You Take My Self Control

You Take My Self Control

Ianto Jones had plenty of self-control. Always had, always would.

His control faltered when it came to one Captain Jack Harkness, however.

"Mmm…" Jack hummed around his mouthful of Ianto's flesh.

Gritting his teeth on a moan as pleasure washed over him, Ianto couldn't help but look down into those unusually wide open, deep blue eyes. It had been said that the eyes were the windows to the soul. Ianto didn't know whether that was true or not; all he knew was that whenever Jack went down on him, he could see the pleasure Jack took in the act in his eyes.

And his self-control never lasted long after that.

Jack smiled at him and slid down until he'd taken Ianto to the root, causing Ianto to let out a muffled gasp and sob at the wonderful erotic feeling. The rough calluses of Jack's fingers wiped over his sensitive inner thighs, a harsher counterpoint to the gentle rub of Jack's nose against his lower belly.

Jack swallowed once, twice, and in the middle of his third swallow Ianto came, back arching as the electricity sizzled up his spine, groaning out a wordless plea. He fell back against the bed, panting for breathing, casting around for his lost wits. When his sight returned, the first thing that met his gaze was Jack's satisfied, loving smile, on lips red with friction and holding just a few drops of his own cum. Jack's tongue licked out to catch those drops, and his eyes flashed with hunger

Ianto's penis twitched invitingly, causing a moan of remembered pleasure and momentary pain at the movement. It was much too soon for his body to be responding, but when it came to Jack, logic went out the proverbial window. It wasn't that he didn't have any self-control where Jack was concerned. It was that Jack took that control away.

And Ianto, surprisingly, didn't mind at all.