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Pinky Promise


Chapter 33: It's Time

He knows… he knows! Bianca paced back and forth in the nursery, here eyebrows furrowed in worry. She took another glance at the phone that she clutched so tightly in her hand. He knows. The text message simply said. Bianca let out a frustrated sigh. "No…" she whined to herself. It wasn't supposed to happen that way. She quickly dialed the number and waited for the other line to pick up.


"Steph.." Bianca started, relieved that the other brunette had picked up. "What exactly happened?"

"I'm sorry, B.. But I had to tell him," Stephanie McMahon apologized over the phone. "We had a meeting to show him all the stuff you designed for him, and we kinda told him that you designed them, so he was surprised. Then my dad started lecturing him about how he doesn't even know of your whereabouts. Then he mentioned something about when the baby comes, and well.. John caught that and he wanted to know what that meant.."

"Oh," was all Bianca could say, as Stephanie finished summarizing.

"I'm so sorry, Bianca," Stephanie said again. "He wasn't going to leave until someone told him what was going on.."

"It's okay, Steph," Bianca replied. "What did you tell him anyway?"

"Well… you know.." Stephanie trailed.


John turned to face Stephanie. "Steph…?" He asked, his eyes silently hoping that she would tell him what was going on.

Stephanie inwardly groaned. She knew Bianca didn't want John to find out this way, but she was cornered. "Umm.. Surprise..?" She looked at John sheepishly, but he only stared back at her with a confused frown. "Congratulations, John, you're gonna be a dad…!"

The look on John's face would have been funny had it not been a serious situation. The look changed as his eyes widened and his jaw dropped to the floor in utter shock. "You mean Bianca..." he trailed off, at a complete loss for words.

"Yeah," Stephanie nodded as she plastered a smile onto her face. "Isn't that great?" The unwavering look on John's face was starting to worry her.

John let out a low sigh as he leaned back into the chair. He was deep in thought, as he seemed to stare a hole straight through the table.

"Uh… John…?" Stephanie waved a hand in front of his face but there was no response. She looked to her dad for an answer, but the older man simply shrugged.

"Well, son…" Vince started as he stood and gathered his things together, "see you at the pay-per-view.."

Vince gave him a quick pat on the shoulder and a sympathetic look as he, Stephanie, and Rob exited the room.

…End Flashback…

"Did he seem…mad?" Bianca was almost too scared to ask.

Stephanie let out a sigh. "I don't know, B.. He was just sitting there.. I think he was too shocked to say anything."

Bianca frowned. "I shouldn't have let it get this far.. I should have told him sooner.. I'm so scared of how he's going to react when he sees me.."

"Well, there's no use dwelling on the past and what could have been. Just focus on now–when you're going to tell him and what you're going to tell him," Stephanie encouraged.

"You're right, Steph," Bianca nodded. "Thank you for telling him, though," she said sincerely. "You did something that I couldn't do."

"No problem, girl," Stephanie replied. "And good luck."

"Thanks." As they hung up, Bianca sat on the bed and let out an audible groan. She would need all the luck that she could get.


It took a couple of days for the shock to wear off, but John was still in disbelief. How could she not tell me she was pregnant! As much as he wanted to call her up, he just couldn't find the time to. Wrestlemania was less than 48 hours away and he was being bombarded with meetings, promos, and training sessions. He barely had enough time to sleep, let alone give Bianca a phone call.

There were so many emotions running through his brain. He was sad, upset, and most of all, he was angry. It all made sense now—the reason why Sam was suddenly living in Los Angeles, the baby shower that they threw for their "single-parent friend", and the unusual conversations that he had with his friends. Everything made sense. How could he not have known?

John was also scared—he scared of what he was going to say, of how he was going to react. He was scared of what Bianca was going to tell him and of how she looked now. She had to be at least 7 months along. The thought alone just scared him. What was he going to do?

John had a measly 30 minute break between all the meetings and promos, and he was starving. The WWE headquarters in LA had a cafeteria on the first floor, and as soon as John was able to escape one of the many conference rooms, that was exactly where he went.

The cafeteria was crowded; regardless, he stood in line to grab whatever food he could get. He skimmed the tables to look for an empty seat or a familiar face. As soon as he spotted his friends, he headed straight towards them.

"Hey man," Randy nodded towards John, who silently took a seat across from him and next to Adam. "'Sup?"

John took a bite out of his burger and mumbled something incoherent. Before his friends could question him, he swallowed and cleared his throat. "Nothin', just grabbing some lunch.."

Adam and Randy exchanged glances. John didn't seem himself. "You look like you need to talk or something," Adam pointed. "So talk to us. We're your bros.."

"You're my bros?" John repeated bitterly.

"Yeah," Adam and Randy nodded.

John set his burger down, rather abruptly, and rested his elbows on the table, leaning closer to his friends. "If you were really my bros, then why the fuck didn't you tell me Bianca was pregnant?" He hissed.

Adam lowered his head, and Randy tried to remain unfazed. John rarely got angry, but when he did, he was a scary guy.

"Dude," Randy started in a calm voice. "It wasn't our place. We were waiting on Bianca to tell you," he tried to reason.

"But you guys knew about it," he stated as he stared at his friends incredulously. "If you really were my bros, you would have told me. She's my wife, and that's my fucking kid.."

"What the hell were we supposed to do?" Randy shot back. "You kicked her out. She was too scared to tell you. We just convinced her that she needed to talk to you…"

"Guys, calm down," Adam interjected, as their raised voices had started to turn heads.

"No," John shook his head. "I had to find out from Stephanie that my own wife is pregnant. And the only reason why she told me was because Vince let it slip on accident. Am I the only one who didn't know about this?"

"Sorry, man," was all Randy and Adam could say.

"No," John said again. "That is fucked up." And with that, he left the table and stormed out of the room.

"Shit," Randy cursed, immediately pulling out his phone. "Bianca's gonna freak.."


For the second time that day, Bianca had to make another dreaded phone call. "Randy," she started as soon as she heard him pick up.

"He blew up," was all the Legend Killer said.

Bianca frowned. "How bad?"

"Well, he kinda caused a scene and stormed out of the cafeteria.." Randy explained. "Fucking drama queen.." he said of his friend. He was still upset at the way John had acted, but could he really blame him?

"I'm so sorry, Randy," Bianca apologized sincerely. "I'm gonna fix this.. Don't worry."

"You better hurry, Bianca," Randy cautioned. "Wrestlemania's tomorrow. He can't go in stressing about this.. He needs a clear head."

"I know," she replied. "I'm going to find him tomorrow before his match and I'm going to tell him. I can't run from this anymore."

"Good. Everything's going to be okay. He loves you," Randy reassured.

"Thanks, Randy.. I hope he still does.." As soon as they hung up, Bianca glanced worriedly at Samantha, who had been listening in on the conversation.

"You'll be okay, Bianca.." Samantha comforted as well, pulling the older girl into a hug.

"I wanna get this over with already," Bianca admitted sadly. "Tomorrow can't come fast enough…"




Wrestlemania—the SuperBowl of wrestling; the biggest day of the year for the WWE. This was it; the day had finally come. John hadn't slept a wink the previous night. There was too much going on in his mind. Regardless, he had been at the Staples Center since dawn for last minute meetings and practices. Tonight would be a big night for him especially. He had lost the WWE belt some months ago to none other than his on-screen rival/real life best friend Randy Orton. Tonight would be his chance to redeem himself and win the title back.

"Still not talking to me?" As soon as John heard that voice, he quickly slammed his locker shut and glared at his best friend before attempting to stomp away. Randy followed anyway. "You know, it's kinda hard to wrestle with someone who won't communicate with me.."

John continued to ignore him. He was still upset from yesterday.

"Be mad at me all you want," Randy shrugged, reading John's mind. "I don't fucking care. You're acting stupid anyway." Randy stopped following him then, and just watched as his friend walked away. "And if I get injured because of your inconsiderate dumb ass, I'm gonna be fucking pissed!" He yelled out after him before shaking his head and walking back the other way.


"Is there any other way that we can get there sooner?" Bianca glanced worriedly at the clock on the dashboard.

"Sit back, honey," Vivian scolded from the passenger seat. "We'll get there when we get there."

"But mom, Wrestlemania is about to start! And we're not even close!" Bianca said frantically. They attempted to leave for the arena early, but they still got caught in LA traffic.

Vivian turned around in her seat and gave Bianca a hard look. "Whining isn't going to get us there faster, Bianca. And worrying isn't healthy for you or the baby."

Bianca pouted but sat back in her seat. "She's right, Bianca," Sam said, calmly. "You don't wanna pop before you get a chance to tell John!"

Everyone was on high alert that day. Bianca had been feeling discomfort all day and the baby was being unusually active. As much as her parents wanted her to stay home, they knew this was important. Bianca placed a protective hand over her tummy. "I'm not going to pop yet.."

It seemed like forever before the Evans and Samantha finally made it to the Staples Center. Bianca and Samantha were dropped off while Bianca's parents tried to look for a good parking spot. "Don't run, honey!" Vivian had called out to the girls before they drove off.

"Really, mom?" Did Vivian have to embarrass her in front of all of those WWE fans? A few bystanders snickered, and Sam rolled her eyes at them.

"Lead the way," Sam motioned; Bianca was the one with the WWE Employee ID anyway. As soon as she flashed her card to the security guard, they were let through the gate. Bianca took this time to turn her head around and give those snickering bystanders a smug look. Damn right, she thought.

The back of the Staples Center was a maze of hallways and doors. "Karma is not making this easy for me," Bianca commented as she waddled her way through the halls. They passed unlabeled doors but could not seem to find their way to the locker rooms.

"Just call him, Bianca," Samantha suggested. Bianca gave her a foreign look. "It wouldn't hurt to just give him a call," Samantha shrugged. "It'll save us a lot of time. Just get it over with."

"You're right," the pregnant woman sighed and pulled out her cell phone. "Just call him," she encouraged herself before dialing the all-too-familiar number. She held her breath as she heard it ring.


John was headed towards the gorilla, absentmindedly putting his hands in his pockets. "Shoot," he cursed as his hand made contact with his cell phone. He couldn't have that in his pocket while he wrestled. He swiftly turned around and headed back to the locker room.

The former champ mentally cringed when he saw that Randy was back in the locker room as well. Straightening up, John silently walked up to his locker. He was still mad; he was still going to ignore Randy. Nothing the Legend Killer could say would make him break his silence. He pulled open his locker door, tossed his phone in, and slammed it shut. He turned to leave, but was stopped short in his tracks.

"Bianca's here." Randy simply said.

John's heart skipped a beat and he was forced to look at his friend. "…What?"

"I just got a text from Sam. They're here.. looking for you," the taller wrestler explained shortly.

"I have to find her," John said as he headed towards the door.

"I'm coming with you," Randy said. Whether John wanted him to or not, he would be there.

John stopped short in his tracks the second time that day, but this time it was because of the music playing from his locker. His cell phone was ringing.

"You gonna get that?" Randy asked, but John shook his head. He couldn't waste any more time. Bianca was here and he had to find her. It was probably his brothers calling him to wish him luck anyway. John waved the noise off and headed out the door, Randy following close behind.


"He's not picking up," Bianca pouted as John's phone rang out until it reached his voicemail. "Now what?"

"Let me call Randy," Sam pulled out her phone to dial her fiancé but got nothing. "What's the point of having a cell phone if you don't answer it, Randall!" She couldn't help but to leave the voicemail. She groaned as she hung up. "What should we do?"

"Just keep walking," Bianca answered as they continued forward.

"They you are!" The two girls turned at the voice and were relieved to see Amy rushing towards them.

"Amy, have you seen John?" Bianca asked hurriedly.

"No, but his match is coming up soon. I bet he's at the gorilla with Randy," Amy answered, motioning for the girls to follow her.

"You have no idea how happy we are to see you," Bianca let out a sigh of relief as she allowed herself to relax.

Amy smiled at her and gave Bianca's tummy a soft pat. "How's the baby?"

"I think she's having her own little wrestling match in there," Bianca joked. "She's been kicking all day."

"Do you think you're going to pop today?" Amy asked excitedly.

"Oh God, I hope not today," Bianca admitted. "I still need to talk to John."

"Don't worry, we're almost there," Amy said, as the girls continued to chitchat and walk.

Bianca's heart started pounding as soon as the sound of the audience got louder and she started to see more familiar faces in the hallways.

"Bianca!" The three girls turned at the voice and were practically dragged into the Divas' locker room.

Bianca was suddenly bombarded with hugs, kisses, and lots and lots of questions and remarks.

"How are you doing?"

"You're so big!"

"When are you due?"

"Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Did you choose a name yet?"

Bianca politely answered each question and gave each girl a hug.

"Don't mean to cut it short, ladies, but we have to look for Cena," Amy chimed. The three bid their goodbyes and headed out the door. As soon as the door shut behind them, the first beat of John's entrance sounded.

"Oh shit," Bianca cursed. They were running out of time.


John and Randy rushed through the halls, determined to find Bianca and Sam.

"And now… the moment you've all been waiting for!" They heard Lillian announce from the middle of the ring, and the crowd roared loudly. "This next match is for the WWE Championship!"

"Dammit," John groaned as they had no choice but to head to the gorilla where a stagehand met them.

"It's time, guys. You ready?" The stagehand asked.

John simply nodded. He had to put Bianca in the back of his mind and this match in the forefront. He closed his eyes as the familiar sound of his music started playing. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly—it was time to go.

"Johnny!" John's eyes snapped wide open at the sound of her voice. He whipped around and stared at her in disbelief.

"Binxie?" John's voice cracked as he saw Bianca hurriedly waddling towards him, Amy and Samantha right behind her. He took a good look at her, and tears welled up in his eyes. She was still beautiful, still the same old Bianca. The only difference was her baby bump. He wanted to run to her, but before he could move, the stagehand stopped him in his tracks. "I just need a couple seconds," he pleaded, but the stagehand shook his head.

"No time, Cena.. You gotta go," the stagehand said sternly. The hard look on his face softened. "Sorry, buddy."

John gave Bianca a forlorn look, and Bianca smiled sadly at him. "Go," she told him. "I'll be right here."

He nodded fervently then, and before he could delay any longer, he turned back around and ran onto the stage. The crowd immediately thundered with equal boos and cheers.

Bianca found herself silently crying. She was overwhelmed with emotion—seeing John for the first time in months and seeing his reaction. Sam pulled her into a hug. "See, Bianca? Everything is going to be okay." Bianca wiped her tears away and smiled when Randy joined in on the hug.

Randy's theme music started to play, and he let go of the girls. "My turn," he smirked. "Don't worry, I'll be nice," he assured them with a wink before turning around and slowly walking out onto the stage.




John Cena and Randy Orton had been in many matches before. But this was Wrestlemania; they had to do it big tonight. And what better way than a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match? Anything goes, no holds barred.

The match had seemed to go on forever, and both wrestlers were exhausted. The audience roared with boos and cheers, and the two wrestlers could barely hear themselves think. All the tables had been broken in half by body slams, RKOS's and FU's. What remained of them scattered the outside of the ring. John screamed in pain and writhed on the floor as Randy continually slammed a steel chair onto his back. Randy utilized the chair until it was useless and broken, and he finally tossed it away. He stared down at his prey menacingly, and John groaned as he struggled to pick himself up.

Losing patience, Randy grabbed John and lifted him off the ground. As soon as John was back on his feet, Randy sent him running towards the turnbuckles. John couldn't stop the momentum, and crashed into the metal pole, sliding back down to the mat. Randy crouched, and the crowd bellowed with cheers. They knew what was coming. John couldn't move; he needed more time to regain himself. He simply leaned against the turnbuckle, motionless. Randy pounded the floor, waiting for John to come at him. He couldn't execute the RKO unless John was up and away from the corner. But John wouldn't move. Randy couldn't wait anymore, and instead, he crawled out of the ring to grab the first thing that he saw—a 12-foot ladder. He slid it into the ring before climbing back in.

John was slowly getting up, using the ropes as his aid. He was so exhausted, and he wanted the match to be over. He just wanted to go backstage to see Bianca and to sort everything out. But he had to win first. He finally got to his feet, his arms still resting on the top rope.

The Legend Killer stood at the other end of the ring. He glanced at the unopened ladder lying before him. The crowd was going crazy. It was a TLC match after all; they wanted to see some action, some cold, hard, brutal action. Randy contemplated his next move, but it wasn't too hard to figure out. John was still in the corner, weak and exhausted; Randy could easily take him out and retain the belt. He picked the ladder up on its side, ready to use it as a battering ram, each move that he made affected the crowd's response, and right now, they were loving him.

They had practiced many times before. It was supposed to be simple. Randy took a deep breath, John, you better move out of the way, he thought before rushing towards John with the ladder. John's eyes widened and he moved to the side like they had planned, but he wasn't quick enough. Before he knew it, he felt the ladder ram into the right side of his torso, and he could feel something rip.

Randy dropped the ladder. He could tell by the look on John's face that something was wrong, but he couldn't react. Stepping over the ladder, he stomped over to John.

John quickly looked down to see if he was bleeding, but there weren't any open wounds. When he tried to move his right arm, excruciating pain coursed through his body. Shit!, he cursed in his head. He inspected his arm, but it didn't look broken. When he moved his fingers, he felt fine. What the hell is wrong with me?

He had run out of time, and Randy grabbed him by the back of his head to bring him back up. "My arm," he said through gritted teeth, just loud enough for Randy to hear. He kept his right arm close to his body so not to move it.

Randy threw punches at John, careful to avoid John's right side. He sent John towards the rope, and John bounced back and came running towards him again. Before they could connect, John stopped and instead sent a hard kick into Randy's stomach. Randy doubled over in pain, and John took this opportunity to start laying more punches and kicks to his opponent. Before he could gain the upper hand though, Randy had started to fight back.

The ladder still lay in the middle of the ring; it was the perfect weapon. Randy sent John running towards the ropes again, in hopes of giving John a quick RKO over the ladder. John was able to avoid tripping on the ladder, but as he neared his opponent, Randy had already started to wrap his arms around John's head for the final blow.

John let out a pained groan as he used both hands to push Randy off of him with a force so hard, it was Randy's turn to hit the ropes. John had no time to rest as Randy came back, and he crouched low enough to pick the Legend Killer up on his shoulders. He screamed in frustration and pain as he balanced Randy over his shoulders. The audience's thundered screams and cheers pierced the arena as John threw Randy off his shoulders and onto the ladder in a perfectly executed FU.

Randy lay bruised and broken on the ladder, and John was no better, as he finally allowed himself to fall to the ground in utter exhaustion. The ref started counting, 1!...2!...3!...4!...5!... but neither wrestler moved. John cracked an eye open and glanced at Randy, who was still playing dead on the ladder. Begrudgingly, John slowly started to slide himself towards the ladder. He let out another groan of pain as he had to use his right arm to lift himself up. 7!...8!...9!.. Just before the ref could belt out the last number, John made the cover and the ref slid to the ground. 1!...2!...3!

The bell rang and John let out a sigh of relief. It was finally over. "The winner of this match and your new WWE Champion, JOOOOOHN….CEEEEEEENA!"


Bianca and Samantha stared wide-eyed at the television screen. Bianca's hand covered her mouth as she looked on in shock. She watched as the ref grabbed the belt and struggled to help John even sit up. The ref signaled towards the stage and more refs and stagehands came out.

"Something's wrong," Bianca realized, examining the look on John's face and how he kept pointing to his right side. "I think he's really hurt.."

"Oh no," Samantha gasped as paramedics pushed two gurneys past them and headed towards the ring. "They're both hurt.." They could only watch as the paramedics quickly and safely secured the two men onto the gurneys and wheel them back towards the gorilla.

The sirens of the awaiting ambulances started, and Bianca was prepared to go with John. However, as soon as they wheeled by, the gorilla was suddenly bombarded with wrestlers, security, and photographers. Samantha pulled Bianca back before they could get trampled over. They couldn't even see their men through the crowd, but they could hear them both groaning in pain.

"John!" Bianca called out, but to no avail. The crowd was too loud. "We need to follow them to the hospital," she said to Samantha.

"I know," the younger of the two nodded fervently. "We need to find your parents." Grabbing Bianca's hand, they headed in the other direction. It didn't take them long to find Larry and Vivian, who were now with John Sr and Carol.

Bianca quickly waddled over to them and hugged them. "They're headed towards the hospital. We need to follow them. I still have to talk to John!"

"Okay, sweetie, relax," Larry said calmly. "The car is parked just outside," he smiled before leading the way.

Bianca was at the edge of her seat throughout the ride. To make matters worse, they had gotten caught up in the traffic of the other cars leaving the Staples Center. "Please, God.. I just need one good thing to happen today. That's all I ask for," she prayed softly on the way to the hospital.

The emergency waiting room was nearly empty, until they showed up. After speaking with the receptionist and verifying their information, all they could do was wait. The two girls sat next to each other, leaning against each other for support. Bianca ran a hand over her tummy to comfort herself as well as her restless baby. "Daddy's going to be okay," she told her unborn daughter.

The waiting seemed to take forever, and Bianca was getting worried. Why weren't the doctors coming out to talk to them? She needed to know—was John okay? How bad were his injuries? Could he still wrestle?

Just then, Bianca was startled out of her thoughts as the double doors opened. Everyone turned expectantly, and Samantha gasped. "Randy!" She rushed towards him and looked down at her wheelchair-bound fiancé.

"I'm fine," he reassured, Samantha, taking her hand in his. He turned back to the nurse who was pushing his chair. "I'll be fine here, thanks." The nurse nodded and helped him out of the chair. As soon as he was standing, the nurse stepped away, taking the wheelchair with her. Samantha couldn't help but to pull him into a hug. She immediately pulled away, though, when Randy let out an audible groan of pain.

"I'm sorry," she pouted, holding Randy at an arm's length. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm okay," Randy reassured. "Just bruised. Very badly bruised."

"My poor baby," Samantha said, hugging Randy to her again, this time softly. The Legend Killer leaned down to give her a kiss.

As they pulled away, Bianca walked up to them. "Where's John?" She asked worriedly.

"I don't know," Randy answered with a sad frown. "They took him in to get x-rayed, and I haven't seen him since." Bianca only nodded, the worry still plain on her face. "I'm sorry, Bianca. I thought he was going to move out of the way."

"It's not your fault, Randy," Bianca attempted to smile. "Mistakes happen right? I just hope he's okay."

"Cena?" Everyone turned to look as a middle-aged man holding a clipboard came through the double doors.

"That's us," Bianca replied, making her way over to the doctor. John's parents stood and followed her. "How is he doing?"

"For the most part, he is doing okay," the doctor, whose nametag read Dr. Anderson, informed them. "But we did find a tear in his right pectoral muscle." The doctor took the x-ray that was on his clipboard and held it up to the light. Everyone gathered around him and stared at the sheet inquisitively. "Right there," he pointed at the tear with his pen. "It seems that when he made contact with the ladder, the force was hard enough to cause the muscle to rip."

Bianca winced at that last word. "So what's going to happen?"

"He will have to undergo surgical procedures to repair the muscle. It is a fairly simple procedure that will take at most 2 hours," Dr. Anderson explained.

"And after that?" Bianca asked anxiously.

Doctor Anderson continued. "And after that, the healing process will take about 6 months, and that includes rehab as well."

"Six months?" Bianca was amazed; that was a long time for a tiny little tear. How would John cope with not being able to wrestle for half a year? And he just won the belt back too. "Does John know about this?"

"He is well-aware of his situation and has already agreed to the surgery. The nurses are prepping him right now," the doctor answered.

"Right now?" Bianca repeated in disbelief. Was the injury that bad?

Doctor Anderson simply patted Bianca on the shoulder sympathetically. "The sooner the better. You guys are more than welcome to stay here until the surgery is over."

"Thanks, doc," Bianca replied. "Please take care of my husband."

Doctor Anderson smiled at her softly. "I can assure you that he is in good hands." And with that, Doctor Anderson gave them a final nod before disappearing behind the double doors again.


John slowly opened his eyes and immediately started to panic. The whole right side of his body felt stiff, and he couldn't move. All he could remember was the nurse inserting a needle into his arm and counting backwards from 20 to 1. He couldn't remember if she finished the countdown or not. He couldn't remember if they even started the surgery. What if the drugs didn't work and they didn't even start yet? What if they were in the middle of the surgery right now? The last thought scared him and he was waiting to feel pain…but nothing came.

"Congratulations, Mr. Cena, the surgery was a success!" John turned his head to the right to see the nurse cleaning up her station. She was way too perky, considering it was probably past midnight. The nurse turned to him and smiled brightly. "Can I get you anything? Your family is outside waiting for you."

"My wife," John replied hoarsely. How long had he been knocked out? "I need to see my wife.."

"Okay, I'll bring her right in!" The nurse gave a final smile and left.

And John was left alone with his thoughts. He wondered what would happen once Bianca walked through the door. Would she be okay? Would she cry? Would they work things out? They hadn't seen each other in months. Anything could happen. The door clicked open and John sucked in a breath, awaiting his visitor.

Bianca peeked her head into the door, and took a good look at John. He lay there on the hospital bed with his right arm secured to his bandaged torso. Doctor Anderson had done a good job with the surgery but gave strict rules that John was not allowed to move his right arm until the tear healed completely. Moving his arm could cause the suture to tear again.

Bianca couldn't help it. With each step she took into the room, the more tears welled into her eyes. By the time she sat herself into the chair nearest to John's left, she was already crying silently.

"Hey," John spoke softly, reaching his hand out to rub her arm comfortingly. "Don't cry; I'm okay."

"I know, I was just worried," Bianca managed to choke out between her gasps for air. John simply let her cry until she calmed herself down. While Bianca was busy dabbing her tears away with a Kleenex, John couldn't help but to stare at her pregnant belly. A baby was in there.. Their baby.

Bianca had finally calmed down, running her hands over her tummy to comfort herself. John took this opportunity to reach his left hand over towards her stomach. His hand was just centimeters away, but he hesitated. "Here," Bianca took his hand into her own and placed it against her tummy. John waited for a response. Would his baby recognize him?

"Oh!" A gasp escaped John's mouth when he felt the baby kick against his hand. He looked at Bianca excitedly, who smiled back at him with fresh tears in her eyes.

"She's been doing that all day," she laughed softly. She felt the baby kick again. "I think she knows who you are.."

They remained like that for a while, and then John slowly pulled his hand back. Bianca looked at him questioningly. "Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?" There was a genuinely hurt look on John's face.

"I was scared," Bianca admitted. "I was going to tell you as soon as I found out, but that was the same day that you kicked me out of the house. I never got the chance to say anything. And I remember what you told me," she recalled sadly. "You never wanted to see me again. What was I supposed to do?" She looked to John for an answer.

"You should have told me anyway," John responded.

"Would it have changed anything? Would we still be together?" A few tears started to fall as Bianca thought of what could have been.

"Maybe…" John trailed off, the same thoughts running through his head.

"I didn't want to risk telling you, only to have you reject her," Bianca confessed. "That was my biggest fear."

"Why would I reject my own child?" John stared at her incredulously. She simply shrugged, lowering her head. "You know I've loved you for a long time and I've always wanted to start a family with you. But because of you, I missed out on our first doctor's visit, our first ultrasound, our first Lamaze class… everything. I wanted this, Bianca, but you kept it from me."

"I'm sorry, Johnny. I always end up hurting you, and it kills me. I know we can't go back to the past, but if I could, I would change everything. I love you, John; I don't wanna lose you. I don't wanna be away from you anymore," Bianca let the tears fall again. "Please, can we just go back to how we used to be?"

"How can we go back to the way we used to be when I can't even trust you?" John retorted. "How do I know you're not going to hide anything else from me?"

"Because I don't want to be that person anymore," Bianca said. "I want to share everything with you. No more secrets. Just give me another chance…please.."

John shook his head. "I don't know if I can, Bianca. I can't even trust you anymore."

"Johnny, please," Bianca pouted, tears rolling down her face as she silently started to cry. "Please….please…"

John looked away. He didn't want to see her cry, but he had already made up his mind. "It's late and I'm getting tired. You should go home," he said blankly.

Bianca could only nod as she slowly stood from her chair. Nothing she could say would get John to change his mind. She slowly waddled her way towards the door, but halfway there, she let out a sharp gasp of pain. She doubled over, clutching her tummy as pain coursed through her lower abdomen. She hadn't felt anything like that before.

"Binx?" John asked, warily watching her. "Are you okay?"

Bianca shook her head, the rest of her body frozen in fear. She didn't know what was happening. She felt another sharp hit of pain, and she whimpered loudly as she felt a huge amount of pressure on her tummy. She needed to get to the nearest wall or else she would fall over. Fighting through her pain, she forced her legs to move until her body touched the wall. Resting her back against the wall, Bianca saw the trail of liquid that she had left behind, and suddenly, she could feel it trickling down her legs. "No…" she moaned in pain. It was too soon for this.

John sat more alert in his bed, as he watched Bianca. Something wasn't right, and he was scared now. "Binx, what's going on?"

Breathing heavily from the pain, Bianca forced her head towards John. "My water just broke."


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