What's Left of Me

Chapter Fifteen: February 28

Minako could hardly stand to go to school anymore. It was all eyes all the time, people staring and whispering. It did not take long for the school to find out about her date with Trowa, and Duo made it no secret that he was still interested. Of course, since he was the male in the situation, it just made her look like a selfish whore. So, Minako just ignored both of the males for the time being, telling them she needed some space and time to think.

Meanwhile, her grades in class continued to get worse. She was just not interested in anything except for her dwindling social life and growing midsection. Her parents were growing increasingly supportive as the days trudged on though, buying new things for her baby boy after work sometimes. But, her hormones were in a twist, and Minako could not fully appreciate them at the moment. A part of her still resented them and how they treated her, but she was trying her hardest. They were her parents and she was their daughter. Nothing either of them did could change that fact.

Today was Saturday, the day she set aside with Usagi and Rei to go prom dress shopping. Rei was picking up Usagi first since the girl lived closer to her apartment and then they were going to come get her, Hotaru tucked safely away in the backseat. It would be fun to go out with just girls. That way she would not have to worry about smelly boys or impressing anyone. She could be herself with people who did not care what she looked like or what she did.

She looked out the window of her room and saw Rei's BMW, signaling it was time to leave. Picking up her giant purse (or the suitcase, as Hotaru called it), Minako made her way out of the room and to the front door, where she met her mother in a bathrobe and house shoes. The woman seemed to have aged quiet a bit over the past few months, and Minako could not have felt more responsible.

'Great! Now I will feel obligated to buy her hair dye and wrinkle cream for the rest of my life!' Minako thought as her mother kept smiling.

She grabbed Minako's hands a shoved something in them. "Here you go, baby. Go buy a beautiful dress. Prom needs to be special."

The blonde gawked at the five, one hundred dollar bills in her hand. This was the most money she ever had in her hand at once!

"What? I can't take all this money! Who spends this much on a prom dress?"

Pamela smiled and closed her daughter's hand around the money. "Well, you have to buy shoes and jewelry, and one of those little purses you like so much…"

"A clutch?"

"Yes, that." Her mother smiled. "Go have fun. Tell the girls I said hello. And make sure Rei buys a dress. She will regret it if she doesn't go to prom."

Minako nodded and kissed her mom on the cheek before walking out of the door, making her way to Rei's car. Through the windows she could see Usagi and Hotaru singing in the back seat, Rei covering her ears with both of her hands. The blonde laughed when she heard Boys Like Girls Love Drunk blaring from the speakers. This was definitely not Rei's type of music.

"I didn't know you liked listening to this band?" Minako asked as she shut her door and buckled up, trying to talk loud enough over the speakers so her friends could hear her.

"I don't. Usagi has corrupted Hotaru." Rei groaned and began to drive down the street, heading towards the closest bridal shop. They had the best dresses according to Usagi. "Now I'm stuck listening to this crap."

"This is the mainstream stuff!" Minako turned up the volume. "I USED TO BE LOVE DRUNK!"

"BUT NOW I'M HUNG OVER!" Hotaru and Usagi sung in return, making the eldest Hino close her eyes and rest her head against the back of the seat as she stopped at the stop sign."I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVERRRRR!!"

After a series of equally crappy music (in Rei's opinion), consisting of Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and a few others, they arrived at a local bridal store. Minako and Usagi jumped out of the car in excitement, running to the shop windows to look at the mannequins wearing different prom gowns. Rei unbuckled Hotaru and carried her over, quirking an eyebrow at the selections behind the glass. It seemed as though the style this year was polka dots and animal print.

"There is no way I'd be caught dead in that." She muttered before walking into the store with her half-sister.

Minako and Usagi looked at each other.

"Don't worry about her. Rei doesn't have a sense of fashion." Minako smirked and dragged her blonde friend into the store to begin their shopping spree. This was going to be fun. And if she could help it, Minako would get Rei into a dress.

When they were finally together at the door, amazed at the sheer amount of gowns in the building. On the right side of the building were all the wedding gowns, arranged from smallest to largest on racks. The middle of the store was reserved for designer gowns, both for weddings and for prom. Usagi immediately looked away from there, knowing she was working with a budget. The left side of the store carried the rest of the prom dresses and dresses for bridesmaids, the former in the back half and the prom dresses in the front near the cashier.

"Hello!" A woman greeted them, wearing a pale-pink dress and her hair in a fancy up-do. She looked like a walking advertisement for prom despite she was about sixty years old. "Are you young ladies here for bridesmaid dresses today?"

"Um, no." Rei answered. "My friends are here for prom dresses."

"Oh, I see." She eyes the two pregnant girls with distaste and the small girl in Rei's arms. "I just assumed you were here for a wedding. Girls in high school typically aren't pregnant when they come here."

"Well, these girls are so help them out!" Rei defended her friends, both of the blonde's shrinking behind her under the older woman's glare. "If you don't feel like being nice then we will take our business elsewhere!"

The older woman took the two girls' hands and dragged them back to the dresses, giving them a rundown of how the store was set up. Rei and Hotaru hung to the back, watching intently. Minako knew that look anywhere. If this lady was not careful, she might be put in the ground earlier than she intended.

Usagi grabbed a dress of the rack. It was in the animal print that Rei talked so low of earlier. However, it was a size two and fitted around the bodice. The blonde scrunched her nose.

"I don't think that will do, dear." The woman grabbed the dress and put it back on the rack. "Unless you will be… thinner… by prom."

"No, I'll definitely be bigger." Usagi smiled, not paying attention to the woman's barbs. "I'm due in May. Our prom is in April."

"Oh, dear." The lady pulled her to another rack. "Well, these are all shorter dresses that are looser around the middle. If you get a few sizes bigger we can alter the top section to fit. That way your stomach will be able to fit under the bottom. Just make sure you get one that will look good in flats."

"Oh, ok!" Usagi dug through the dresses and pulled out a bright pink one. "Hotaru, do you like this one?"

The little girl ran away from her sister to help out Usagi, leaving Rei to mediate dealings between the old broad and Minako.

"I suggest the same for you, honey." She pulled Minako over to where she took Usagi. "A shorter dress would be better."

The blonde was not going to be so easy to convince, however. Her eyes wondered to the center of the room, looking over a mannequin in a tiny, blue dress. It was a halter-top, the straps covered in rhinestones that dipped into the middle of the dress. Thankfully the middle was loose and flowing, which would allow room for her stomach in the coming months. She began to waltz over there, but the old lady called after her.

"Those are designer dresses, ma'am." She said under a layer of poison. It was obvious she thought Minako poor. I mean, only poor people got pregnant in high school by God! Rei was about to pop her in the jaw, but Minako just smiled.

"Ma'am, I can afford it." She smirked, having so much she wanted to say. 'I mean, my mom and dad both have good jobs! My mom drives a friggin Lexus! God, I hate stereotypes.'

In her ponderings, Minako did not realize that Rei was doing some browsing of her own. Hotaru had come back to her side, leaving Usagi to try on her dress by herself. Instead, she was hiding in the clothes racks and grabbing at Rei and Minako's feet as they walked about. Normally, Rei would have criticized her for acting this way in public, but she decided that Hotaru could torment the lady in charge here as much as she wanted to.

"Young lady! Get out of the racks!" The old woman hollered when Hotaru pinched her ankles.

Rei just ignored them and looked at a black and purple dress, a slit going up the center and allowing the sides to ripple to the floor. The fabric underneath was purple, contrasting beautifully with the black on top. The hem around the center was purple with a flashy brooch, connecting the center of the halter-top to the straps.

"So, going to buy a dress?" Minako came out of nowhere, holding her dress in her hand. "Going to impress Heero???"

Rei hastily withdrew her eyes from the gown. "Uh, NO. Why would I go to prom? It's stupid."

"No, it's not!" Usagi appeared, wearing her dress to show off to her friends. The straps were a bit loose, but nothing an alteration could not fix. "Prom is fun! That's why everyone goes!"

"No, everyone goes because it is embedded in the high school social contract that everyone who is anyone goes to prom." Rei crossed her arms. "I'm not going."

"Rei, I need you to go!" Minako whined. "Besides, this will one of the last things you get to do with your high school graduating class before you never see them again."

"Good. I won't miss them anyway."

Hotaru tugged on Rei's shirt, pulling her attention away from her friends for a moment. She had stopped messing around with the mean lady and left her to pick up dresses that had fallen off the racks from her misbehavior.

"Rei, pwease go to pwom!" She smiled big. "I want you to go and have fun. All you do is study and watch me all da time."

Rei tried her best to ignore her half-sister, because anything that child wanted she usually got. She hated telling her no.

"Well, I'll try on a dress." Rei acquiesced. "But, that's it!"

Trowa sat on the bench to take a water break. Practice was getting harder and harder, and since they had a game that night the coach wanted them to be in top performance. Heero plopped down next to him and wiped his face off with a towel. The student athletic trainer in charge of their team, a girl named Relena, rushed to Heero with a water bottle and sped away.

"I think she likes you." Trowa mentioned, watching the girl bandage a skinned knee on their second-string point guard.

Heero shrugged and took a long drink of water. Their game tonight would be difficult. The Oak Valley High School team was their archrival, and rumor had it that their star center was already committed to USC. He liked basketball, sure, but he was not as good at it as Duo or Trowa. He never really saw a future in it, and if he did, Heero would have still put it aside. He had a thirst for revenge to quench first.

Trowa, on the other hand, had always seen a future playing his favorite sport. He was smart and had a high GPA, not to mention a good height advantage. However, all he could think about was Minako instead of their rivalry game with Oak Valley. He had invited her to the game, and she would come, but it was to the point that he could not just be a friend with her anymore. After their Valentine's Day together, Trowa knew a different part of Minako. He wanted that part to be his.

Of course, Duo had also heard about their date with the rest of the school. The brunette acted like he did not care, but Trowa could see through that. He was breaking major guy code here. "Bros before hoes" was the title. But, did that apply when the "bro" willingly left the "hoe" in an attempt to not be a father? If so, did it still apply when that same "bro" wanted the "hoe" he left back for himself? Heero told Trowa numerous times to not worry about it, but worry about it he did.

"Minako is coming tonight. I invited her." Trowa brought up to his friend. "Maybe you should invite Rei."

Heero shrugged again and trotted back out to the court, responding to a whistle blown by the coach. After his suspension, Heero was more adept to listening than before. The coach admired his chivalry, but not when it got him suspended from the team. Duo took Heero's place on the bench beside Trowa, picking up the same water bottle Heero used before squirting the water into his mouth. They sat in awkward silence for a while before Duo spoke.

"I'm not mad." Duo smiled a little. "You're much better for her than I am."

Trowa did not say anything, only looked to the court at his team.

"But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to fight for her too." The star basketball player extended a hand to his friend, smiling when Trowa took notice. "May the best man win?"

Trowa shook his head and smirked. "Alright."

Their hands sealed the deal.

Minako invited her two friends, plus Hotaru, into the house and up into her room. Her mother was gone, shopping presumably. The blonde bounced up the stairs with her dress in hand, not needing the straps to be altered. It fit perfect, and she was determined it would fit perfect for prom too. Usagi found herself lounging on the bed with Hotaru looking at a magazine, and Rei sat on the floor and texted on her phone.

"Trowa invited me to the game tonight!" Minako squealed. "What should I wear?"

Rei looked up from her phone. "Clothes?"

"Well, duh." Minako dug through her clothes. Nothing seemed to fit her anymore without showing off her growing child. "But, which ones?"

Rei shrugged because she did not care and Usagi bounded off the bed. Rei had gotten her to meet with Quatre's fiancé, Ami, and they began to get together for tutoring. Ami would tutor Usagi in just about every subject, and afterwards she would study with Mamoru and prepare him for his pre-med classes at NYU. Tonight was a study night, which meant Usagi could not go to the game. The least she could do was help her friend pick out an outfit.

"I sure wish someone would go with me to the game." Minako stressed, looking pointedly at Rei. The brunette proceeded to ignore Minako and threw her phone on the floor beside her. She would go to the game, but she would not tell Minako about Heero asking her to come. That would initiate a total nag-fest from the two blondes that she could not handle. "I mean, I am pregnant and alone in this cruel world!"

Rei rolled her eyes. "I'll go. Hotaru lets go home and change. I'll pick you up on our way back."

Minako smiled to herself as Rei walked out of the room with her sister, Usagi digging through her closet. She pulled out a long t-shirt that Minako used to accessorize with a belt. It had a ladies face on it that wore giant sunglasses.

"Wear this. It is still in style but it gives you room!" She beamed, shoving the shirt in Minako's hands. "Then maybe a necklace some bangles to accessorize with…"

Minako smiled as Usagi went through her jewelry. She was so happy to have someone with her that knew what she was going through. It made her life so much easier. She had someone to call and whine to and someone to look at baby stuff with. Sure, she had Rei, but Rei did not know about pregnancy. Hell, Rei did not even want kids! But, Usagi knew. She felt everything that Minako felt.

It was nice.

In the end, Minako put on the outfit that Usagi chose along with matching bracelets and a long necklace. Her hair was left down, sans ribbon, and she wore her favorite flats. Mamoru came and picked up Usagi for the study session, and all she had left was waiting on Rei to come get her. As she wondered about her room looking for her wallet, Minako's eyes stopped on the necklace Duo go her for Valentine's Day. She picked up the box (she was too depressed to take it out before) and plucked the necklace from its container. Was Duo truly sorry?

She sat on her bed as the necklace fell between her fingers and onto the floor. Minako did not realize tears pricked her eyes until one fell to the floor, landing perfectly on the center of the diamond heart. She rubbed her eyes and began to cry harder. 'Does he not see what he is doing to me?' Minako thought to herself as she stared at the necklace. 'Can he not see that he is torturing me?'

A honk of a car horn signaled to Minako that it was time to go, and she grabbed her purse and wallet before exiting the room. The necklace remained on the floor.

Rei could tell that Minako had been crying. It was totally obvious. However, she chose not to say anything because Minako would have offered information if she had wanted to. Since she realized Minako was not ready to offer information, Rei did not ask a single question. Nor did she bring up the two boys Minako was currently deciding between.

Hotaru was partially asleep in the backseat, her sippy-cup stuck in her hands. Rei usually would have left her with a babysitter, a.k.a. Mary Yuy, but had to bring her because Mary would be at the game watching Heero. Now she would have to fight the questions. Rei was not naïve enough to believe that people would not put two and two together, but hoped that by the time they did figure it out she would have developed a plan to use against her father when shit hit the fan.

The school parking lot was crowded when they arrived, seeing that Hillside High was playing their archrivals. Minako smiled as she thought of Trowa, knowing she would see him in a few moments.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you." Minako spoke up as they parked. "Vice-Principal Howard said that the school board ruled I could walk across the stage if I wanted, since I completed the curriculum."

"Good." Rei sighed in relief. "He is such a dick. I don't understand why it was a problem."

"I mean… I get it. They don't want their district to look bad." Mina admitted. "And I also know that it wasn't his idea to talk to me in the first place."

"Whatever." Rei shrugged and jumped out of the car. "At least you can walk across the stage."

Minako smiled and got Hotaru out of the backseat before handing the sleepy girl to Rei. The blonde noticed that her friend was dressed more so than usual. She donned a pair of jeans and black boots with a matching sweater and her hair in a messy, side bun. Minako almost fainted when she saw her friend actually wore mascara and lip-gloss.

"So, who ya dressin' up for?" Minako quizzed, holding open the door for Rei as she walked in with Hotaru. "I bet it was someone on the basketball team. Maybe a real hero who saved you from that smelly football player in the lunch room?"

"Can it." Rei huffed as the trio made their way to the stands. She spotted Mary right away, only a few seats below the student section of the stands. Minako saw Dorothy, Catherine, Sally and Hilde, the group that spread her pregnancy rumor around like a wildfire. Catherine saw her and waved a little before looking back to the court to watch her brother warm up. Minako did not wave back.

Trowa and Duo had been texting her all day long. She loved the attention no doubt, but hated the confusion that went along with it. However, the more she thought about it, Rei had said Trowa's parents were total stiffs. Would they not be furious that their only son was dating a pregnant chick? That is, if she responded to his advances. Besides, his sister was a total gossip! She was the one who ruined her social life. At least Duo's parents already hated her and knew about her condition. That way there would not be another pair of parents who despised her.

But, she would not be dating Trowa's parents. She would be dating him.

Rei tried to watch Heero as discretely as possible. She did not like him. She just came to watch him because he was her friend. That was it. However, she would not deny that he looked good in his basketball uniform, or that his subtle smile her way made her heart do flip-flops. Rei shook her head in denial. She did not like Heero Yuy. That was that.

But, a part of her did. That she would not deny. He was like her in so many ways. He did not like to express feelings, but his subtle smiles and touches made her stomach get butterflies. Was this what Minako called a crush? Sure, she had had her fair share of boys in the early years of high school, but they were passing fancies. Heero was… well, Heero. There was no other way to describe him.

The games started and the fans cheered. People from both sides had signs, hoisting them in the air and chanting phrases. Minako noticed that Catherine had a sign with Trowa's name on it, along with his number twenty-three, and Minako suddenly wished that she had a sign too.

Duo looked into the stands, happy to see Minako there. He could see her defined stomach from his place on the court, but something overcame him in that moment. He could not be prouder. His son was in there, and this was his first basketball game. Duo blocked a shot and smiled at Minako, wanting to show her and his son what he was all about.

However, he noticed that her eyes were somewhere else.

Trowa sprinted from the backcourt and stole the ball, taking a three-point shot and scoring. The crowd went wild, shouting cheers and throwing their hands in the air. Duo frowned and began to run harder. If that was the game Trowa wanted to play, he would play. Heero rolled his eyes as he put their competition together, wishing they would pick a better time to fight over Minako.

The blonde in the stands, however, was completely oblivious to the battle between Duo and Trowa. She just cheered when their team scored. The cheerleaders began to do a pyramid before it toppled over, making the blonde smirk. 'That's what they get for giving me hell!'

Rei clapped when Heero made a lay-up, stopping when Mary turned to look at her. Hotaru sat on her shoulders and clapped, her legs clamped underneath Rei's armpits. However, Rei began to notice the girl bringing Heero water, hovering over him any chance she got.

"Hey, it's that Regina girl! The one who told Mr. Howard about me." Rei pointed her out to her best friend, giving her the meanest glare she could muster despite the fact the blonde girl on the court did not see her.

"I think her name is Relena." Minako watched the girl closely as she stood behind "Rei's man". Even though Mina did not know for sure, it did appear as though Relena liked Heero. However, she was going to play it up to make Rei jealous. "Yeah, it seems like she has a thing for him. She hasn't moved from behind his place on the bench!"

Rei scrunched her eyebrows. Even though Heero had only been sitting for maybe a minute in the entire first half, she did not want that girl by Heero. She blushed at the thought. Where the hell did that come from? Actually, she knew where it came from, she was just trying to suppress it.

"Maybe you should make it known that he is yours. She doesn't know the boundaries I guess." Minako suggested. She knew well what she was doing. For some reason she was better at others relationships more than her own. "But, if you aren't worried, I'm sure Heero will take to her advances. I mean, if he thinks you aren't interested, he might ask her to prom instead. BUT, since you aren't going-"

"LIKE HELL!" Rei watched as Heero fought over the ball with some girly dude from Oak Valley High. She cupped her hands around her mouth. "Come on, Heero! Kick his scrawny ass!"

Everyone in the stands turned to stare at her. Mary fought hard to contain her laughter.

"What? Turn around!"

Minako giggled. "So, you're going to prom?"

Rei blushed. "Uh, NO. Why would I do that? I told you already that I'm not going."

"Right." Minako rolled her eyes. "And I'm not pregnant."

Rei chose to ignore her friend and watch the game.

The buzzer signaled that it was half time and the teams retreated out of the gym to the locker rooms. Minako elbowed Rei and told her she was getting some snacks from the concession stand before making her way down the stairs. She could feel people watching her, parents and students alike, but she held her head high. It was none of their business anyway. She was having a good time and they would not be ruining it.

The line was long so she had to wait. A part of her regretted coming down to get candy, but she just had to get some Reese's Pieces. She was craving them like crazy. However, it was during this time when those two volleyball girls from her Algebra class walked by, ripping the lid off their drink and throwing it on her white shirt. It was cold and soaked through to the skin, making her shiver. Minako sneered at them and picked the wet fabric off of her stomach, watching as it adhered right back.

"Oops." Caroline spat. "I spilt my drink. Ma'am, I need a refill. This fat girl ran into me!"

Minako felt tears burn in her eyes, but she blinked them back. If she were not pregnant she would be all over these bitches!

"Serves you right!" The other girl, Sarah, taunted. "You embarrassed us in front of our entire class! I hope all of your boyfriends see you wearing my soda!"

In a flash of brown, Minako realized that Sarah was no longer standing upright. It took a few moments for the blonde to realize that Makoto Chang was on top of Sarah, but when it did, Minako backed away from Caroline. Makoto had Sarah's arms pinned under her knees, her two fist barreling into her face. Blood was flying everywhere.

"Try spiking a ball with a broken hand, skank!"

Makoto stood up and placed one foot on Sarah's right arm and began stomping on her hand repeatedly, rubbing her heel harshly into Sarah's palm.

Minako did not have time to laugh at Makoto beating the shit out of Sarah, because Caroline began to register the whole situation as well.

"Is she your friend?" Caroline was in a fury, even though this whole fight was all her fault. "I can't believe you have your friends fighting your battles!"

Minako was prepared to defend herself and her unborn baby, but she did not have to. Another figure leaped through the circle of students, one with black hair and stiletto boots.

"And I can't believe you are trying to beat on a pregnant girl!" Rei sent a fist flying into the side of Caroline's head, making her fall to the ground.

Minako backed away, stepping into Makoto's brother Wufei. He was smirking as he watched his sister completely destroy Sarah, who was currently unconscious. The fight compelled more female students to enter out of excitement, taking sides as they saw fit. If everyone else was fighting, why shouldn't they?

In the locker room, Vice-Principle Howard, the administrator who was in charge of monitoring the game tonight, interrupted the coach while he was giving his inspirational speech. Unfortunately, the police officer on site was not enough to restrain fifty some-odd students from pummeling each other, and the Vice-Principal called upon the help of the basketball guys and the coach.

"Coach Brice! Can you help me? There is a huge fight in front of the concession stand!"

The coach looked peeved at being interrupted. "Ok. Guys, stay here and plan-"

"No, I need them too! All of the parents who got involved either backed out or could not stop it! There are fifty girls out there fighting each other! We can't restrain them all! Surely if all the guys can pin them down we can stop this madness."

Coach Brice frowned. "Damn it! Who started it? I'm going to make sure they get in so much trouble-"

"Well," They were all running down the hallways to the site of the brawl. "From what I understand from adult witnesses… two girls poured soda on another girl, and then Makoto Chang and Rei Hino began to fight them."

Heero rolled his eyes. He should have known.

Trowa and Duo were worried, though. Was Minako ok? Rei would not have fought them if it had been anyone else, so it had to be Minako that the two girls tormented. They began to sprint along with the rest of the team, eager to see the chaos.

Chaos is what they saw, too. Minako was nowhere to be seen, only girls beating the crap out of each other. Makoto was a sight to behold. She loomed by Sarah Jackson's still body but was still boxing with some girl with pigtails. Anyone who attempted to get her from behind was unceremoniously tossed onto the tile. Rei was in the process of fighting the now conscious Caroline, and the guys were just in time to watch Rei grab her head and smash it with her knee. However, another girl jumped on her back and gave another girl a chance to punch Rei in the face, sending both of them onto the floor.

Wufei waited by the bathroom door and relished in the turmoil.

The Oak Valley basketball team went for the girls from their school and the Hillside High School team went for their fellow classmates. Duo crashed into Makoto and pinned her to the wall, talking her down. He was having a hard time constraining her, considering her height. Wufei began to take offense to Duo's involvement, and began to go after him and get him away so Makoto could defend her honor. However, a fellow teammate thought this was a threat to Duo, and he tackled Wufei to the ground.

Soon enough, all the guys found themselves in the fight too.

The police officer on site called for backup, knowing there was no way to stop this without some encouragement.

Trowa, however, began to look for the lost blonde. She was nowhere in front of the concession stand, thank God, but it worried him that she was missing. He looked around and spotted the girl's bathroom, the door buried behind a crowd of parents. He saw Hotaru on Mary's shoulders and she pointed to the door, frowning.

"Thank you, Hotaru." Trowa muttered and began to make his way through the lake of bodies.

Heero was not having much luck. Rei was determined to beat the life out of Caroline, and would stop give him a chance to grab her before she pounced on Caroline's unconscious body. However, he was in luck once and looped his arms underneath her armpits and began to pull her back. She kicked and cursed and screamed, telling him to let her go. He did not listen and pulled her out of the fight and out the double doors behind him.

She looked awful, if he had to be honest. Her left eye was black and her lip was busted. Her hair was pulled out of her bun and her sweater sleeve was ripped, showing some fingernail scratches. Rei only stood there for a moment before she made her way back to the doors. Heero grabbed her.

"No! GODDAMN IT LET ME GO!" Rei fumed, wanting to go back and beat the ever-loving crap out of Caroline some more. "I hate her! Minako never did anything to her!"

"I know." Heero said quieter. "But, look. The police are here and blocking the parking lot exit. You cannot afford a ticket right now, so lets go."

"What? Minako is in there! And Hotaru!"

"They aren't going to give a pregnant woman a ticket for fighting, especially since there are witnesses that say she never fought." Heero grunted. "And Hotaru is safe with my mom. I saw her."

Rei began to look around, noticing the police cars filing in and blocking the exits. They wanted to catch everyone involved in this fight and dish out some tickets.

"Ok. I have my car key in my boot. Let's hide in there."

Heero quirked an eyebrow but said nothing as they ran.

"I don't like carrying a purse, damn it!"

Meanwhile, Trowa had finally made it to the bathroom, pushing the door open and sliding inside. It was empty, all except one stall, and it was closed.


The only response he got was the sound of sniffles and hiccups.

Trowa walked over to the stall and tapped on the door with his knuckle, calling out the blonde's name again. "Minako, if you don't open the door I'll have to crawl on the floor."

There was a sound of scuffling and the door creaked open, revealing the blonde in her Coke stained shirt and tear-stained face. Trowa walked over to her and wrapped her in his arms, letting her cry and cry.

"I didn't want them to fight. I don't want Makoto and Rei to get in trouble." She sighed. "But, I know they did it because they love me. They are such good friends."

"They do love you." He muttered. And I do too.

The blonde hated this. She hated that her friends were going to get in trouble for her sake, and in Rei's case, again. If she had not said anything in Algebra to Caroline and Sarah, then Makoto would have had no reason to enter the fight. Rei would have had no reason to get the tar beat out of her in her attempt to defend her. If she would not have had sex with Duo, then this would never have been an issue to began with.

"I regret it all." She began to cry harder. "I hate this! This is all one big, fat mistake!"

"Don't say that." Trowa looked at her pointedly. "Don't say that. Because of this "mistake", you are going to have a son. Don't regret him. Don't say those things because you will regret them later. Don't regret your son."

Minako continued to cry in his arms. She hated her hormones. All she had been doing lately is crying.

Rei and Heero watched the police enter the school, all of them drawing attention with their sirens. They had cracked the windows a bit to avoid the glass fogging and drawing attention (and rumors). Rei sat in the floor of her car and Heero lay flat across the bench seat, the top of his head sticking above the glass to watch the action.

"This is fucking crazy!" Rei sighed, albeit quietly, as she rubbed her lip with her sweater sleeve. "I never would have thought that everyone would jump in."

"Well, you got two girls threatening to beat up a pregnant girl, so of course people get touchy." Heero flipped over on his back and stopped looking out of the window. "You did the right thing."

"I know that." Rei told him, not ashamed for her bluntness.

Heero should have known Rei would not regret her part in the fight. She did well, not as good as the experienced Makoto, but good. He could tell her fighting was driven by anger, which gave room for mistakes. However, as she doctored herself up with the remainder of her sweater, Heero never thought Rei looked more beautiful than she did now. She had fought for something she believed in. Even though she was worse for wear, her face shined.

Rei looked at Heero and sighed.

"You know, I'm going to be honest." Rei hated this. But, the adrenalin rush from the fight gave her the courage she needed to say it. "I got all dressed up in this stupid sweater and these boots because I wanted you to see that I could be a normal "girl". No guy wants to be with a girl who can't wear a dress or go to the effort to brush her hair. But, now I look like ass because that stupid bitch ripped my hair down-'

Heero could not believe she was saying this. Rei, the girl he had grown to call a friend the past few months, was spilling her guts to him in the floor of her car. He knew that the fight must have her brain all askew, but he could tell this was genuine. Her face was flushed, and he learned that was something she did when she was nervous.

"I know I'm just blabbing here, but you don't understand. I hate guys. My dad is the biggest douche bag on the continent. This is taking a lot for me to say-"

Her words were silenced with a kiss.

The school was finally cleared out. The students involved in the fights were all issued tickets. But, the Principal did not expel anyone because that would mean they would lose the basketball team, cheerleading squad, and half of the volleyball team. Instead, the two coaches of both Oak Valley High and Hillside decided for a rematch Monday night. Sarah was carted off the scene by ambulance, as were a few other girls Makoto got a hold of. However, no one could find Heero Yuy, Trowa Barton, Rei Hino, or Minako Aino.

In the bathroom, Minako and Trowa sat with one another until the lights went out. He took her by the hand and escorted her out the doors, wrapping his arms around her as he escorted her to the parking lot. The blonde blushed and looked up at the brunette.


He looked at her, unable to express the beauty he saw in her face.

"Can you take me home?" She asked sheepishly. "I think Rei is gone."

He smiled. "I'd be happy to."

Minako could not ignore the feeling deep in her heart.

End of Chapter Fifteen

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