A/N: This is my first fanfic, so I hope it turns out okay

A/N: This is my first fanfic, so I hope it turns out okay. Please review!

Chapter 1: First Friend

I looked through the wet passenger seat window of the UHAUL van that my father had rented. Today we were making the move from my lifelong home of Phoenix, Arizona to the small, rainy town of Forks, Washington. Looking through the downpour that I knew I would have to grow accustomed to, I wished that my mother were here.

She died a year ago due to leukemia. My dad, Charlie, tried to keep us in our beautiful house as long as he could, but without my mother's income to help with finances, we almost fell into debt.

Which brings me here, the greenest place on Earth. Thought I would really miss the warm sun, I resolved not to complain, knowing that it was just as hard for Charlie to relocate as it is for me. Besides, it isn't as if I didn't see it coming. To be perfectly honest, I figured that our home would be foreclosed before Charlie actually sold it.

The rain let up and soon afterward, the van came to a stop in front of our new home. It was nowhere as vast as my old house, but it did look warm and inviting.

"This is it, kiddo. I didn't do too badly, did I?" Charlie asked.

"It's really nice, dad. Let's start unpacking." I assured him with a smile.

Two days later, everything in my new house was unpacked and in it's place. I found that I really liked it here- it was perfect for just Charlie and I. Looking at the interior, you would think that we have been here three years instead of three days. With the hard work of settling in over, I decided that I could maybe relax a little. So I gathered an old blanket from the linen closet and my battered copy of Wuthering Heights, ready to spend a few hours in what was sure to be a short- lived sunlight.

Just as I touched the doorknob, a knock sounded, making me jump. I put my things down by the door. Once my heart rate got back to normal, I opened the door. On my front porch stood a pixie-like girl with short hair. Her eyes were wide with excitement and she smiled up at me.

"Hi! I'm Alice! I live next door to you," she said, pointing to the house to the right of mine. "And I saw you move in." she said. She was really spunky for somebody so tiny.

"Oh… um, hi. I'm Bella." I said. We stood there for a moment in awkward silence.

"Do you want to come in?" I asked, remembering to be polite.

"Thanks." She replied. I led her to the living room and we both sat down on the couch.

"Sorry about just sort of showing up on your doorstep. Everyone always tells me that I get over excited sometimes. It's just a rare occasion that anyone new comes to town, especially someone my age." she admitted.

"Hey, it's fine. I'm glad that you decided to introduce yourself. It will be easier starting school on Monday knowing somebody already."

"Exactly! What grade are you in? I'm a junior." she asked, getting really excited now.

"So aren't I." I said, relieved.

For the next hour, Alice informed me about all of the teachers and students at Forks High, and which cafeteria foods to stay away from. In return, I told her all about my life in Phoenix, and all about why I came to Forks. I admitted that I was a little nervous about going to school the following Monday.

"Oh, don't be!" she assured me. "You're already a lot smarter than the airheads and idiots that go to our school, anyways. I can just feel that you'll be fine." She tapped her temple. "I know these things." she whispered jokingly.

"Thanks, Alice. I'm still a little nervous though. I mean, I could really use some new clothes…" I trailed off, frowning as I thought about my thin tank tops and shorts that I wore in Arizona.

Alice eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. "We should go shopping! I've been meaning to get out and update my wardrobe a little, too."

I laughed. "Okay. But where does everyone get clothes around here? It doesn't look like there a lot of stores." Alice just rolled her eyes. "Of course not, silly. We can drive to Port Angeles and go to the mall." she said.

So that is what I ended up doing the day before school started. I rang the doorbell to Alice's house at about one o' clock on Sunday. Alice greeted me and we went up to her room, where a very pretty blonde girl sat on the bed, looking very impatient.

"Bella, this is my friend, Rosalie. Rosalie, this is Bella, my new neighbor." Rosalie looked over at me and smiled. "Hey. Welcome to town." she said. The girl seemed nice enough. "Thanks." I smiled back.

"Now that we all know each other, Bella, Rosalie is going to go shopping with us today." Alice said.

"Or at least that's what I came over to do. If Alice would just hurry up we could go." she said.

"I'm hurrying, I'm hurrying! I just have to put a little makeup on." A few minutes later and we were on our way to the mall.

It's not that I hated shopping. I just hated malls. Back in Phoenix, all people between the ages of eleven and eighteen went there to hang out on weekends. Maybe the first person to even think of a mall had designed it to be a place where the consumer could get many of the things they needed in one place, no matter what your style is. I'd hate to burst that person's bubble, but what they really created was a mass machine that crawled with teenagers. I would completely detest places like this, and I never did hang out in one.

And yet, here I stand in the middle of Hollister. If I had any clue what I would be getting myself into, I would absolutely have frozen to death in my summer clothes rather than be in this store. The place was way too dark and smelt so strongly that I had to sneeze. But that isn't even the worst part. I look around at all of the teenaged skinny blonde girls as they shuffle through shelves of overpriced jeans. I feel scared. The only thing that makes me feel like I am in the real world instead of California is the music that plays.

"Bella aren't you going to find something to buy?" Rose asked me.

"You mean in this store? Uh, no." I said. I looked at the various pile of clothes draped over her arm and realized that this might offend her.

"Not that there's anything wrong with this store. It's just… not really my style." I backtracked.

She just shrugged and went over to the dressing rooms where Alice already was. I sighed and decided that standing around probably made me look stupid, so I started walking around the store. As I passed the cash register, I noticed a screen in the wall next to the counter. It was like a jukebox and had a bunch of bands that I loved. I pressed one of the songs I loved, "Crush, Crush, Crush" by Paramore. After the song that was already playing ended it came on. At least this could keep me occupied.

By the time that Alice and Rosalie were done trying things on, I had already played three songs after Paramore. "Oh, that's where you've been." Alice said. "We're just about done here. We only have to pay now."

I nodded and waited for them to finish. When we left the store, Alice noticed that I hadn't bought anything. "Bella, you haven't gotten anything from any of the shops we went to. Not Abercrombie, not American Eagle, not Hollister. I thought that you needed new clothes."

I shrugged. "I don't really like what they had there. Not for me anyway. I'm not into preppy clothes."

"Okay, fine. What type of clothes do you prefer then?" she asked.

"Well I kind of wanted to check out Hot Topic or something…" I said.

Rosalie and Alice gave each other a look that told me that they didn't really do Hot Topic. "Okay, if that's what you want, Bella..." Rose said apprehensively.

I thought about telling them that it was fine, to go check out the GAP or something while I shopped. But then I remembered the last three stores that they dragged me through. Maybe I would let my evil side come out today…

With that, we walked together to the store. I rolled my eyes as they slowly crossed the threshold, cautiously looking around as if something would jump out at them.

"Come on you guys, you're not entering the vampire's crypt or something." I teased.

I took my time checking out the clothes and accessories around the store on purpose. I watched as Alice picked up an over the top knee high platform boot with wide eyes and laughed. Turning away, I decided to grab up a few cool tee shirts and try them on. The first was a Boys Like Girls tee shirt, because I loved that band. The second shirt was black and had Hello Kitty's face in the corner. I secretly loved Hello Kitty, what can I say? The last was a long sleeved blue shirt with a black lacey tank top attached underneath. It wasn't so revealing that I wasn't comfortable with it, but still nice. I decided that I would buy all three. I was almost pulling my old shirt back over my head when a pair of jeans flew over the top of the dressing room curtain and hit me on the head.

"Hey!" I said. "What gives?"

I heard giggles and Rose telling me to "Just try them on, Bella."

Okay, fine. I removed the jeans draped over my head and looked at them. Ha. Skinny jeans? They should be able to tell that I am just too short to wear those. To avoid the wrath of Alice, I quickly tried them on. I was surprised to see that they actually fit nicely. They sat just right on my narrow hips and were just the right length. How is this possible? It didn't matter. I was getting them.

I emerged from the dressing room with my finds and what I saw shocked me. Alice and Rosalie had actually picked out a few things of their own. I raised my eyebrows and looked pointedly at the items in their arms. They just shrugged.

"This store isn't so bad after all." Rosalie said.

Now I felt a little bad. At the other stores I was forced to go into with them, I didn't even make an effort to see if I liked anything. I was warded off by the preppy feeling in the air. At least they actually looked around, let alone found things that they liked.

Oh, well. I did say that I was being evil today, right?

I found a few pairs of earrings, a pair of pink converse, and a new CD that I wanted to buy along with my other clothes. We all cashed out and left the store, satisfied. I didn't even notice that we were walking in the opposite direction of the parking lot we came in from until it was too late.

They slowly came to a stop in front of Aeropostale. This store wasn't as preppy or pricey as the other ones, but it still looked way too girly. I turned to Alice and Rosalie, who proceeded to beg me to go and just take a look around. Since they wouldn't quit harassing me, I finally gave in.

Some evil side I have. They get new accessories and clothes from my little plan and what do I get? A trip to yet another preppy store. The fun just never ends, does it?

Despite myself, I went inside and actually did have a look around. I found some cool hoodies. I got them even though they said the name of the store across the chest. At least they weren't all pink. I also decided that one pair of jeans isn't enough for a rainy place like Forks. So I let the girls pick a few pairs of jeans for me. They got me some nice distressed ones and when I tried them on they were actually kind of comfortable.

"There, are you happy? I got some clothes." I said as we put our shopping bags in the trunk of Alice's car minutes later. I was more than glad to be out of the mall. I had a feeling that I wouldn't be back in a long, long time.