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Stargate/ Harry Potter crossover: When Severus Snape finds a Stargate team in Scotland he goes to investigate. Of course adventure follows and he ends up meeting SG-1 and the fun begins…

Now to avoid confusion Harry Potter and Stargate are a bit different here. Alright a lot different then, Harry Potter has Severus Snape, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin still alive.. Harry defeated Voldemort in his fifth year and this is his last year at Hogwarts.

With Stargate SG-1 most of the Goa'uld are dead with those remaining having signed a truce with Earth and the Tok'ra alliance. The Tok'ra still have hidden bases but for the most part do live in the open. I hope that helps a bit, now out with the story!



Severus Snape was not amused, not at all. It seemed that no sooner than Voldemort was dead and gone a new threat emerged. He was a professor of Hogwarts not a damn Auror! Severus Snape stood on the hill top looking down at the encampment of Muggles below him. How could they be a threat to the magical world? They were not far from Hogwarts and so the "evil head of Slytherin" was sent out to deal with this. With the insane Animagmus Sirius Black and his pet werewolf Remus Lupin tagging along.

Oh joy, could someone kill him now?

No that was not fair, he did want to help deep down but if he ever said that publicly, well he would lose his carefully honed reputation. He brushed a lock of his long lank black hair (a bit greasy) from his face and glared at Black with cold black eyes. He pitched his large hooked nose with his fingers not understanding why Black had to act so stupid!

"I hate you Black." Severus said to Sirius Black, not the first time that day I assure you. "You annoy me to no end!"

"Can you two not fight?" Remus Lupin asked the two wizards on either side of him.

"Moony he started it!" Sirius said, looking over at the black robed potions master. "If he would not react to my teasing then it would not be amusing!"

"I think it was a bad thing to let you know I loved your mother Black." Severus said trying to rile him up, two could play the same game. "I never knew it would get you to hate me so."

"You loved who?" Sirius Black said turning on Severus his gray eyes going wide in shock.

Severus smirked, it was really funny to get Sirius Black worked up, it had been in school and it was now. He may have paid for it having to fight for his life but at least he got respect for standing up to Sirius Black. Sirius Black glared at him and it was clear he was an arrogant handsome man, he had long curly near black hair and goatee, a sneer on his face, and was clad in expensive robes over jeans and tee shirt, he was a contrast to the slightly shorter (by mere inches) black clad Severus Snape with his pale sallow skin. Sirius had clearly had sun and was tanned and looked healthy and alert, glad to be able to do something useful for once.

Remus Lupin was shorter than the two men with shaggy brown hair flecked with gray, blue eyes and simple used robes in brown. He was a gentle man with a kindly demeanor but right now he was not happy as he had to be here with Severus Snape and Sirius Black instead if in his rooms enjoying some classical music, a good book and chocolate and the affections of one Auror girl. It's not that he did not like his fellow wizards, Remus did and called both friends. That was the problem, his two friend just kept fighting and that saddened him and so he took action with a dirty tactic.

"You know Lily would be sad seeing you two still fighting after all these years." Remus said.

"That was, Moony!" Sirius stammered, "that was low, cruel and how could you!"

"He is right." Severus said softly. "Lily would not like you picking on me all the time."

"I hate you Sn…." Sirius was going to say Snivillus but the charm that Mrs. Weasley put on him to stop that went into effect. He began to gag and spat up soap while Severus smirked. "Moony water please?" He hacked.

"I love Molly." Severus said smiling. "She is a wonderful woman."

"Back to work now!" Alastor Moody, a very scarred man with grizzled gray hair, one normal human eye and one vivid blue magical one clad in Auror robes, snarled coming up. "You too Black, stop messing around! I saw that!" This to Sirius flashing him a rude sign behind his back. "Ye must think ye are funny boy."

"I am going down there." Severus said.

"To scare the locals?" Sirius asked.

"No I am thirsty." Severus shot back. "I need children's blood."

"Not even funny Vampire." Sirius shot at him. "Why don't you wash your hair?"

"I will as soon as you take a flea bath." Severus shot back at Sirius.

He walked to a spot he could Apparate and was gone before Sirius could respond. Severus appeared outside the camp and saw a strange sight. Men clad in muggle fatigues and armor were walking around armed with machine guns. They were guarding what looked like a large circular object that was roughly the height and width of the now extinct full giants lying on the ground in a wooden crate. Someone was working what looked like a podium of some sort and Severus watched in awe as what looked like water shot straight up then fall back to form a small pond. He stepped forward to get a better look and was spotted. He had his wand out at once as several Muggles gave up the hue and cry and started after him. He stunned several not realizing he was getting closer to the circle shaped object. He jumped up on the crate, lost his balance and fell into the Stargate, for Stargate is what the object was on the ground and the Muggles were in fact Russian and English solders testing this gate out in what they thought was the middle of no-where.


Major Samantha Carter was have an ordinary day thank you very much. She was sitting in the control room of the Stargate watching the test going on of the newly found Stargate in Scotland. Carter was a tall slender woman with short blond hair, blue eyes and tanned skin. Standing next to her was a tall handsome man with graying hair, brown eyes and like Carter he was clad in green fatigues. This was colonel Jack O'Neill, "that is spell with two l's thank you". He was watching the video feed of the activation and watched in shock as a tall man stepped from the woods and began to engage the men in a firefight, with some sort of stunning weapon. He staggered to the Stargate and O'Neill hit the button to activate red alert.

"Who the hell is that?" Carter asked.

"Don't know but he is headed here." O'Neill replied grabbing a Zat and heading down to the gate. "I am guessing he is coming here, let's throw out the welcome mat shall we?"

"Wait he cannot come here! Gates on the same world cannot activate at the same time!" Carter said.

"Well that is just what is happening ma'am." Sergeant Siler replied from where he was sitting, "the impossible his happening."

"Well lets go great our guest, no lethal fire this time." O'Neill said. "We don't know who he is or how he found the Stargate, there might be others."

"Sounds like fun sir." Carter said following him out. "If he is Goa'uld I get to shoot him for real sir."

Meantime Severus found himself falling through blackness then he saw a bright light before he hit a sloping ramp and rolled down to a stop at the bottom. He was up at once and saw Muggles in full battle gear with weapons aimed at him. He began to cast stunning spells as he knew using anything else would get him in some very real trouble. Several solders fell as the door to the chamber opened and O'Neill came into the room. Severus did not realize how lucky he was, normally the SGC would kill any who came through the gate or put up the iris and he would have ended as a splat against it. However as the gate that Severus had gone through was on earth and in England the force used against him was not lethal. Still he did not stop fighting, he ducked as a stunner headed his way and Carter fired off her Zat getting Severus. Severus's eyes went wide with shock and he crumpled in a heap of black robes his wand rolling away from him. It was stopped by the boot of Teal'c who reached down and picked it up.

"What is he?" Carter said walking up and seeing the wand.

"Is that a wand?" O'Neill said looking at the bit of wood putting two and two together. "If that is a wand that would make this guy a wizard, but that can't be."

"Indeed." Teal'c said kneeling by Severus and undoing the buttons of his left sleeve.

"What are you doing?" Carter asked him.

"Looking to see if he has been marked." Teal'c replied. "If he has served a dark lord, wizards are not marked as Jaffa are."

"You mean you know magic is real?" O'Neill said looking a bit grim. "So all that hocus pocus flying on brooms, spells and stuff is real?"

"On some worlds yes." Teal'c said shoving up Severus's sleeve. "Mostly here on your world."

"So what are you looking for?" Carter asked.

"This." Teal'c said showing the dark mark on Severus's arm.

"Oh great, we not only have a wizard we have a bad one." O'Neill said. "Why does everything have to be so dark?"

Medics came in and took Severus out of the room with several solders with them. This was not funny at all. If there was one of these near the sight the Stargate was found there had to be more and that did not make O'Neill happy. This was turning out to be the kind of adventure he really did not like at all and that was making him a bit cranky and he did not like being cranky…


I wanted to clarify I know full well that Stargates do not normally work transporting on the same world. However there is one factor here that will tie into this working now, magic, the Stargate found was very close to Hogwarts, the SG team did not dial a world, the wards of Hogwarts interfered with the gate and that is why this even worked.

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