Midna laughed walked over to the three and stood talking to them as she shoved her finger into Zelda's tightened pussy. "Link, darling, you are good, this one is already tight from an orgasm." Midna laughed some more and wiggled her finger around, ignoring Zelda's pants and moans, "You should have told me that you wanted to do this tonight."

Link panted out, "Well, it wasn't exactly planned." Midna pulled her finger out of Zelda's throbbing pussy and sucked her juices from it. Midna walked off into the kitchen and brought back two chairs.

She sat them beside each other and walked over to Zelda. She grabbed her and pushed her into the chair, straddling her lap she whispered in her ear, "Now it's time for the real torture bitch." Midna bit down on Zelda's neck then slid down off the chair moving her tongue down Zelda's body as she tore her dress in the middle. Midna spread Zelda's legs real wide and smirked at the dripping juices, she laughed as she heard Malon gasp as Link shoved back into her. Midna ran one fingertip up and between Zelda's pussy lips, reveling in the way it made her shiver and whimper. Without further hesitation she leaned her head forward real fast and fastened her mouth around Zelda's whole pussy sucking and licking with an expert tongue. Right as Zelda was about to orgasm Midna pulled back, "No whore, you are not allowed to orgasm yet." Midna tied Zelda's legs to the chair legs with them wide open showing everyone in the room all of her, she leaned up and tied her hands back, pressing her breasts into her face.

Midna got up and walked to Link and Malon , "Let me have her Link." Link obeyed and pulled out of her and backed away, his dick still dripping with Malon's pussy juice. Midna got down on all fours and licked Malon's juices off his dick. Link growled as her tongue roamed his dick. She then backed away and started pushing Malon towards the chair, "Malon, I heard you liked to be pushed around during a good fucking." Midna emphasized every word with a push.

Malon's eyes widened and she whimpered, reaching her hand down to cover her exposed body. Midna smacked Malon hard across the face, "You dirty little whore, did I tell you to cover yourself? No, I did not. Get your ass in the other chair now!"

Malon scrambled to the chair, stumbling and cutting her knee in the front of it. She sat in front of the chair with tears flowing down her face. Midna, instantly pissed, moved over to her, "Get in the chair Malon." Malon whimpered, "But my knee is bleeding Midna." Midna leaned her head down placed her mouth over the scrape, sucking and licking at the wound.

Malon gasped out how good it felt for Midna to suck on her torn flesh and blood. Moving her blood stainded lips up her thigh, skipping right over her pussy, Midna kissed Malon. Malon's eyes widened as she kissed back, tasting her blood. Midna pulled back nibbling on Malon's bottom lip and letting out a long sigh. Midna moved back down, kissing and swirling her tongue around and in Malon's belly button, before slipping her tongue between the top of Malon's dripping pussy lips, pressing her tongue on and around her throbbing clit.

Midna pulled back gasping, staring at Malon she whispered, "God you taste so sweet. Put your legs up on my shoulders." Malon's eyes widended a second before she nodded and obeyed. Midna held onto the top of Malon's legs, slowly, teasingly licking the juices off the outside of her pussy. Midna blew a warm breath across Malon's twitching clit, then sent a swift lick across it. She continued to flick her tongue across Malon's helpless clit, listening to her whimper and pant as she looked up into her eyes. She then clamped her teeth down on it, nibbling hard and sucking on it. She moved her tongue down and started dipping it in and out of Malon's slippery hole. On the brink of orgasm Malon screamed, Midna sucked real hard and then moved away, leaving her unsated.

Growling and breathless, "Now, Malon, get in the damn chair." Malon complied and staggered to the chair, still throbbing, with her juices streaming down the inside of her thighs.

Link, having enough of watching moved over to Midna, she purred, "I'm not ready for you yet baby." He growled and forced her down, pulling up her dress, "Well, I'm ready for you."