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Chapter Eight

Natsuki came rushing through the dirt covered roads. Her tiny feet pounding against the hard surface and a smile stretched across her face. She would stop and turn back to make sure her father wasn't far behind. It would do her no good to get lost and upset him. With a slight bounce she waved the man towards her. "Hurry up, Papa!" She chimed happily before rushing off again. Her father only smiled and shook his head, keeping his lazy pace trailing after her.

The young girl knew he'd not rush as she was, her father never rushed anything. He was always slow and steady, calm and serene. While the world moved around him, fast and thrilling, he was happy just watching his daughter grow and allowing himself to enjoy the time he had with his family. Though he knew that his offspring's hyper and upbeat attitude was a spitting image of his own youth.

The young girl flew around the corner and came crashing into something hard. With a muffled ouch she tumbled forward with the thing she had collided with.

"Are you okay?" A slightly pained voice muttered from below her.

Natsuki stiffened before she quickly scrambled off of the other. Bashfully she looked up, her eyes connecting with her victims own. She could have sworn she saw red but after a quick blink of disbelief she was relieved to see the boys eyes were an alluring onyx.

"Are you okay?" He asked again as he stood and helped her up, a soft brotherly smile on his face.

"Y…yes!" Natsuki squealed as she saw her father round the corner. She didn't want her father to know she'd ran into someone, so before the boy could say anymore the younger girl stuttered a quick 'I'm sorry' before dashing off to her fathers side.

The father gave a raised eyebrow when his daughter came to his side and tried to hide within his haori. He slowly glanced around but saw nothing that would cause the girls sudden nervousness. Gently patting her head he smiled down at her. "Stay close Natsuki, we are in the Uchiha complex. You must be very respectful." He felt the young girl nod her head, her small hand sliding into his larger one. The Uchiha's were a strict, well knitted group, a war between them and the Tanaka's would only end in numerous deaths.

Natsuki glanced back but didn't see any trace of the boy she had literally plowed down. Sighing in relief she turned to walk with her father, she didn't want to get on the bad side of the Uchiha clan. Even her immature, and naïve, mind knew they were a group to be honored and admired, but above all feared.

It was only a few minutes before she could hear grunts and groans in the distance. An excited smile returning to her face as she gently pulled her father onto the porch of the house before them. After a knock a woman, about her fathers age, led them through the house and towards the backyard.

A look of awe overcame Natsuki's tiny face as she watched the two in the yard sparring. The older of the two didn't even seem to break a sweat, while the younger was panting and covered in dirt. She held back the squeal of delight when the older man announced that training was over. Only to run to Akira's side as the boy plopped down to the ground, exhausted. As she tended to the tired boy, his father walked to hers and gave a nod in greeting.

"You are training him as hard as ever, Isao." Her father said, as he stepped aside allowing the other man to pass, only to follow him into the house.

"He has to be strong." Isao sent the other male a knowing glance before taking a seat at the table in the middle of the room. "You should know better than any one, Fuyuki." He watched as his old friend sat across from him before continuing. "Akira is not my birth son, and because of that the Uchiha elders will not recognize him as one of us." Letting out a troubled sigh Isao leaned back on his hands and relaxed. "He has to be twice as strong, twice as fast and ten times as intelligent to be able to be accepted."

Fuyuki smiled a slightly sad smile, never understanding the Uchiha clans rules. His clan, the Tanaka, were less than strict concerning their offspring. "I'm sure Akira will make you proud. He is a good boy." The two fathers turned their attention to their children outside the opened back door. Watching as Natsuki prattled on and on about anything her tiny mind could think up, and Akira nodded, trying to pay attention even as his droopy eyes begged to be able to close. "Isao." The heavy tone of his friends voice had Isao's attention reverting back to the other male. Though Fuyuki still had his eyes trained on the two in the yard. "My offer still stands." Slowly he turned back, his eyes showing the seriousness of his words. "I know you want him to be acknowledged as a Uchiha but the Tanaka name is just as good."


Pain overwhelmed her senses, her breath finally came back in slow shallow pants. She was laying in a flooded room, water soaked into her tattered clothes. A intense aura doubled the pain as it surrounded her. Once again her mind screamed for her body to move, to get up and run as far as she could, but it didn't listen. Simply breathing nearly had her crying from the pain.

"What do we have here?" Came the cracked voice that sent shivers of fear through her that far surpassed those Orochimaru inflicted. Turning her head to the side her eyes widened at the sinister orbs that stared back at her. She would have moved, would have run, if she could have but her body still would not heed her demands. Suddenly she heard footsteps walking in the ankle deep water she lay in. Her heart throbbed painfully as the red mist formed and bubbled into a monster above her.

The footsteps were steadily getting faster and she heard a splashing stop just as the huge morphed paw slammed down on her body. A silent scream erupted from her throat as she felt the ominous power being sucked into her own body against her will. Never in her life had she wished those damned shackles were on her wrist. Never before had she wanted to be in that dark, damp, underground lair but she did then. Slowly, as the beasts power poured into her, Natsuki prayed it was all a dream and she could return to her slavery under Orochimaru.

"STOP!" Naruto reached for the girl who lay only a few steps before him but pulled back as the fox within him began to speak.

"Why would I?" It barked out with laughter. "Even if I'm trapped within a vessel, this…" The fox's paw pushed down on Natsuki causing her to whimper out in pain. "Human looks quite promising."

Naruto's glare hardened as he stood straighter. He was never one to let someone suffer, even more so for something that was his fault. The fox was within him and this girl, whose name he didn't even know, shouldn't have to feel pain because he couldn't control the demon. "Let her go." He growled out, his fist clenching at his side.

The creature let out another harsh laughter and one could actually picture it's head fly back in mock humor. "You don't even know who…" It stopped and hmm lightly to itself. "You don't even know what she is." It said with a smug air about it and a grin that stretched clear across it's face. "Give her to me." His voice hissed and it's paw began to retract towards the huge jail behind it, bringing Natsuki's body with it.

"So this is where your hidden power materializes from." Came another voice and the fox glared at the intruder. Sasuke took a few steps forward and opened his mouth to speak again. His lip twitched and a flash of fury passed through his eyes when he saw Natsuki's helpless form. Another step forward and his hand outstretched, his palm held out in front of the beasts foamy form.


Natsuki felt the siring pain rushing through her small body. She had become accustom to the lesser torment that was inflicted upon her from being in Orochimaru's care. But this pain, this agony, was to a degree she didn't know could even exist. The red chakra surged through her, feeling as if it was burning her skin and muscle from her bones. Her tears evaporating before they even had a chance to gather in her eyes. She could hear voices in a low mummer over the screaming in her head. She wanted to yell for help, beg someone to make the torture her body was being put through stop. The mass holding her down seemed to double in weight, her ribs felt as though they were going to snap within her body. Her heart was being crushed, her lungs refusing to fill with air. Just as she felt her body was going to shut down, just as she thought she was finally going to die, it all disappeared.

Her gapping mouth greedily sucked in enough air to double her lungs in size. Her body was slowing cooling down from the fire the fox chakra had imprisoned her in. And slowly tears rolled from her eyes and a loud sob left her mouth. She heard the water beside her splash lightly and felt a presence looming over her. Natsuki couldn't make out any details in the darkness that surrounded the room but she saw those red eyes swirling down at her. As more tears swelled and escaped her eyes she let a whimper slip from her lips. Her arm slowly moved along the water covered floor and towards Sasuke's feet.

Naruto's shocked eyes moved from the place the fox had just been when he heard Natsuki's whimper. His heart fell into the pit of his stomach at the sound, and fell even further when his saw the added bruises and cuts on her body. He watched for a second as she seemed so desperate to reach towards the Uchiha and his eyes softened. Lifting his leg to take a step towards her, he knew Sasuke would leave her, just as he had his home and his friends. He knew he should be there to scoop her up and tend to her wounds, both physical and mental, when his dark haired friend abandoned her.

Yet his body froze as he watched Sasuke squat down, gathered the broken girl in his arms and stood again. Naruto would have stood there for hours asking himself hundreds of questions if the world around him didn't start to fizzle and fade. And soon he was back in the crater of reality. As soon as he regained his senses his head snapped to the place he felt Sasuke to be. Just a feet away from his own body the other boy was crouched down, Natsuki's limp form protectively, borderline possessively, against his chest.

Sasuke's one arm was wrapped around her, laced under her arms. Her head laying back and her arms dangling lifelessly towards the ground. The soles of her feet scrapped on the ground as he stood, keeping her upper half pressed against his warm body. Though his dark eyes never left the group that had come to rescue him.

Naruto's throat tightened as he observed the familiar red chakra sizzled off of her body and disappeared into the air. Slowly a bluish one replaced the red, slithering its way over Natsuki's body. "What…" Before he could even stand and voice one of the many questions he had Sasuke had disappeared from before him.

Returning to the top of the large hole in the earth Sasuke merely stared down at the group sent to save him. Careful, so he wasn't noticed, his eyes shifted to Natsuki and anger began to cloud his mind. The girl in his arms was dying, he knew it, he could feel her life slipping away. The thought causing his stomach to churn uncomfortably. He snapped his attention back to Naruto and his lips twitched wanting to sneer at the boy. It was his fault, it was his 'power' that was killing her. He couldn't form words, worried his anger would spill passed his lips. Schooling his features he bore down at Naruto with a bored look on his face. Slowly he raised his hand above his head and electricity began to form in his palm. His arm unconsciously gripping Natsuki's body tighter as he went to deliver a devastating blow. Suddenly a white hand snapped out grabbing his wrist, putting a stop to the attack. But Sasuke's eyes never turned away from the fox holder below him. "Release me."

Orochimaru smirked as he ignored his students rude demand. "Now, now. I think that's enough." His croaky voice showing not hints of annoyance, hit eyes alit with a sick sort of amusment. Before Sasuke could turn his glare and force the snake bastard to let him finish the idiots below him another voice caught his attention.

"Yes, well." Kabuto tilted his head, the sun flashing off his glasses as he turned his eyes to Natsuki. "That's a first. Usually she dies then we bring her back to life. Normally after many grueling and painful procedures."

Not being able to stop himself, Sauske's eyes widened for a moment and his face quickly looked down at the girl. The life force he'd felt slipping away was slowly coming back, like she was sucking it from the chakra he'd sent out to surround her. He had sent it out unconsciously, his instincts only hopped to calm her, shield her from the emotions and auras of the others around them. Only repeating the action he had done when they had left the hide out that time, just to a higher degree. A gasp left her as her eyes snapped open, staring up at nothing. He continued to watch her, wait for her to look at him and say something annoy like she normally did. Yet her eyes only stayed open for a moment before they began to flutter close again, her head lulled to his shoulder and a sigh slipped by her lips before she was out again. Not realizing it a sigh of relief nearly came from Sasuke and he pulled Natsuki closer to his chest. Her breath fanning out over his neck giving him an odd sort of comfort. A weight upon his heart and a heaviness in his stomach quickly vanished, the anger directed towards Naruto fading away with it.

From beside him Orochimaru only smirked. "Lets go." The Sannin muttered as he turned and disappeared from their sight, followed closely by Kabuto.

Not bothering to change the way he held Natsuki, Sasuke simply propped her up higher so her feet wouldn't touch the ground. Her one hand slowly found the end of his shirt and lightly gripped the material. Without even glancing back at his former teammates, Sasuke too vanished from before them.


Orochimaru came to a stop and simply stared at the vast earth in front of him. His lips were twisted into a sadistic smirk and his arms hung idle by his sides. Within minutes Kabuto appeared beside him and Orochimaru only began to chuckle under his breath. "It seems that girl was good for something, wasn't she." The low sinister laughter slowly died away and the snake like man turned a smirking face to his mad medic henchman. "You'll have to figure out why he's different." Without waiting for a reply Orochimaru once again disappeared, leaving Kabuto smirking in the distance.

"Of course, Orochimaru-sama." Kabuto said to himself, as he slowly began to walk in the opposite direction his leader had gone. "Because if he can control her, you can use her when you take over his body."


As Sauske flew through the trees, Natsuki in his arms, he headed for the closest town under Orochimaru's control. His eyes briefly glanced at Natsuki before turning back to the area in front of him. His mind was slowly trying to digest what had happened and what was still occurring. 'Her restraints are broken.' He thought trying to get a grip on reality, not needing to see her bare wrist to remember the shackles were gone. 'When Naruto touched her, her Kekkei Genkai responded and backfired as usual.' His eyes hardened and his speed picked up. 'But it doesn't feel any different when I touch her.' His bare fingers dug into the skin on her arm. 'Why isn't she reacting to me?'

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