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Pinky Promise

Chapter 1: Remember Me?

Bianca Evans stared at her answering machine in disbelief. Did that really just happen, she thought to herself. Seated on her couch in her condominium, she tried to take in all that she had just heard and shook her head. She needed to hear it again. Reaching over to the side table, Bianca pressed the button on her machine to replay the message.

"Saved message.." the automated voice spoke loudly through the speaker. "Hey Bianca," a low, male voice echoed from the machine. "It's me, John.. I don't know if you remember me, but we were best friends back when you lived in the New," Bianca recognized the faint Boston accent in his voice. "But anyway, if you do, I was wondering if we could catch up, maybe grab a coffee or something. Just give me a call back.." he left his phone number for her to dial before the message got cut off.

Bianca shook her head again as she replayed the message in her mind. John, from the New. Of course she would remember him. John Cena was her best friend from when she lived in West Newbury, Massachusetts. She was born and raised there and lived directly across from the Cenas. Being just one year apart, John and Bianca clicked right away and were soon always spotted together everywhere. They had remained close friends throughout high school; however, it was college that tore them apart. John had a sports scholarship for Springfield College in Massachusetts to play football. Bianca had flown down to Southern California to pursue a degree in Graphic Design.

Although the two friends had tried their hardest to keep in touch, their efforts fell short. John had little to no free time to himself, let alone enough time to give Bianca a phone call, especially since she was literally on the other side of the country. And as for Bianca, the rest of her family uprooted and settled in Los Angeles to be near her, giving her no reason to fly all the way back to the New, a name that she and John affectionately gave their hometown.

Bianca sighed as she picked up her cell phone and started to dial. Ten years. That was how long it has been since they last heard from each other. Within the ten years, John had made a name for himself in the sports-entertainment business as a professional wrestler; one of the more popular ones at that. Bianca had kept up with his progress, from his Prototype days at OVW, to his debut onto WWE, to his current storyline to defend his WWE Championship from another wrestler named Edge. John was successful, he was living his dream, and Bianca couldn't be any happier for him.

As for Bianca, she got her Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design and a Master's degree in Communications. She became a freelance graphic designer who sometimes wrote editorials for the local paper. She hopped jobs every so often because she never really found a job that she would want to permanently stick with. She currently lived by herself in her condo south of Los Angeles.

Bianca held her breath as the other end of the line started to ring. What exactly was she supposed to say? Ten years was a long time. What if he was different? "Hello?" John's familiar voice sounded through her cell phone, and Bianca's heart started to pound quickly.

"Hey.. John?" She started, not really knowing what to say or if she even dialed the right number.

"Who is this?" John asked through the phone. He frowned at the aspect that his number probably got leaked again and it was just another fan trying to contact him.

"It's Bianca," Bianca answered softly. "Bianca Evans, from the New."

John's face, as well as his demeanor, brightened instantly. "Hey Binx! So you got my message?" 'Binx' was the nickname that he gave Bianca; he was the only one who called her that. John sat up from his bed in his hotel room, energized now that he received the call.

"Yeah," Bianca smiled shyly, although she didn't know why. It wasn't as if John could even see her expression. "So," she started awkwardly. "When did you want to catch up?"

John glanced at his watch and smiled. Perfect. "Does right now sound okay to you?"

Bianca smiled as she was free for the rest of the day. "Sure."


What does one wear to go see a long-lost friend? Bianca didn't know as she stood in front of her closet in just her underwear. Come on, Binx, it's only John, and it's only Starbucks, she tried to calm herself. But John was a celebrity now, and she didn't' want to dress too casual. This is John we're talking about, her mind argued. Since when did John ever wear anything other than throwbacks and denim shorts? "Good point," Bianca said out loud to herself. She quickly found the perfect outfit and dressed quickly. He's gonna be here soon, she glanced up at the clock to see that she had only a few minutes to finish up.

Just as Bianca finished putting on her shoes, the doorbell rang and she jumped up from where she was crouched on the ground. Her heart was pounding fast as she neared her front door. She gave herself a once-over before opening the front door and smiling brightly at the 6-foot-1 man before her. "John, hey!" She stepped out into the hallway completely, closing her door behind her.

"Binxie, come here," John grinned at her, flashing his dimples. He opened his arms to wrap her in a tight hug. "Look at you," he cooed as he pulled away to take in her appearance. Although she only wore acid-washed jeans and a baby t-shirt, John thought she looked absolutely beautiful.

"Look at you," she replied, as she admired her best friend. "You look good." She was right; John did go with a throwback and denim shorts, and they did nothing to hide his muscular physique. He looked nothing like he did ten years ago, when he was a body-builder. Back then, his muscles scared the hell out of her, but now, they complimented him very much so.

"So you ready for that coffee?" John asked as they started walking down the short flight of stairs to the parking lot where his rental awaited them.

"Definitely," Bianca replied, and they drove away to the nearest Starbucks.


It didn't take long for the two to catch up and become familiar with each other again. Soon, it was as if they had never lost touch. They sat in the corner of Starbucks in cushioned chairs, facing each other as they reminisced of the past and shared stories from their ten years of separation.

"Excuse me, Mr. Cena?" The two looked up to see a boy of about 10 years old walk up to them. "May I have an autograph?"

"Sure kid," John smiled as he put his coffee down on the table and fished for a pen in his pocket. The boy smiled nervously at Bianca, who gave a warm smile in return and nodded. She watched as John made small talk with the boy as he signed his shirt and took a picture with him.

"It must be nice," Bianca mused once the boy happily walked away, "to have people recognize you and want to take pictures and stuff."

John smiled as he leaned back against his chair. "Yeah. I love my job, and I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for the fans," he said modestly. "It's all about the fans."

Bianca admired the way her friend talked about his career and his fans. Even after all these years of wrestling, he still didn't let the fame get to his head. "You're really good," she complimented, thinking of all those times she spent watching Monday Night RAW just to see him wrestle. "You've come a long way from your days in OVW."

"You watched me?" John asked, surprised.

"Of course," Bianca scoffed playfully. "What kind of best friend would I be if I didn't?" She hunched her shoulders up and looked at him seriously. "I am fifty percent man, fifty percent machine. You are one hundred percent fatality," she said in a deep voice, mocking his previous character.

John chuckled in embarrassment. "Oh man," he said, running a hand over his mouth. "You remember that?"

"Dude," Bianca started, taking a sip from her frappucino. "The Prototype was kick-ass," she stated. "Although I wish you would have done something better to your hair," she teased. John scrunched his face at her, but she laughed it off. "Don't worry, I like it now," she reassured as she reached across the table to run her fingers through his short brown hair.

"You know, Binx," John started once Bianca settled into her seat again. "I didn't think you'd remember me, let alone watch me wrestle. Why didn't you try to contact me?"

Bianca shrugged. "I figured that since you're a famous wrestler now, you'd have forgotten about me," she smiled sadly.

"Binxie," he sighed, "you know you mean a lot to me and I would never forget about you," he said honestly, taking Bianca's hands into his own and giving them a light squeeze.

Bianca gave him an appreciative smile. There was a time early on in high school when John had developed more than friendly feelings for Bianca. He summed up the courage to ask her out, and although she rejected him, they went on as best friends as if nothing had ever happened. Then, during their last year of high school, John finally found someone else.

"What ever happened to Liz?" Bianca suddenly asked, looking at John inquisitively. "Last I heard, you two were engaged," she trailed off to sneak a peak at John's left hand, only to find his fingers empty.

"Yeah," John ran a hand over his scalp. "We were together for six years, engaged twice. She broke it off both times. She said she couldn't handle me being away for too long," he explained, bringing forth a sympathetic look from Bianca. "I don't blame her."

It was Bianca's turn to give John's hands a reassuring squeeze. "Don't worry, Johnny boy," she said, using his nickname. "You'll find someone."

"If you say so," John replied, finishing his drink and throwing it into the trash. "Let's get out of here," he said as he extended his hand towards Bianca.


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