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"You're going to be okay." A girl pulled her knees to her chest and buried her head in them. "You're going to be fine." Her voice came out in a shaky whisper. "They are going to find you, everything is going to be alright." She bit her lip refusing to let the tears of fear fall from her eyes. They had to be coming to find her…

Chapter One

Tanaka Natsuki stretched her arms above her head and yawned when she woke up that particular morning. Even if nightmares plagued her every sleeping moment it no longer bothered her. It was sad how the teenage girl had become accustom to the terrifying dreams that's always popped into her mind at night. She rolled her shoulders as she climbed out of the bed. It wasn't a big deal though, her blocking out the horrible night terrors, others had the same problem. And some of the others were far worse off than herself. For some odd reason their leader had taken a liken to the girl. At first she had been terrified to learn that fact, she had heard horrible things of the man. Yet, even though he was extremely creepy, he never laid a hand on her.

She heard a knock on her door and then it opened without her saying a word. The knock was only a ruse, the person who entered had every right to come and go has he pleased. Honestly the girl was rather surprised to see the man, "Natsuki." He greeted lightly with a nod of his head. She did the same and waited for further instructions. "He'll see you in an hour, in his main quarters." She nodded and the male turned to leave.

The girl quickly showered and dressed, she was well ready before the hour time limit had been up. She frowned down at the two thin metal like bracelets that surrounded both her wrist. Sighing she left her room and started towards the main rooms, better early than late. She felt her hands tremble as she walked the silent hallways, it had been almost three years since she had last seen her leader. She gulped as she stood outside of the door and knocked softly, waiting for instructions from the other side.

Would he still like her or would she be tossed in the cells with the others? Her hands were held tightly in front of her in a very childlike manner.

"Come in." The hissing voice said from the other end, and she did what she was told.

She bowed once she entered, and kept her eyes lowered even when she straightened again. "Good morning, Orochimaru-sama. It's good to see you well." Her voice was low and sweet even if she wasn't trying to be.

The snake like male grinned as he looked at the girl from his seat across the room. "Ah, Natsuki…" He rumbled sadistically. She suppressed a shiver of fear at the sound of her name from his lips. "Come in further, child." She took a few more steps into the room then stiffened. She felt another presence, one she didn't notice when she first entered. Seeing the girl freeze the snake mans grin widened. "You haven't lost your touch I see." He said pleasantly.

Natsuki gulped again in fear, she knew her leader could probably smell the fear leaking off of her but she couldn't help it. There were two strong ninja in the room with her. She resisted the urge to lift her head and fearfully search the room for the other being. "Is there some way I could offer my assistance Orochimaru-sama?" The man watched her silently for a few more minutes before nodding and motioning for the hidden guest to emerge from the darkness.

"This is Uchiha Sasuke." Natsuki felt her eyes widened and her head snap up to stare at the young man in front of her. He barely spared her a glance. "You will accompany him for the duration of our stay here."

The voice of the older male knocked her back into the meek roll she played whenever in his presence. Looking back to the floor she bowed again. "Of course Orochimaru-sama." With that being said the snake like man stood, dismissing the girl and informing her to show the young Uchiha to his sleeping quarters. Turning to the younger male she lowered her voice, if possible. "This way Uchiha-sama." She turned and the boy followed her with his arms firmly across his chest.

Natsuki quickly walked through the hallways of the underground hideout. She seemed to know the layout like the back of her hand, because she didn't pause once as she turned corner after corner. A loud bang came from inside one of the doors they passed and her body jumped. She glanced over at the door glad to see the numerous locks still closed tightly.

"Pretty, pretty Tanaka-chan." Said a deep voice from the other side of the door. "With such pretty, pretty screams." Her body shook as she began walking again, this time much faster than before.

Sasuke rose an eyebrow when the girl stopped. Then followed her gaze to the door, the sound of the voice made him frown but he just huffed in annoyance. He was about to voice his annoyance at her for not showing him his room, when she began walking away. He followed her silently before she came to another stop in front of another wooden door. He watched as her hand reached out and turned the handle. His eyes catching the metal rings around her wrist.

Natsuki opened the door and stepped aside, allowing the male to go in first. She followed in after him and closed the door behind them. "I hope it suits you." She said meekly looking towards the ground.

Sasuke walked around the room briefly looking at the items in it. It wasn't the most luxurious room, but it would do. It had a large bed on the far wall, a small dresser and a bookshelf half full of old scrolls. On the left wall was another door that led to a bathroom with a standing shower stall, a toilet and a sink. After his once over he turned back to the girl and his eyebrow jumped up again.

His eyes roamed over her quickly. Her long blonde hair was still slightly damp and was pulled out of her face on the left side by a shining green clip. She was on the short side and she was thin, but not sickly. Her skin was pale and he doubted she saw the sun much, not like he was one to talk. He couldn't tell the color of her eyes because she refused to look at anything but the ground.

Natsuki shifted nervously under the gaze of the handsome boy. She bit her lip and tucked her falling hair behind her right ear. She felt her stomach doing flip flops when he finally spoke. His voice deep and smooth.

"Why are you still here?" He asked coldly.

She wanted to run, he was oozing aggravation and power. He was probably scarier than Orochimaru, even if he wasn't creepier. "I…" She stuttered and took a step back. "I'm suppose to make sure you are comfortable and…" Her face heated up causing a nice blush to fan over her cheeks. "And provide company if you so wish it." Her voice was low and sad, like she hated to admit that fact. Who wouldn't hate it? She was basically being used as a whore, and it would be her first time bedding another.

Slightly shocked at her answer, he smirked and took a few steps till his was inches away from her. He put his hand under her chin and tilted it upwards, yet her eyes still refuse to look at him. "So you're just another one of his whores." The word seemed like venom as he spit it from his mouth.

Natsuki lifted her eyes and glared into deep black pools. "I am not." She spat back, it was true, she had never even been touched, not even by the snake like man. Sasuke took in the green orbs that glared at him with growing hatred. "Even if I were, it's not like you would have any room to talk."

Growling Sasuke pushed the girl away from him and towards the door. "Leave." Natsuki stumbled backwards before regaining her balance and gladly leaving the asshole to himself.


Natsuki grumbled lightly under her breath as she walked from the kitchens with the tray in her hands. A few of the woman in the compound had been voicing their jealousy that she had gotten the task of tending to the new hunk. She would have gladly allowed any of them to tend to him, he was an ass and she was only doing this because she feared what her leader might do if she disobeyed him.

Fear of the lower levels of the compound far surpassed her annoyance with the black haired wonder boy. She arrived at the door, shifted the tray so she could knock and waited for an answer. When she got none she knocked again a little harder. Still no answer, she bit her lip and slowly opened the door.

She peeked into it seeing mostly darkness. Finally her eyes adjusted and she saw a body on its side sleeping in the bed. She frowned and pushed the door open, then closed it with her hip. "He gets to sleep in late." She grumbled quietly and nearly dropped the tray when he spoke back.

"I didn't give you permission to enter." She turned her head and found two red eyes staring at her from the bed. She sat the tray down on the small table and took a deep breath.

"Forgive me, Uchiha-sama." Her meek voice back in place as she began to fix the tray up in the dark. "I was ordered to bring you breakfast, and remind you of your training this morning." She jumped out of her skin when she felt him behind her. She didn't even feel him leave the bed.

Sasuke looked down at the top of the girls head. He could kill her, easily. The whore, as he dubbed her, was beyond disrespect when she entered his room. He was sure Orochimaru wouldn't hold it against him. His eyes caught a slight glow under the sleeves of her shirt. Natsuki seemed to noticed as well and pulled her sleeve down over the lightly blazing metal bracelet. "If that's all you need Uchiha-sama. I should get back to my duties."

Sasuke tilted his head slowly stalking around the girl. His arm crossed across his chest he watched her shift nervously, he rather enjoyed her nervousness. "Aren't I your duty?" He questioned with a smirk. Natsuki wanted to curse under her breath but reframed from doing so. She gritted her teeth and tried to not say anything that would anger him, like she had yesterday. He had not complained to Orochimaru that time, but who was to say he never would.

"Of course Uchiha-sama." Her fingers twisted tightly into her shirt. "Is there anything you desire, that I could provide for you?" Before she could even finish the sentence she felt herself flying through the air. She yelped quietly when her back hit the bed and she bounced on it lightly. Sasuke was on top of her in a flash pinning her arms to the bed.

"Whatever I desire?" He asked as he leaned down licking the shell of her ear. "So you are a whore. Are you at least a good whore?" He taunted right into her ear. He allowed his hands to roam under her shirt and his knee forcibly spread her legs.

Natsuki stared wide eyed at the ceiling she tried to think of anything but what was happening. It didn't matter to her that the male above her was handsome, or that he was the Uchiha Sasuke. She bit her lip as he shifted above her, she couldn't help it and she felt the few tears she'd been trying to hold back roll down her cheek.

The boy felt wetness against his cheek and he pulled his head back to see what it was. He froze at the sight below him. 'She's crying?' He thought in confusion. 'Whores…don't cry….'

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it flew open, flooding the room with bright lights. "Sasuke-kun, time for training." Kabuto stared at the scene before him. "Well, I'm not sure if he will let you use that as an excuse." The psychotic doctor said amused by the events.

Without a word to the girl and only a glare at Kabuto, Sasuke climbed off of her and stood at the edge of the bed staring down at her oddly. Shrugging his shoulders he turned on heel and left the room. Kabuto spared a tiny glance back at her before he closed the door, leaving her in darkness again.

Natsuki curled up on the bed and buried her face in her hands. She was crying softly, praying that the boy didn't mention her reaction to the snake man.


Kabuto kept in step with the Uchiha as he stalked down the hallway. As they neared the training grounds Kabuto glanced over at the younger boy. "Be more gentle with Natsuki, she's never been used before." He chastised lightly. "We don't want you to break her before we get her full usage, now do we." Sasuke felt a unfamiliar emotion shoot up his spine. Was it shock, maybe it was pity? He turned to the specks wearing male.

"She's not used?" He questioned lightly rather surprised that she was given to him. Kabuto shook his head no, smirking like a crazy man.

"She's been here for years, just never been tainted. It's much better to have them soak in the fear, not knowing when or how." He answered sadistically. "Plus, her abilities are not yet matured. So it would be stupid to use her as a lab rat now." Sasuke just stared as the man. Kabuto shrugged his shoulders and walked away, leaving the younger male to get to his training.

After the session Orochimaru went to leave but stopped and turned to the younger man. "Does Natsuki not suit you?" He asked in all seriousness. "If you wish for another just send her to my chambers."

Sasuke saw a brief flash of the girls teary face and fought back the urge to snap at his 'teacher'. "She will do fine." He mumbled leaving the older man in the room, smirking back at him.


Sasuke stalked back to his room with his mind whirling. 'Why did I not want her to be given too Orochimaru? What were those abilities Kabuto spoke of?' He threw his door open planning on a hot shower and rest.

Natsuki jumped into the air in surprise when the door flew open. "Jesus hell!" She yelled not realizing who it was that opened the door. Sasuke went from annoyed to confused in a matter of seconds.

"Why are you in here?" He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at her. 'This girl has two personalities.'

Natsuki was too busy trying to slow her heart down to remember to be the good little slave girl. "Do you always have to scare the shit out of people!" She glared up at him. "And that glare doesn't do anything buddy! I've been in front of the snake bastard when he was in his sadistic mode and Kabuto…" Suddenly her hands flew to her mouth and her eyes flew open. 'Oh no!'

Sasuke smirked and walked completely into the room, closing the door behind him. "Well, well, well…" He walked over to the girl and circled her with an amused glare.

Her whole body began to tremble as she shook her head. Trying to tell herself she didn't just say such things about the boys teacher. She was going to be killed, if she was lucky enough that is. "I'm…I'm so sorry…" She managed to whisper out hoping there was a small chance he wasn't as cold hearted as everyone said.

Sasuke frowned when he saw the visible emotional breakdown the girl was having. And for some reason it didn't bode well with him. He didn't even bother wondering what she was so afraid of. Any normal person would be terrified by the creepy man that owned her. Suddenly his eyes were brought to the two thin metal bracelets around her wrist. Before he had seen them glowing lightly but now they were burning brightly.

He was kind of memorized and reached out to touch the slim red glowing rings. Just as his fingers grazed the bracelets surface, Natsuki let out a shrill scream and her legs buckled under her. Her head felt light and suddenly she was engulfed in blackness. Instinctively, Sasuke caught her before she hit the ground. Keeping his eyes on the bracelets he watched as they slowly faded back to the normal silver state. Grunting in annoyance he plucked the tiny girl up and dropped her on his bed. There was a knock on the door and it flew open.

"Oh my, is everything okay! I heard a scream!" Sasuke turned a sharp glare unto the intruder and the woman froze in her spot.

"Get.Out!" He growled out and the woman didn't think twice before turning and quickly closing the door. His eyes went back to the figure in his bed, he watched her for a few minutes, wondering if she would wake up. Soon after she curled onto her side and snuggled into the covers below her. He couldn't help but smirk, seems she'd be asleep till morning. Sighing in annoyance he turned on heel and headed to the shower. This was going cause to be more problems than he wanted.

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