Is It Important For Students To Study About The Environment?

Some students think studying about the environment is boring and useless but is it really? Could it be important? I think it is important for students to study about the environment because today's students are the future adults, the environment is in trouble, and students can develop good habits while they are young.

The future adults of our world are us, the students of today. Wen students grow up, they will be responsible for the environment. There may be situations when environmental knowledge is needed. Studying about the environment is a preparation for future trouble.

Trouble is here, killing our environment! Deforestation, air pollution, and global warming are killing nature; for example, the ozone layer is thinner, we have too much air pollution from our cars, and carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere of the Earth. Conservationists are trying to figure out a way to sustain both human life and our one and only earth.

Developing good habits will help students take more care with the environment in the future. Students learn to reuse, reduce, and recycle. At school, recycling and reusing paper is one of the integral methods to save our trees. Most schools have an annual bottle drive with a fundraising purpose. In your own family, one way to take action and make a habit of is using our own reusable bags instead of plastic ones when we go grocery shopping. Another way to help the environment and save resources is using our own plastic reusable containers for take out instead of the styrofoam containers. The good habits of today's students, that will be the adults of the future, will ensure a better and sustainable life of future generations.

Studying about the environment is tedious and won't come in handy in life, students may say, but is this true? I don't think studying and saving Mother Nature is totally useless because the future of our troubled environment can be changed by developing good habits in today's students.