Tears in heaven 2

In Destiny's hands

Chapter One

"Flowers and candles"

It was four years since Misty's death and there was a black raven haired boy at Misty's grave. Ash was now twenty. The young boy simply sat before the grave on his knees, not being able to say a word. He was Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Master, sitting in front of his best friend's grave. "Pika..." Ash shifted his gaze from the cold, gray cement before him to the small yellow mouse beside him.

It was time.

Slowly, Ash gathered up the flowers that lie idly in his lap and set it down on to the floor. Then with the help of Pikachu, he lit a candle.

"I wonder what our lives would be like if you didn't die Misty"

Ash gave a sigh.

"Maybe we wouldn't be very happy. I guess it was better this way"

The wind blew the candle out. Ash knew that Misty was here. Pikachu got scared and his behind Ash's legs.

"There's nothing to be afraid of Pikachu"


"Of course I'm sure"

Ash looked and Misty's gravestone. Ash read the date Misty was born.

June 17 1981 - October 29 2008

Ash touched Misty's gravestone and started to cry. Ash wasn't crying because he didn't loved her anymore. Ash was crying because he remember all the good times they had in his journeys in Kanto and Johto. Misty taught him how to catch Pokemon and how to raise them. Misty was an important person to everyone, not just Ash. Ash wiped his eyes and got up.

"Well Misty I got some good news today. I'm going to ask May to marry me"

Another cold breeze blew. nearly blowing the flowers away. Again Pikachu hid behind Ash's legs. Ash just smiled and looked up to the sky. Ash knew that Misty would be very happy for him and May.

"How should I ask May to marry me Misty? Should it be romantic?"

It was weird for Ash to talk to a dead person. He knew that he will never get a reply. So Ash asked Pikachu.

"Well should it be romantic Pikachu?"

The little yellow mouse nodded. Ash looked at Misty's grave. Ash smiled.

"Well Misty I might come back here tomorrow"

Ash and Pikachu started to leave Misty's grave when Ash saw Misty's three older sisters. Lily, Violet and Daisy. The three sister were heading towards them. Soon Lily, Violet and Daisy reached Misty's grave. Lily and Ash's faces were face to face. Ash and Lily hated each other very much. Lily never forgive Ash since the accident.

"What are you doing you little bastard?"

"Well I was going to ask the same bitch"

"After four years you still piss me off"

"I do?"

"Yes you do!"

"Well here is a suggestion. Don't show your fucking face in front of me again? Okay bitch?"

By now Lily's head was bright red and steam was coming out of her ears. She couldn't take it anymore. Lily raised her fist and was about to give a nasty punch at

Ash when Violet caught Lily's hand.

"Please Lily. I'm sure Misty doesn't want this"

"Oh I bet she does. Not what after Ash did to her"

Then Ash interrupter.

"Shut up bitch!"

"You shut up bastard"

Lily and Ash's faces were closer than ever. Daisy and Violet were holding Lily back and Pikachu doing the same to Ash.

"Look Lily, Misty was different to us. Yes she may not have our beauty but she did have feelings like us. She loved Ash"

"Bullshit Daisy"

"Daisy is right Lily. Misty was different to us. She was a good little sister. Even we fought with her we still loved each other. It's the same when Ash and Misty fought four years ago"

Lily stopped and so did Ash. They were both dead silent, like Misty's grave. Then a soft light breeze blew. Soon Lily and Ash sook hands with the ' I still hate you' expression. Ash and Pikachu left the three sister alone until Violet came up to them.

"Violet? What are you doing here?

"I came here to say sorry about my sister's reaction. I'm sure Misty doesn't want you guys to fight like this"

"Yeah me too. It's just when Misty was still alive me and Lily never got along"

"Yeah I know. I just hope one day you guys forgive each other"

"Look Violet. Not even God can help your sister to forgive me"

"Yeah I know"

Lily notice that Violet and Ash were talking and this made Lily frustrated and Lily came walking up to them with fire in her eyes. When Lily got there she pushed Violet aside.

"So your flittering with me sister now huh?"

"I'm not flittering with your fucking sister! Beside I already have a girlfriend"

"Well I feel sorry that she has a fucking boyfriend like you!"

"Shut up bitch!"

Daisy came running towards the group and when daisy got there she saw Lily and Ash ready to fight again. Daisy gave a sigh and pulled Lily away from Ash (with Violet's help of course). While Violet and Daisy were pulling Lily away from Ash, Lily kept yelling at Ash. Swearing her head off like she never did before. Ash just smiled and waved like a innocent little boy. When Lily was no where to be seen Ash gave a relief sigh.

"Well that takes cares of that bitch. Well Pikachu let's head into town get a ring"


Then Pikachu hop onto Ash's shoulder and headed into town. Getting a ring for May. Meanwhile back at small town of Pallet town. Inside a small house was a browned haired girl with a green bandana. Her name was May. She was now eighteen. She was at the kitchen with Ash's mom, Delia. Delia was washing the dishes and May was drying the dishes. Delia thought to start a conversation.

"It's amazing that it has been four years since you and Ash got together"

"Yeah, I find it hard to believe it myself"

"And you also know there is a very special day tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I know. It's Misty's death anniversary"

"It's hard to believe that she's gone"

"Yeah, I might not know Misty much but I know Ash does. I'm here to help Ash no matter what"

"You are a such a nice sweet caring girl May"

May started to blush bright red.

"Oh Ms. Ketchum, I don't know about the sweet and caring part"

"But it's true. You put yourself before others"

"Well thanks for the complement Ms. Ketchum"

Suddenly May's cell phone started to ring. May picked up her red phone and looked who was calling.

Ash Ketchum

It was Ash calling. May answered the call.

"Hi babe, How are you?"

"Great thanks. Anyway get ready. We are going out to a expensive restaurant tonight"


"Yeah, got a problem with that?"

"Well of course. I don't have much time to look good!"

"But you look already beautiful. You don't have to look any more beautiful"

"Aww Ash you are such a flirter"

"I am?"

"Yes you are. Well dropped the phone so I can get ready"

"You want me to go already?"

"Well we are going to see each other later on anyway"

"Okay see you there"

"Okay, bye love you"

"Love you too"

May dropped the call and headed upstairs. Delia notice that May was heading upstairs very quickly.

"Why in such a rush May?"

"I have a date with Ash in a couple of hours"

"Well have a great time okay?"

"Of course Ms. Ketchum"

Then May headed upstairs to get ready for her date with Ash.

End of Chapter One