On the Edge of War


As prophesized, Harry's going to save the world. But nobody expected this: Harry playing by his own rules. Ministry and idiots be damned, Voldemort will be crushed. And along the way, our Savior finds love in the most unexpected places. HD, RevoluntionFic


Main Relationship Focus: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy
Genres: Action & Adventure, Romance, Drama and Suspense
Rating: M for sex, violence and language
Length: Epic
Warnings: Slash, slight Ron bashing.
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I: New Arrangements

Draco Malfoy laid his chin on his clasped hands as his elbows rested on his knees, his grey eyes downcast, staring at the floor as he sat on a comfortable leather couch. He broke the tense silence with a cynical whisper.

"The higher up you are, the harder and more painful your fall from grace will be…"

He looked into the fire and it crackled as if in total agreement with his statement. At the rate his sire was investing in his 'extra-curricular activities', that particular quote soon might just ring true.

Was it really worth it to join the Death Eaters and lose himself in order to gain recognition from his father?

Lucius Malfoy was once a great man who had the world right in the middle of his palms; he could have moulded it into what he wanted it to be. Now he was just a shadow of himself, groveling at the feet of a deranged egomaniac of the Dark Lord.

Draco remembered how his father used to be an honorable gentleman who had a few but firmly cemented principles. However when Draco found what actually caused his second year's Chamber of Secret fiasco, the young Malfoy's godlike, monolithic impression of his father shattered completely, leaving only a fragile thread of delicate respect. Although they were at constant odds with the Weasleys, Draco did not believe that such underhanded, atrocious tactics should be used for the mere reason of getting back. No child, or even adult, should be put through such a horrifying experience of being possessed by Voldemort, even if they were lowly examples of the glorious pureblooded race.

Draco wondered what actually persuaded his father to join the Dark Lord. Was it power? Lucius already had that; it was in his blood. Was it wealth? Malfoys had all the Galleons they needed to last themselves ten lifetimes and more. Was it knowledge? He father would have gotten it anyways; Malfoys always got what they wanted.

Then what was it?

On second though, Draco did not want to know. He had no intention of joining his father. Despite being a Slytherin to the core, Draco could not accept the more gruesome, inhumane aspects of the 'activities' they partook. Contrary to popular belief, being a Slytherin does not equate to being morally reprehensive.

Voldemort was also a large reason as to why Draco was so unwilling to join the Death Eaters. The Dark Lord was not an easy figure to serve under, for the man believed in using fear was the more effective method to control his minions. He was cruel, bordering on the line of heartlessness; he was also egotistical and fixated on killing Harry Potter with his own wand. What used to be a charismatic, handsome leader was now a twisted egomaniac, a shell of his former self and his demented appearance revolted Draco, who was raised around beauty.

But there was this one word that could potentially stop Draco in his tracks and that one word that the Malfoy Dynasty built itself upon, that one word that all Malfoys previously honored and cherished.


He was turning seventeen and, just like any other Malfoy before him, he had to make a decision: either to follow his father's footsteps or make his own path. But history had shown time and again that the choice 'to live in servitude' never stood well with any true Malfoy.

However, that was besides the point. Draco wanted to create his own future, unbound by any duty to his name. All he wanted to do was to have a shot at life, whether it be a success or a failure. He wanted to make his own choices, he wanted to see the world through his own perspective, and he wanted to provide a safe haven for his own family.

Being a Death Eater would not allow for such 'plebian' concessions.

His emotions were now a whirling kaleidoscope of contradictions and Draco could feel a migraine coming on. "Draco, have you reached a decision?" A dark, velvety baritone rang out, and Draco looked up to meet his godfather's obsidian gaze. He nodded resolutely, and Severus Snape's gaze hardened as he settled into the chair opposite Draco's.

Draco exhaled and then answered in what he hoped was a firm, decisive voice.

"I would like to talk to Dumbledore." Severus allowed a rare smile to light up his tired features as he nodded, but as soon as the smile appeared, it was gone. In place was the hardened visage of a veteran fighter.

"Lucius's hold on you will not be truly removed until he is in Azkaban or dead. You are going against years of Malfoy tradition; it will be a long journey ahead. This is just the beginning." Draco nodded, head bent as he stared at the floor again. After a few moments, the young Malfoy looked up and Severus was thankful to see the glint of determination shining in his godson's metallic orbs.

"I will stand by my decision and I will do whatever it takes."

At that moment, Severus saw himself fleetingly in his godson and then he nodded. He stood up and handed Draco a necklace that had a simple platinum band as a pendant. The blonde shot his godfather a questioning look as he held the gift in his right palm.

"It's your mother's ring; I spelled it into a permanent Portkey. It will take you directly to Hogwarts if the need arises." Severus explained. "Shall we? Dumbledore is waiting."

Draco nodded and the pair Apparated silently to Hogwarts from a Snape residence Severus owned in northern Russia.


Harry Potter was currently in the Headmaster's office, chin resting on his steepled hands as his elbows were on the armrest, and he had a look of contemplation on his face as he observed his two best friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley.

Hermione looked rather uncomfortable at the close proximity of Ron, while the redhead was oblivious as he chatted away about his summer so far. Harry scoffed inwardly as he looked away. Ron would never be a lady's man.

His green gaze hardened as he returned his train of thoughts onto more serious issues. He had to be prepared for another attack, whether or not it was going to happen. Harry could not take any more risks staying ignorant; it would eventually lead to the cost of his life. He had already been so close to losing his life last year, and he certainly did not want a repeat of that. This time, everything was going to be different.

He would make sure of it.

Before he could delve further into his thoughts, Albus Dumbledore entered the office in his purple and silver glory. Even Ron had the common sense to stop talking and pay attention.

"Hello, Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Potter." Hermione smiled politely, Ron grinned at the slight recognition, and Harry merely nodded curtly. Dumbledore's gaze turned solemn, as he knew what was going through his young student's mind.

"Thank you for coming today, however the meeting will not commence before my guests' arrival." The trio was intrigued, but managed to rein in their questions as they waited. A few minutes passed and a knock sounded on the mahogany door.

"Come in."

Two mysterious cloaked figures entered the office, and both Harry and Hermione's hands inched closer to their wands as they narrowed their eyes in suspicion. When the pair removed their hoods, the trio got the shock of their lives; however, it was only Harry and Hermione who knew better than to voice their astonishment.

"WHAT IS THE FERRET DOING HERE?! PUTTING UP WITH THE GREASY BAT IS ALREADY BAD ENOUGH, AND NOW THIS SON-OF-A-BITCH IS HERE?! WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Ron bellowed as his face turned an unattractive shade of puce that clashed horribly with his red hair. Hermione frowned and Harry observed coolly as they watched the young Malfoy take the verbal abuse without even a flinch or a sigh of retaliation. It was as if he thought he deserved it…

"I REFUSE TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS HIM!" Ron yelled again and Harry could not stand the shouting anymore.

"Then please leave the office and cool off. I don't think shouting is appreciated in here. Malfoy didn't even do anything yet to aggravate you." Ron was rendered silent with shock. He had expected Harry, as a best friend, to back him up. The dark haired teen got up from his seat and locked his cool gaze with the Slytherins.

"Good evening, Professor Snape. Malfoy." Harry got twin curt nods. "I apologize for Ron's disrespectful behaviour. Your presence came as a shock to him." Severus nodded, accepting the apology at face value.

"Apologies accepted. However, Mr. Weasley will serve two weeks of detention with Mr. Filch upon the start of the school term for disrespecting a teacher," the Potions Master drawled and Ron looked away in anger, but knew better than to start yelling again.

"Good evening, Professor Dumbledore, Granger, Potter, Weasley." The cultured tenor of the young Malfoy was polite and oddly sincere. Hermione was confused while Harry was intrigued. Where was the legendary dislike for non-purebloods? Then everything clicked.

Malfoy and Professor Snape appearing in Dumbledore's office to attend a meeting with them…

Professor Snape's status as a spy for the Order…

Malfoy being strangely but genuinely polite…

A spark of realization entered the intelligent witch's eyes as she connected the dots to come to the accurate conclusion. Harry caught her gaze and nodded slightly, his verdant gaze knowing.

Draco Malfoy was defecting to the Light.

"Ah, Mr. Malfoy –"

"Just Draco, Sir." Dumbledore's sky blues twinkled as he nodded.

"Draco, may I ask why you are here with Professor Snape?" The young defector's demeanour tensed and then Draco answered with a steely resolve.

"I am here to create my own path, to restore the former glory to my line's tarnished name and, most importantly, to assist in the complete defeat of Voldemort." Harry was disappointed to observe that Ron flinched unconsciously at the mention of Voldemort's name. Dumbledore nodded as he smiled grandfatherly.

"Are you prepared for the arduous journey ahead?" Dumbledore received a curt nod. There was nothing more, nothing less, but the Headmaster of Hogwarts was nonetheless satisfied. Hopefully, bold decision by this young serpent would restore not just the Malfoy name, but also the House of Slytherin to its former glory.

"Very well then, Draco. You will stay in Hogwarts for the rest of the summer term to undergo intensive training with Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and Ms. Granger." The wizened wizard smiled again. It was at this point that the infamous Weasley temper reared its ugly head again.

"I REFUSE TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM WITH THIS BIGOTED, EGOTISTICAL ARSHOLE!" Ron roared and Dumbledore turned stern blue eyes on his impulsive student.

"Mr. Weasley."


"Ron, he's already trying his best to atone for his mistakes. Please don't make things worse than they already are," Hermione pleaded earnestly with her friend, but her attempt at calming was futile as her beseeching brown gaze made eye contact with incredulous blue.

"Even you are defending him! After all you've been put through by this arsehole, after all the name calling, I can't believe you're actually on his side! I thought you would understand! I thought you understood that he was a sniveling, self-centered bastard of a junior Death Eater." Draco remarkably kept his silence throughout the debasing tirade while Severus's grip on his godson's shoulder tightened in anger.

"Enough," a cold, brusque voice rang out and silence everyone. All eyes turned to identity the source of the commanding voice and it turned out to be Harry, whose emerald gaze burned with anger and annoyance.

"Ron." The redhead gulped unconsciously as his friend's arresting gaze silence his protests. "Malfoy is trying to atone for his past and yet you refuse to give him this second chance. What he did and said were merely acts of a child's, are you going to blame him for his upbringing? This just shows how narrow-minded you are and it doesn't reflect well on you at all." At the end of the calm rebuke, Ron's face was tinged a bright red from a mixture of embarrassment and anger, but he could not deny the truth behind these sentences. It was several strained minutes before the youngest Weasley son spoke up in a barely controlled voice.

"Fine, you can do what you want, but I want no part in it." With that, Ron left the office without a backward glance. Dumbledore's eyes dulled slightly with disappointment but he remained silent. Both the Slytherins looked at Harry with grudging respect and relieved gratitude.

"Once again, I apologize." Draco nodded and was a little unnerved by this rational and calm persona of his now ex-arch nemesis, especially the calculating emerald gaze that seemed to be able to see right into the depths of his soul.

Did that meant that Saint Gryffindor Potter was a façade all these years?

Uncertain of what to do with this new veneer of Potter, Severus cleared his throat and asked his mentor, "So what are the arrangements?"

Dumbledore's blue eyes took on a most wicked twinkle and the austere Potions Master resisted the sudden urge to smack his forehead. From years of interaction and speaking from personal experience, Severus knew for a fact that his wizened mentor's twinkles were almost certainly worse than his rare frowns.

"Harry will room with Draco for the rest of the summer; he will be included in the training program. Will there be a problem keeping Draco's whereabouts a secret?" Dumbledore asked his protégé.

"No, as far as Lucius is concerned, Draco is currently residing in my reclusive northern Russian estate, apprenticing under me to further his Potions studies." The old wizard smiled and nodded with satisfaction, he had undoubtedly trained Severus well.

"But Potter to stay with Draco?" The twinkle merely got brighter.

"I don't think you have a hearing problem, Severus. Now it's the boys' decision to make, if they don't' want it, I will not force it upon them." Dumbledore turned his blue gaze away from disbelieving black to meet Draco's grey eyes.

"Whatever the Headmaster thinks is best." The old wizard smiled at the young Malfoy's answer and turned to meet Harry's steely green eyes.

"The arrangement is fine by me. Come on, Hermione, I believe that this meeting has run its course." The Boy-Who-Lived inclined his head in a polite but cold farewell and left the office with the brilliant young witch who waved her goodbyes.

Draco shot his godfather a bewildered glance while Dumbledore frowned in worry. However, Severus smirked inwardly, seems like he had judged James Potter's son a little too quickly. It was definitely going to an interesting but dangerous year and he believed that the scales just tipped in their favour.


The two-thirds of the Gryffindor Trio made their way to the library in a solemn silence until Hermione spoke up and broke the terse silence.

"Harry, did you really have to go that far with Ron?"

The ebony haired teenager's viridian eyes darkened and he stayed silent for a few moments before answering.

"Yes, it was necessary. It was necessary if he was to survive this inevitable war. Ron has a tendency to classify everything as black or white; he does not have an existing grey area. Without this paradigm, it would be dangerous for him to enter the war and that's why he really needs to learn this. If we can't help him using the softer way, then we would just have to use the hard way. The war doesn't wait for anyone and I don't want to lose any more people. He desperately needs this wake-up call and I hope that it reaches him. If it doesn't, then he will no longer be associated with me, and I can be sure of his safety." The young woman nodded and then stepped forward to give her best friend a heartfelt hug.

"I am sorry I doubted you. It won't happen again." Harry nodded and smiled before adopting a serious countenance.

"Do you think I'm right in giving Malfoy a chance?" Hermione scrunched her nose in thought as she considered her answered before speaking.

"On face value? I would say yes because everyone deserves another chance; however, we've still got to be careful around him. But considering everything else, I believe he would be a good ally. He wasn't the Prince of Slytherin for nothing, to be that high up on that precarious ladder of power and to be able to maintain that position of power is everything but easy. Besides, he seems to be a decent person when he wants to be." Harry grinned, feeling glad that someone actually agrees with his decision to allow the young Malfoy to defect to the Light.

"I think my choice is justified. Thanks, Mione." The girl smiled softly and nodded her welcome. Harry was about to start another conversation before he was interrupted by a familiar voice.

"Granger." The pair turned around and they were met with the sight of their blonde ex-rival. Hermione gave a polite smile whereas Harry just acknowledged Draco with a curt nod. Then the Malfoy heir walked towards them and stopped at a respectable distance.

"Yes, Draco?" Harry had to give it to Hermione; she was the most forgiving soul he had ever encountered. Already she was addressing him by his first name and acting as if the last five years of animosity never happened. To Harry's amazement, the reputed Ice Prince was nervous as his metallic eyes revealed his discomfort and shame. He cleared his throat and then spoke up in a soft, refined voice that carried a firm note of sincerity.

"I… I would like to apologize for all these years, although I didn't have a choice, I would still like to express regret for my ungentlemanly actions and demeaning words of insult. I…." Draco swallowed uneasily but he ploughed on.

"I am sorry."

Hermione smiled and stepped forward with an outstretched hand. Draco looked at the offered appendage with slightly widened eyes.

"You're forgiven, I really appreciate the apology and I look forward to working with you." He took the hand and gave it a firm shake. When he released Hermione's hand, he was surprised to see a glint of acceptance in the mesmerizing jade eyes. Draco tinged a faint rosy colour and then gave a curt nod before he left hurriedly, leaving the pair of Gryffindors to themselves again.

"He apologized." Harry need not express his astonishment with any more words, his voice already carried the emotion. Hermione nodded thoughtfully as she stared at the retreating back of the blonde Slytherin.

"But not to you, though."

Harry shrugged and answered. "One thing at a time, these things cannot be rushed, Mione. Did you notice a slight flush when you said you forgave him?"

The teenager nudged his best friend with a cheeky, teasing smile and then young woman rolled her eyes good-naturedly.

"You know, Harry, for someone so perceptive, you sure are quite obtuse sometimes." Harry's teasing grin fell and he turned questioning emerald eyes onto Hermione.


Hermione giggled and answered cryptically.

"That's for you to figure out yourself."

Harry then asked as he rolled his eyes, "Mione, could you please tell me the secret behind your juggling being top of the year, knowing everything else going on in the school, reading every single book in the library, and not letting anything get past you?" Hermione giggled again.

"I'm sorry to disappoint, Harry, but there is no secret. It's just a girl's job description." Harry then burst out chuckling at the mischievous answer as the pair continued their way to the library.


The school library was empty as expected and the pair of Gryffindors found a nice, quiet corner to settle into. The moment they were comfortable, Hermione wasted no time as she then crossed her arms over her chest and fired a question at her best friend.

"Harry, what did you do during these first few summer weeks?"

The Saviour of the Wizarding world hesitated for a few moments before deciding to speak up.

"Nothing ever gets pass you, does it?" Harry exhaled lengthily before continuing his explanation as his façade faded away; Hermione narrowed her eyes when he broke eye-contact to stare at the ground.

"For the last few weeks, I have had the house to myself as the Dursleys left for a long vacation; therefore I had access to the Internet, television, newspapers, and books. Vernon coincidently forgot one of his credit cards, so I splurged on research materials of which I ordered through the Internet or got while on shopping trips." Harry allowed a slow smile to stretch across his face.

"It was one of the best summers I've ever had, I learned so much during these few weeks of freedom. It was also during this period that I had the time to think over my options. With the resources at hand, I came across so many options and solutions. I analyzed and hypothesized. Then one day, I finally came across something called the Third Way." By this time, Harry had Hermione intrigued.

"The Third Way?" The young brunette teenager echoed her friend's words as her voice conveyed her confusion.

"Mione, you've immersed yourself way too deep into the Wizarding world, you shouldn't forget your roots. Well, there is this new fad in Muggle politics: The Third Way, or the Radical Center." Hermione's rapt attention encouraged Harry to continue his explanation.

"It's a centrist political philosophy of governance that embraces a mix of market and interventionist philosophies. The Third Way rejects both socialism and laissez-faire approaches to economic governance, but chiefly stresses technological development, education and competitive mechanisms to pursue economic profess and governmental objectives. It's essentially a synthesis of capitalism and socialism."

"You want this system to be implemented on the Wizarding world…" Realization dawned upon the gifted witch within seconds. Harry nodded and smiled.

"You see, the current government we have has adopted a laissez-faire attitude in their dealings, and there is nepotism, corruption and general unfairness in the system. The sooner we rid of this government, the faster we can push the Wizarding world into advancing onto a technological age. Compared to the Muggles, we are what they were three hundred years ago. Isn't it ironic that the people that we actually look down upon are actually more advanced than we are? The wizarding population has long grown used to thinking that magic makes them more superior but in reality, what the Muggles just need to only press a button, detonate an atomic bomb and we, wizard kind as a whole, would be wiped out. The Wizarding world desperately needs a kick in the arse." Hermione nodded her agreement.

"Besides, the Ministry is overrun by Voldemort's spies and uncaring bastards with silly, self-destructing blood prejudice. We would definitely be doing the Wizarding world a favour if we planned and executed a coup d'état.

"A coup?! Harry James Potter, are you out of your mind?!"

Harry shrugged and defended himself. "I would be out of my mind if I didn't try, Hermione. Look around you. The government we have right now cannot paint a bleaker portrait. It's a government that doesn't have its citizens' best interests in mind. It is captured by 'special' interests and is motivated solely by a desire to increase bureaucratic power and influence." Hermione still looked unmoved, Harry tried again.

"You know what the government does best: torturing children for lying, utilizing a prison designed and staffed specifically to suck all life and hope out of the inmates, allowing the death penalty without trial, selective persecution as the powerful and famous go unpunished and the unpopular face trumped-up charges, using the Truth Serum to force confession… Do you need more examples? I could easily provide more because that was just skimming the beginnings of a long list." Now Hermione looked slightly green as she shook her head.

"So do you still think I should stick with the status quo?" The young woman made another attempt at refuting.

"But it's treason!"

"If we don't do anything now, it wouldn't just be our generation suffering; many more Muggleborn magical children will suffer in the future! Look at you! You came into this Wizarding world without any prior preparation except for a few books. Nothing prepared you for the taunting and teasing! You knew nothing about the culture or the traditions. For two millennia, it has been like this. Can't we make this transition easier for them? Identify them before they arrive at Hogwarts; educate them in the history and the culture so they can be fully prepared."


"And supposedly Dark creatures like werewolves and vampires, or even centaurs; they are treated like animals even though they have human intelligence. People shun them and they have trouble getting on with life because of the trouble people give them for something they had no control over. Shouldn't the Ministry encourage tolerance? Shouldn't there be a fund to help them through problems? No, they didn't and they don't. Not because they did not have the power, it was because they did not want to. How could we let such a government rule over the Wizarding world?"


"And look at how they are dealing with Voldemort. Fudge ignored the warnings not because of a lack of evidence, but because he did not want the threat of Voldemort destroying his chances at re-election. Aurors and civilian casualties have risen significantly in numbers and Cedric is dead! And so is Sirius! Just because the fucking Ministry was too fucked up to see the problem as it is, I lost the only chance I had at having a real family! I lost the only chance at having a real...family..."

Panting and closing his eyes in distress, Harry emanated livid disappointment and sadness at the same time. Hermione now understood the need and she was totally taken over by Harry's proposal. She then gathered the distraught young man into her arms and offered familial comfort.

"I'm with you. Nothing would satisfy me more than to be standing by your side as we watch the Ministry burn to ashes and bring the Wizarding world into a new age." Harry could not be more thankful.

"Thank you, Mione." The young woman smiled softly and chuckled.

"There is no need to thank me because there is nothing I would not do for a brother." Harry returned the hug and quirked a corner of his mouth. Things certainly looked brighter. The pair stayed in that comfortable position for another minute before Hermione piped up.

"How are we going to deal with Fudge? Are there any limitations?"

The sadness in Harry's green eyes gave away to an absolutely devious glint of mischief that promised solid entertainment as he answered Hermione.

"Well, all I can say is that it's something that you and I are going to enjoy immensely…" A wicked smile made its way onto Hermione's pretty heart-shaped face. The pair shared a Machiavellian moment until Harry broke the atmosphere with a seemingly innocent question.

"But, first things first, do you think Fred and George could learn how to operate a computer?"



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