Hmm well basically a story which chronicles significant conversations in the lives of two best friends as they grow up and written because i am doped up and Liz didnt want to sleep as she is getting doped up tomorow.

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Addison looks at her best friend nervously, tugging at her red ponytail before hesitantly approaching him. "Hey, Der..."

He smiles at her happily before he shoves his hand underneath her nose, offering her a sweet "want one? My mum bought me loads today at the store"

She takes it with a small smile, slowly sitting down next to him, untimely tears making their way to her eyes.

"Derek, I need to tell you something."

He looks at her seriously before he scrunches the top of the bag and turns to face her

"What's wrong?"

Addison sighs deeply before looking at him. "Okay, so you know how my dad had trouble at work and I told you that we might have to start begging for food at your house?"

He nods slowly before taking her hand in his pulling her to her feet so that they begin to walk

"Well..." She holds his hand a little tighter, avoiding his eyes at all cost. "He quit his job. But the good news is... he got a new job."

He smiled at her widely "that's good right!" he looks at her closely "why are you crying still?"

"Derek... the job is in San Francisco. We're moving there. Next..." She sobs, clutching on to his hand. "Next week."

His smile falls and he looks at her sadly "oh"

She stops suddenly, turning to face him. "I don't want to move away, Derek. I want to stay with you."

He sniffs, wiping his nose self consciously "you can still visit right? I mean, we'll still see each other?"

She shrugs, tears now falling freely. "Yeah, Derek, but when? My parents don't exactly have a ton of friends here and they're sure as hell not going to drive back here for me. I don't want to lose you, Derek. You're my best friend, I need you!"

"My mum can drive me, I can come down every weekend!" he says desperately, tears beginning to spring in his eyes "san Francisco? That's about two hour's right?"

"I don't know, I don't care, I don't want to leave Derek! I want to stay here, with you!" She lunges into his arms, burying her face in the crook of his neck. "I hate my house. My parents don't have time for me; I don't want to go make new friends. I just want you. It's not gonna be the same... not being here with you. It's just... not."

He hugs her back just as tightly "don't worry I promise we'll find away to see each other, and you'll make new friends, who would be stupid enough not to know you" he sniffs again "besides we can talk on the phone, we'll never be apart for long I promise"

"Swear that we will always be best friends. That you won't find someone... someone else, someone better."

He pulls back and looks at her straight " I promiseā€¦in fact" he looks down registering the bag of sweets in his hands before he opens the packet and roots around inside pulling out what he wants then getting down on one knee "Addison will you marry me?" he pronounces holding up the gummy ring in his hand

She looks at him, her eyes wide. "Why would you want to marry me? And... Will our parents even let us get married? We're not even in high school yet."

"Well not now silly, when were older of course so we can never be apart" he shrugs "and who cares what our parents want? We'll be together"

"Well... do you seriously want to marry me?"

He rolls his eyes before he takes her hand and navigates the slightly sticky ring up her finger "there now you're my wife and I am your husband and there's nothing you can do about it even if you were going to say no"

She smiles coyly, twisting the sticky ring around her finger with great difficulty. "Well... I wasn't going to say no and..." She leans forward, kissing him on his cheek softly. "And that is for being my husband."

He smiles, blushing slightly at the gesture "I'll buy you a real one when I'm older and make lots of money"

"It doesn't matter. I like this one. It makes me your wife and it means we'll be together forever, no matter what, right?"

"Forever and ever and ever and ever" he holds onto her hand again and they begin walking back home "and we'll have babies and be old and wrinkly"

"Cool. I like the sound of that." She sighs as her house comes into view, moving a bit closer to him. "I should go pack... I guess."

He nods sadly before he stops making her stop abruptly also "Addison?"

She looks at him, tilting her head slightly. "Ya?"

He breathes deeply before he suddenly steps forward and kisses her on the lips, giving her a quick kiss before he pulls back and runs home shouting over his shoulder "I'll miss you"

Addison looks after his running figure, slowly bringing her fingers up to touch her lips, her voice just a hoarse whisper. "I'll miss you too, Derek. And I love you."

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