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Ok, so I've only had one other fic that wasn't humor, and I had help with that one. So, sorry if this totally sucks, but I have to write it anyway. Maybe I feel like writing this because it is totally thunder storming outside right now.

The blond hesitated outside the door. He knew this was going to be hard. He knew his friend was going to be angry.

Matt knew he was there. 'What are you waiting for? Get in here and tell me what Rodger said!'

The instant Mello walked in the room, Matt knew something was wrong. 'What's up, Mello?' He asked tentatively.

'L was killed.' He wanted to leave it there, but he knew there was more to be said. But he let the first piece of information sink in before he continued.

Matt nodded, knowing there was more to come. Surely the blond would tell him who had been chosen. It had to be Near, looking at Mello's face.

'They picked Near.' He stated what Matt already knew. But, then he let out the crushing information. 'And I'm leaving.'

Matt sat down on the bed. 'But, they chose Near!'

'I know, but I still want to win, so I'm going to investigate my own way.' He sat beside Matt, but the redhead moved away from him.

'Mello, you're such a jerk. Then, can I come with you?'

The blond's heart twisted. 'Matt, I'm going to go into the Mafia. I'm sorry, but you can't come. Stay where it's safe.'

Matt looked at him with tears shining in his eyes. Then he ran out of the room. Outside, he was surprised to find that it was a clear night. Somehow, he imagined it would be raining. There should have been lightening and thunder, possibly hail. But the sky was totally clear. He could see every single star.

His goggles were beginning to fill up with tears, so he took them off. He felt arms come around him, but he pushed them away. He looked back to see that Mello was holding back tears. That was even more surprising than the clear sky. Mello never cried.

'Matt, I have to do this. I just have to.'

Matt's eyes hardened and he wiped the last of the tears away. 'Whatever.' He gave a small smile that he knew would tare Mello's heart out. 'Have fun.' Then the gamer walked back inside. He didn't go back to his room because Mello would be packing. He just wandered threw the large orphanage. He didn't sleep all night. Just wandered.

In the morning, Matt peeked in his room. No longer Mello's room. Just Matt's. He saw that most of Mello's things were gone, and so was Mello. He walked in. He chocked when he saw an old poster of Mello's half hanging off the wall. He must have been about to take it down, but decided that he didn't need it. Now, it stood as a symbol for Matt. A part of his life was over.