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Two years later

Derek sat, huddling his thick jacket closer, rubbing his hands together so that he could create some sort of warmth in his practically dead fingers "Tell me why again you decided a picnic in the middle of February was a good idea?"

Addison laughs, sweeping her red hair over her shoulder and looking at him coyly. "I reckoned you would keep me warm. Besides, I missed you."

"Not enough to do this whole thing in a house though" he grumbled, blowing on his hands, rubbing them harder than ever "but if it's any consolation I've missed you. A lot."

Addison smiles at him warmly, thrusting her hands into her pockets. "What do you want your life to be like in ten years, Der?"

He shrugs "Finish medical school, stuff like that"

She rolls her eyes, laughing. "I meant your personal life."

"My personal life revolves around you, whatever you do i do, Monkey see and stuff like that" he breathed out, seeing the mist rise "So it depends on what you want us to do then" he shrugged again "I dunno, I can start to feel the cold in my nether regions"

Addison rolls her eyes. "Well... i want kids."

"I see." He paused "Well then let's hope my boys warm up before frostbite sets in and causes mayhem"

Addison laughs, shaking her head. "Do you want to go inside?"

"please" he begs, before standing up and holding out his hand for her

She takes his hand, creeping in under his arm. "Okay."


Addison leads Derek into the house, taking off her scarf slowly.

"So... Did you want to talk about anything?"

"not really no" he said, taking off his jacket to adjust to the humid front room and pulling down his jumper after it had ridden up slightly

Addison grins against his lips, slipping her hand into the back pocket of his jeans.

"Good... let's go to bed...?"

"I feel..." he turns around to kiss her on the lips "That you only use me for my body, not my mind" he pecks her again "Lets talk about that"

Addison presses her lower body against his, groaning when she feels his erection pressing against her.

"You sure you want to talk? Because I think little Derek has other plans..."

"I think he is proof enough for my case that you are a nymph"

Addison laughs softly, slipping her hand inside his jeans and watching him through her lashes.

"Are you complaining?"

he grits his teeth, forcing out an answer, and his mind away from Addison's manipulations "Maybe?"

"Fine." She retracts her hand, looking at him icily and stopping all her ministrations. "You want to talk? Let's talk."

His eyes snap open, gauging her serious expression "You know that I was joking right?"

"Oh Because you sounded serious to me."

She turns away from him, suddenly tearful, her shoulders starting to shake lightly.

He ignores the still raging blood through his veins, and steps towards her, placing his hands on her shoulders to turn her around slowly "I need to know what's wrong, or we are no longer through this together, we are Addison and Derek for a reason"

Addison shakes her head, tears forming in her eyes.

"This is hard for me, Derek. I can't just... I need you. What we have... it's not enough. I can't live on stolen moments and crumbs anymore, it's too hard. It hurts not to be with you every day!"

He hugs her taking a steady breath to stop himself from crying "I know things are hard, but we'll get through this. Do you think we would have kept this up if we didn't? We have phone don't we? And we can write letters..." he stopped, realising that they already did those stuff and still it didn't help matters.

"I just love you so much, Derek. It hurts so much not to be with you all the time, it just... and when I'm with you... all I want to do is make love to you because... It's the closest I can get to you."

He pulls back slightly, wiping away the wet streaks against her cheeks before he smiles sadly at her

"Things will be ok, just have faith"

She looks up at him, a small smile starting to grace her face.

"You can make everything seem worth it when you say stuff like that."

"Its one of my most charming qualities" he raises an eyebrow seductively at her "Want to know a few more?"

Addison laughs softly, lifting her head up to kiss him.

"Do tell..."

He begins to pluck at her buttons letting them pop open one by one "Well for one I make a mean lasagne"

She smiles, throwing her head back, allowing him to lightly suck on the skin he had just revealed.

"I can't argue with that..."

"Glad to hear it" he says, pulling her top upwards so that she could stand before him in her bra and jeans "I've heard from a very very reliable source that I am a good kisser"

She smirks, lazily dragging her tongue all the way from his jawline to his ear.

"Oh really? Who might that source be?"

"Oh just a certain red head" he slid the strap of her bra downwards, letting his heavy gaze wander "Apparently she's been known to see God whenever I'm with her"

"That's a lucky redhead..." She breathes sharply when his teeth lightly suck on the skin of her breast, moaning softly. "Derek... I want you now."

He smiled against her skin "I'm however a very patient fellow"

"Take me to bed, Shepherd."

She looks at him huskily, unable to pull a straight face anymore.

"My pleasure Mrs Shepard" he picked her up, carrying her off towards there bedroom where he lay her gently down onto the bed, stripping his jumper off, before leaning over her.

"I love you, Derek Shepherd. You'll never know how much."

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