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Inspired by my own squeaky chair.

Word Count: 205

Haruno Sakura stood in front of her boss' office with enough documents to bury the Konoha City Hall. She carefully arranged the papers to one arm and raised the free hand to knock on the battered excuse of a door. This company building was the most important one and hence the oldest, and she supposed it never occurred to the higher-ups that a remodeling here and there wouldn't cut into their Christmas bonuses that much. Following the same line of logic, she supposed purchasing new office supplies would also be out of the question, if the loud squeaking coming from the inside of the office was any indication. Mr. Uchiha had the habit of swinging back and forth in his computer chair when he was deep in thought; Sakura just didn't know how he could be with that awful noise.

As her hand made contact with the wood, the previously un-shut door swung open all the way without protest. Sakura hurriedly prepared to apologize for her intrusion, as Mr. Uchiha could be rather ill-tempered at times--and her vision was rudely assaulted with a man's bare backside. And it was not Mr. Uchiha's.

She could not meet Naruto's eyes for the rest of the month.