Together Again

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So, this is the last chapter. Sorry, but I think this one will be as short as the last two.

Matt had woken up that day, and he had expected it to be a normal day. Nothing about his morning routine was different. The only difference was when he got a call on his cell phone.

That in itself was strange. He only ever got calls on it when it was a wrong number or his work wanted him to work an extra shift. Neither of those things happened much. But, when he picked up, the voice that answered was the last one he had expected to hear.

'Matt?' The voice was quiet, almost shy. Also, it was much deeper than the last time he had heard it. But, he could recognize that voice anywhere.

'Mello? Is that you?' Mello gave a sigh of relief when he heard that the voice wasn't still mad at him. He was also glad to hear the voice at all; it meant that his fears had been proved false. He was alive and fine.

'Where are you? I need to see you.' He wouldn't tell him he needed help over the phone. It needed to be in person.

So Matt gave him instructions to his apartment.

When Matt saw Mello, he almost didn't recognize him. His hair had changed, and he had a huge scar on half of his face. He also had an intensity in his eyes that was unfamiliar to Matt.

When Mello saw Matt, he practically fell into his arms. To see that face – older, but still the same – all his fears were washed away. It had been hard tracking him down, but he had done it. And, it was all worth it, if just for this one moment.

'What happened to your face, Mello?'

They spent the next hour sitting on the couch, talking and laying in each others arms. It was a sensation neither had felt for such a long time that they wanted it to go on for ever. But, they both knew that it couldn't. There was work to be done, mass murderers to be caught.


When they left the apartment that fateful day, Mello knew he was never going to see Matt again. He knew that this was going to be his final act on this Earth. But, he wasn't concerned for himself. No, he was worried about Matt. He didn't think they would kill him, but he couldn't be sure. If it had been up to him, Matt would be as far away from the action as possible. But, Matt was insistent.

Matt knew what Mello was planning. He also knew that there was very little chance of Mello surviving. But, he knew something Mello didn't. Matt knew that he was going with Mello, no matter what. He was determined that they would be together forever.

Wow, surprise! Another short chapter! So, this is the last chapter in this not-humor story. And, it will probably be my last no-humor story. But, you never know. Maybe I'll get inspired by another thunderstorm. It's possible. Well, hope you all liked it!