AN: I felt it was time I started a new multi chapter AU story, involving Jack and Ianto. I'm not sure whether I will be able to do this justice, but I'm willing to give it a try. As always, reviews are greatly appreciated. All you need to know for this fic is that it is set in the Victorian era, and Jack is not the immortal 51st century guy we've all come to know and love. Xx

Jack couldn't remember for how long he had been serving as Second Footman at the Jones' Manor, carrying out the numerous laborious tasks he was expected to, and seeing to the Master of household. The job only got interesting the day their son, Ianto he believed his name to be, returned from boarding school.

He could honestly say that he had never had feelings for another man, of course he hadn't, it wasn't the right or proper way, not to mention the fact he would have been thrown in jail, left to rot for his 'sins'. But when the butler opened the grand doors of the residence, announcing the arrival of the young Welshman, all of Jack's reservations were forgotten almost in an instant. He had never seen anyone as gorgeous as Ianto Jones.

In the weeks that followed, Jack simply got used to the fact that he had to serve young Master Jones personally, tending to his every want and need, shining his shoes, carrying his packages, fetching the coal and wood to ensure his fires never stopped burning, polishing the mirrors that were dotted along the endless corridors of the grand manor, to allow Jones to check his heavenly appearance, but working in such close proximity with the man he couldn't help but fantasise about, began to get harder as the days went on. Especially when the young man had to go and treat Jack like a normal person, something he had never had the privilege of.

"So, Harkness, I hear you are originally from America? What brings you to Wales?"

"Yes, sir. Work, of course sir."

"You can talk to me normally, you know?"

"I cannot, sir. It is written in the rules I live by."

Ianto turned, a small smile lining his features as he took in the sight of his footman, walking, as always, a few paces behind him.

"I didn't make those rules, nor do I care for them. I am your master, and I would like to partake in a civilised conversation with my footman."

Jack smiled, lifting his eyes from their spot fixating on his buckled shoes. He really wished he hadn't.

He couldn't control the rising blush on his cheeks as his eyes met those powerful stormy blue orbs he had often found himself dreaming of.

"Yes, of course sir."

"Please, call me Ianto."

Gods, not only was he simply stunning, but that beautiful accent, combined the low tone of the young man's voice had a stream of devilish thoughts flowing through Jack's mind. What that voice would sound like gasping, cursing, screaming his name…

He quickly shook his head, clearing his throat. He couldn't allow himself to indulge in such sins.

"Something the matter, Harkness?"

"No, not at all, sir."

"Then we shall proceed."

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