The next morning Vince was woken by the smell of bacon. He looked to where Howard should be, but in his place was a note.

'Cooking you breakfast. Stay there. I'll bring it to you. H xxx'

"H?" giggled Vince, who did he think he was?

"What are you laughing about?" asked Howard appearing with a full English breakfast.

"Nothing." said Vince sitting up "Is that for me?"


"I don't want it."

"What? Why not?" said Howard looking a little hurt.

"I need to watch my weight for the concert on Saturday."

"What if I promise to help you work it off?"

"Well, when you put it like that." Vince giggled taking a piece of bacon.

"Cheekbone!" said a Ninja at the window. Vince leapt out of bed and raced to the window to get the magazine.

"Hey! Front cover." beamed Vince showing Howard the picture. Vince was there looking perfect, as usual, and behind him, completely obscured by Vince's cape, was Howard. Well, Howard's arm and his left leg. The headline read

"BRITAIN'S HOTTEST NEW COUPLE: Vince Noir and Margret".

Howard raised his eyebrows.

"Who the hell is Margret?"

"I believe that's you." grinned Vince "There's a whole article on me inside. Turn to page 19." Howard did so and saw Vince posing proudly. He looked gorgeous, as usual, with his long black hair and big flamboyant outfit. And in the background Howard, looking like a complete idiot; eyes half closed and mouth wide open. The article read:


'Here Vince wears black jeans (£109) a pink glam rock top (£52) and a mystical cape (priceless). Accessories include Lego necklace (£12) and tall jazzy northerner (50p)"

"Accessory?!" yelled Howard

"Yeah, you're in fashion"


"I think you're worth more than that." Vince giggled

"Well, I guess that's all that matters."

"Too right" said Vince placing a gentle kiss on Howard's forehead.

"Right, I've gotta go to work."

"Have you gotto? Throw a sicky."

"I've never thrown a sicky in my life, sir."

"First time for everything. Anyway, you promised to help me work off this breakfast."

"That is true. Okay, I'll ring work and tell them I'm ill. Back in sec."

Vince smiled to himself. This was it. As good as life got. He would never ask for anything more. And with his new love as inspiration Vince set about writing his best album yet.

As Howard walked towards the phone he couldn't stop the grin from spreading across his face. He didn't realised it was possible to be this happy.

Finally, he had everything he'd ever wanted. He found someone to love and someone who'd loved him back. Someone to spend his life with. Someone who will be there for him, good times and bad. Someone to hold him at night. Someone to grow old with and someone who loved him for him.

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