

"Phew, thank God! Rei is going to have my head and I thought today was the day! Anyway, what's up Minako?"

"Umm…" She began, biting her lip. All she could think about was his scent, the way he held her and spoke sweet nothings in her ear. No one had ever held her that way; no one had ever spoken to her that way. "Well, I have to tell you something…"

She was beginning to feel a little buzzed, her speech slurring a little as she laughed and gossiped with her friends. The chlorine from the pool was invading her nostrils, but the taste of her Smirnoff drowned it out. A wind was playing with her hair, wrapping golden tendrils around her face, making her seem almost angelic.

It wasn't before long she found herself collapsed in a lawn chair, bottle dangling from her fingers. The moon was high in the sky, a light streaming down onto her semiconscious form. All she could remember then was a strong pair of arms picking her up and carrying her inside.

Somewhere she could hear Rei, laughing as she joked around with someone else. She wondered if she noticed her being carried away by some stranger. However, she was in no state to attract any attention, so she just continued to rest in a strangers embrace. Deep in her mind, she would dare say even enjoy his company.

Her body hit a soft bed all too soon, head nestled on a pillow. The stranger tucked her in and gave her a chaste kiss on the forehead, his retreating footsteps resounding in Minako's mind. She didn't want him to go yet.

"Wait, stay…"

And stay he did.

"What do you wanna tell me?" He joked on the other line. She could hear some other voices in the background, probably friends. "Seriously, I doubt it's that bad."

Silence on Minako's end.

"Um, it's not bad, right?"

"Well…" She began, with the encouragement of Rei. "I'm sure it will be absolutely terrible at first, but I'm sure the longer we have to accept it, the worse it will seem. It will work itself out eventually. I'm sure that-"

"Minako, you're rambling."

She didn't know what overcame her at this point, and she probably never would, but it all seemed to come out at once.

"Duo, I'm pregnant."

After a brief bout of silence, a soft click was heard on the other line, making all her world seem to shrink.

End of Prologue