I feel like writing something depressing. I'm in a depressing mood right now. Mehs.

Mukahi Gakuto opens his eyes to darkness. It is all dark around him, and he can barely make out the outlines of the building that he is on right now.

He's on the roof of Hyoutei Gakuen, his old school. He wonders vaguely for a moment why he is even here in the first place, but that thought vanishes immediately. He can't think clearly; he doesn't make an effort to think clearly.

Unsurprisingly, his old doubles partner appears before him. Oshitari Yuushi smiles, and holds out his arms towards Mukahi.

Mukahi instinctively takes a step back, noticing how close to the edge Oshitari is. He shakes his head, but Oshitari takes a step forward anyway, still smiling and holding out his arms.

"You're fake," Mukahi says harshly, suddenly remembering that he's seen this scene countless times. "You're fake. Everything's fake."

Oshitari stops smiling, and all of a sudden he throws his head back, laughing a maniacal laughter that sends shivers down Mukahi's spine. His face distorts, becomes a skull. He suddenly jumps off the roof, and Mukahi dashes to where Oshitari has been standing only moments ago. He peers off the edge of the school, but Oshitari has already disappeared.

When Mukahi wakes up, he laughs to himself. It was only a dream; fake.

After all, Oshitari Yuushi is already dead.


The dream is always the same; always on the roof of Hyoutei, and Oshitari always disappears. Sometimes he flies away; other times, he becomes a skeleton and jumps off the building, vanishing into thin air before touching the ground.

It's always the same. Whenever he dreams, it's always the same dream.

Oshitari is always haunting his dreams; haunting him, haunting him until sometimes he just can't stand it anymore.

He wants out. He doesn't want to keep on dreaming of a dead person; he thinks about him already too much in real life. He doesn't need to have any drama while he's sleeping, too.

It's hardly comforting to see a live, breathing Oshitari Yuushi in his dreams; after all, he always remembers Oshitari Yuushi is dead, and he always knows it's fake. It's always fake, and he just doesn't like it. And always, Oshitari Yuushi disappears before his very eyes, giving him a startling reminder that he is dead.


He just wishes it would all end.


He has the dream again, except this time, it's different.

When Mukahi announces that the Oshitari Yuushi in front of him is a fake, Oshitari only smiles and pulls Mukahi into a embrace.

He feel so real, and Mukahi can feel Oshitari's heart beating inside his chest. He seems alive, feels alive, but Mukahi knows it all has to be a fake. Oshitari Yuushi is dead.

"You're a fake," Mukahi says weakly, even though deep down he wishes this is all true. He wishes Oshitari Yuushi were alive right now, alive and with him. He wishes this dream will never end, even though he knows that's ridiculous.

Oshitari only embraces him tighter, and strokes his head.

When Mukahi finally wakes up, he smiles and turns to look at the occupant who is sleeping beside him, blue hair covering his face.

It was all just a nightmare. A long, seemingly never ending nightmare.

Oh, this story was fun to write. XD

Is it confusing? I hope my intentions were clear at the end. XD