I'VE HAD ENOUGH. Where the hell is that moron? Have I been abandoned yet again?
WELL FUCK chambers a bullet
think I'll play a fun round of Russian roulette. spins barrel
click damn. spins again
click shit one more spin
it's now or never. If it doesn't work this time...

Limbo Land

Am I dead? Did I actually do it.? It doesn't quite feel like it.

OW! SHIT MY HEAD FUCKING HURTS. Guess not. Once more I wasn't able to follow through. I wonder why? Damn my head hurts. I must have done something or my head wouldn't hurt so much.

Where the hell am I? Well aside from not dead.


That voice. I know that voice.

Kouryuu? You don't belong here.

Master. Where are you?

Right here of course. I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder. What have you done?

Well obviously not what I set out to do.

In a way you did. Otherwise you would not be here. I've missed that calming voice so much.

So where am I?


Sigh. I know that. I can't help the sarcasm in my voice. But where is here?

Ahh! You are in-between. And you need to go back.

Why? It's too painful.

That is the way life goes. Otherwise we can not grow as a person.

Huh? I had forgotten just how glib he could be at times.

What has happened in the past is what molded you into the man you are today.


It is time for you to go my little one. The one is calling you.

Wait! Master! Why did you save me way back then?

Your destiny was decided long ago. The gods have big plans for you. He begins to fade. I miss you my child. I feel his hand brush my cheek. We'll meet again some day when it is your time. There is a searing pain in my chest as I'm propelled backwards and slam into my body.

I miss you too. He's gone. I can feel the tears running down my cheek.

"Sanzo!" Another voice. "Come on Sanzo wake the fuck up." I love this voice. "SANZO."


"You scared the shit out of me." He's crying.

I reach up and brush his tears away. "I'm sorry my love."

He crushes me to his chest. "Don't do that again ya asshole."