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I sat in my living room on the couch between Edward and Alice. Today Charlie was coming back from his fishing trip and I was going to tell him about what had happened to me on Friday night.

Edward and Alice were both here because I really needed them… I didn't think that I could do this on my own.

I heard the front door open and shut.

"Bells?" Charlie called out.

"I'm in the living room, dad."

A few moments later, he came in. When he saw Edward he frowned.

"What is he doing here? I don't want him here while I'm not, Bella."

"Dad, please. Just sit down… I need to talk to you."

Reluctantly, he took a seat in his favorite chair, a look of suspicion mixed with worry on his face.

"So, what is it?"

I hesitated. Edward squeezed my hand, reassuring me that I could do this. I looked from him to Alice and she nodded.

"Dad… Alice and I went to that party on Friday. And everything was okay until someone bought in a keg."

Charlie frowned and his mouth turned into a hard line. He didn't say anything, awaiting more. I went on.

"When we saw the keg we went to leave, but first I had to go to the bathroom. I was searching around for it but it was dark…" I paused to gather my mental strength.

"It was dark, and someone grabbed me from behind. I don't know who it was. They dragged me into a room and…" Unexpectedly, I broke into sobs. I thought that I could be strong enough to not do this. I choked on my words, but my sobs were the only things that came out.

Charlie got the picture and like everyone else, couldn't find the words to speak.

"Oh my god, Bella. I am so sorry. We are going to find this guy. Okay? I promise, honey. I love you."

"I love you too, Daddy." I got up to give him a huge hug.

I dried my eyes and stood up again. I held my head up. Yes, I could do this. I had to.

The next day, I stayed out of school. I had a doctor's appointment today after school let out, so Edward was going to come with me. The reason I stayed absent that day was because I was afraid.

There was a great chance that my rapist was somebody who walked the same halls as I did everyday. I would feel paranoid. Could it be somebody in my classes? Somebody I had never met before?

Did they know who I was? Maybe they heard a girls voice in that hallway and decided they wanted some fun. Some random girl.


I knew I had to go back tomorrow, though. I couldn't hide forever. At least they hadn't made anything public about it yet. Charlie had informed the others in his police station about my incident, and they were quietly figuring out what they could do to make my story less public once they started the search for the guy.

After school, Edward came over with my homework from school and a chocolate milkshake from Wendy's with whipped cream and a cherry, which he knew was my favorite.

"Thank you. How was school?"

"Agony. Besides your not being there, I felt like I could kill every guy I looked at. Knowing one of them could've been the one."

"Don't worry. The police are starting the investigation soon." I didn't tell him that my thoughts mirrored his.

He tried to smile a little, but I could still see that he wasn't very comforted by what I had said. "How was your day?"

I sighed. "Boring. I woke up at seven and I couldn't get back to sleep after that. So I read and watched tv. But I'm glad you're here now."

"Me too." He leaned down to give me a soft kiss, not sure how I would feel about this type of contact anymore. Some rape victims couldn't trust guys at all after, but I could never lose faith in Edward.

"So what time is your appointment?"

"It's at 3:00. So we should probably get ready to go now."


Edward drove in his Volvo to the doctors office.

I was the only girl there. Not many rapes in Forks. They let my go right into the office, but made Edward wait in the waiting room.

I wanted him to come anyway, but he just shook his head.

"It's okay. Go, I'll be here when you get back."

So, I followed the woman doctor into the examination room.

"I'm going to have to ask you some questions first, okay sweetie?"

I nodded, mentally preparing myself.

"Could you tell me exactly what happened?"

I took a deep breath and told her everything about that night. The entire time, she listened and was very understanding and kind.

"Was vaginal contact the only contact that you had with him? Was he kissing you, feeling you, etc.?"

"Not really, no."

She asked some more questions.

"Was a condom used?"

"I don't know…"

"Was this your first time having sex?"


"And so your hymen was definitely penetrated or had it been broken before?"

"I bled and it hurt really bad so I'm pretty sure that it was penetrated."

"Were there any weapons, did he hit you at all?"

"No, there weren't any weapons and he didn't hit me but he kept pushing and holding me down. And of course when he dragged me into the room…"

"Bella, since your not sure if a condom was used or not, pregnancy or disease is possible."

I nodded, not knowing what to say to that.

"Even when contraception is used, it is still a risk."

Next she performed the actual exam. She told me about all of the tests that they had to perform;

I had to take test, syphilis, hepatitis B, and HIV. They had to check for trichomonal vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. And pregnancy. I would have to have follow up examinations since it was still early.

The doctor told me that there was not a lot of evidence because it had occurred on Friday and I had showered and changed since, plus it had been over thirty six hours. I wished I hadn't waited.

They gave me oral contraceptives when the pregnancy test came back negative. The other tests would take one or two weeks.

I was scared. Edward and I left and he asked me how it went.

"They said that I'm not pregnant but I would have to take some follow ups. And they took tests for STD's but I won't get those results for a couple weeks at the most."

He nodded. "Are you okay?"

I looked at him and smiled. "Yeah, I am. Thank you for being there for me, Edward. You have no idea how much you've helped me through this."

The next day, Charlie and I were eating dinner. "Bella, we are starting the investigation tomorrow."

I stopped eating. "What are you guys going to do?"

"Well, we're going to have to go to your school tomorrow and ask everyone who they saw at the party and if they saw anyone going upstairs. We just have a lot of questions to be asking."

"Will you tell them about why?"

"No. Not in the first series of interviews. If we find people with leads, we're going to have to explain the situation if necessary."

I kept quiet. I knew that they were doing all they could so that I wouldn't become the next school scandal, but I was still nervous.

"It will be okay, Bella. I promise you."

"Okay, dad. Thanks."

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